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Good morning guys, today is sunday .I got out in my house again got out from my cave,,

I don't have work for a week almost two weeks no work no money

We are heading to YOYO the Asian market and then Lowe's and Walmart

I feel so giddy yo-yo is you know where is ?you know how to talk .Police Police...

I'm scared of Police behind me.

I just scared because

hey it's not you turn yet well

sunshine and it's so cold to them tomorrow

life's gonna be better 2019 I hope life is gonna be better

let's have 19 and how are you guys people in Philippines hello and Here I

am doing video

so bored anyway I have a project going on in my bathroom and D away by myself

I'm sixth I'm excited to show you guys I mean I don't it by myself

I used to do that before but I haven't I did not start be doing I did not start

this video and YouTube thing recently so I'm gonna show you and I have I'm doing

basically I'm doing the floor and then after that I have to paint the cabinet

white sooty my my bathroom cabinet I I'm gonna Paint it white ha?

and after that I show you everything what I did cuz we are going to Lowe's pickup some tiles

sometimes I need at least three tiles see look at the car there Sweety so cheap

just buy cheap car for myself ? sweety?

this guy right here is giving me strength helping me in the laundry

they need to do my Thumbnails and I don't know why my laptop it doesn't make me edit my video.

make me idiot my video my gosh I have a MacBook my name but it takes me hapf a day

wasting my time I'll try to edit it in iMovie I don't know what is wrong

he's only showing up audio there's a picture but there's no video isn't that

irritating golly, you know I like that kind of car swettyy that there is a like

look like they look in the back look the red one,watch movies why it's not

necessary just trying to make it look sporty

yeah I like looks sporty anyway anyway I stand with my Buick no

because this Asian market here I can go to here by myself but they don't have

that Filipino uh spaghetti sauce that's like spaghetti sauce spaghetti oh we

have a party tomorrow and no and Robinson's family but I'm not gonna beat

you there because you know I should private family so who baby's first

birthday today and we're in mind you know a bead on my husband gave me last

Christmas I know my birthday yeah

I did I wear this all the time anyway and it's just a simple sweat shirt

it's not colder oh I driving - darling

see i like this Nissan

it's like sports car

350z we need to buy that

it is to start but I live all up Dodge Charger

but it's so long so difficult to park I miss the train can see Wally Waller

Waller Avenue that's the Subway there tour you you

Asian market Eurasian mark see that

let's go

yeah oh good some things

it's very small chopstick I think this is the box oh my god this is the busting

- that is not a voice over big today this is your saop but you have a lot

suited you earn money

all kinds of things there is no wonder about it like that you need that one I

always use I didn't have wine this is the Metro this is the one we're done

shopping in new you I didn't really found it there

yeah I see your ear I'm gonna give you a whole car read it's my hair I read here

look ah

thank you

I'm videoing my hair I color my own hair it's alright I'm

like Wendy's you know that WENdy's girl? sweety we need eggs ?right


We are in Krogers .

look so red

I show you my dream car , that's my dream car the red one.

hello, yeah we just come back from grocery

asian grocery store. I have the tomato sauce for spaghetti for tonight.

made in the Philippines

Hot dog made in the Philippines.


these are edible beans I have tomato ketchup also this is you

know what I don't know who do or this middle they never say this is USA and I

have a slimming tea T and oh my gosh jumperado ha hoyummy yummy

sweety I wan you to try this

malakut rice t yeah I'm gonna take picture prices

rice seasoning for future use when using I'm making sushi and I really make I really

miss making Singapore type curry see this is

chicken curry as excited to make this yam yam yam you that's it and later on

tonight I'm gonna make chicken salad I'm I'm gonna make a separate video in

there and after this I'm gonna do my alright thank you for watching see you

soon bye


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