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Hi, I am Antonette and welcome back to my channel

For today's video, I will share to you a website in which

we can earn money by just exchanging bitcoin to Paypal

This is not an investment website, there's no need to deposit money here

All we have to do here is to convert our bitcoins to Paypal

and we will earn profit

I will teach you how we can earn later

Make sure you will not skip this video

so you can follow the step by step process on how we can earn using this website

For us to start, we need to have a BTC wallet

Where can we get BTC wallet?

First, we can have a BTC wallet by having a Coinsph account,

or you can also have a Coinbase account

you can choose either of the two

you can click the link on the description box for you to

register for a Coinsph or Coinbase account

so that you can have a BTC wallet

Next, we need to have a verified Paypal account

How do we verify our Paypal account?

We need to link a debit or credit card to our Paypal account

Lastly, if you want to withdraw your funds from Paypal to Gcash,

you can register for a Gcash account, the link is on the description box

Here we are now on my Coinspph account,

You can see here the BTC Wallet

This is our BTC wallet and we will use this later

as you can see, I have no balance on my BTC wallet

Later, we will put funds here

As you can see above, there is BUY BTC

If you want to buy btc or 1 btc,

you will need to pay 323, 508 pesos

and if you want to sell BTC or you want to convert 1 BTC to pesos,

1 BTC as of now is equivalent to 309, 305 pesos

Please take note, BTC is volatile, prices may go up or down anytime

and as you have noticed, there is a big price difference betweeen buying and selling BTC

approximately, 14, 203 pesos is the price difference of buying and selling 1 BTC

but if you will base it on the market price of 1 BTC to peso,

it is equivalent to 318, 057 pesos

But here in Coinsph, if you sell 1 BTC to peso,

this is only the amount or value that you will receive

it will be 309, 305 pesos

and you can see the big price difference of selling BTC

on Coinsph and on the market price or current market price

it is almost 9,000 pesos price difference right?

So now, what are we gonna do for us to have a profit

instead of getting a lower value of peso when selling our BTC?

We will have to sell BTC

but where we can sell BTC that we can earn profit?

Now, I will introduce to you TIRLU or TIRLU.COM

I will put the link on the description box where we can exchange

On this website, they buy our bitcoins

and they will pay us through Paypal

Tirlu is a speedy cryptoexchanger with 10.5% extra rate

They will buy our bitcoin, and we will earn profit

by just exchanging our Bitcoins and they will pay us through Paypal

As you can see here at the top left corner

these are the exchange rates of 1 BTC for every exchange platform

Ex. Coinsbit: 1 BTC is equivalent to 6174.86 USD

For P2PB2B, it's 6,173.32 USD

For Coinbase, 1 BTC is equivalent to 6,185 USD

For Extstock, 1 BTC is equivalent to 6177 USD

and for Bitasset, 1 BTC is equivalent to 6245 USD

and as you can see, the rate of Tirlu for 1 BTC is equivalent to 6835.09 USD

almost $600 is the price difference compared to the exchange platforms listed here

if you sell 1 BTC using their platform,

you will earn 15% or 10% more compared

to the exchanger platforms listed here

What are the benefits we can get if we use their platform?

1. Fast - only takes 1 min to 12 hours to exchange our BTC

2. They provide higher rates than a lot of others

3. Verified Paypal accounts

4. Feedbacks and they have great reviews, you can view it on their website

Also, they have a friendly support

you can ask questions about their website or

you can also read their FAQ here or you can also contact their support directly here

Now, we will try to exchange our BTC using Tirlu

Let's go first to our Coinsph account

we will need to add funds first on our BTC wallet

as you can see I have no balance yet in my BTC wallet

First, go to Peso wallet and we will convert peso to btc

so click Convert

automatically, the peso balance will be converted into BTC

and as you can see, I already have a balance on my BTC wallet

which is 0.03086075 BTC and this is equivalent to 9,573.78 pesos

Here in Tirlu, you can convert or exchange any amount of BTC

It's up to you of how much you want to convert using their platform

Now, I will try to convert 0.03 BTC using Tirlu

Now, we will try to calculate first how much we will get

in peso if we will use Coinsph in converting our BTC

0.03 BTC x 310, 238 pesos

since this is the selling price of BTC to peso

0.03 BTC x ... By the way, the price of BTC changed

it is now 309, 917 pesos

as what I've said a while ago, BTC is volatile

price may go up or down

the equivalent price of 0.03 BTC

if we will convert it into peso here in Coinsph

will be 9,297.51 pesos

but if we convert our BTC here in Tirlu,

let's type the amount here 0.03 BTC

we will receive $205.57

so how much is $205.57 in peso?

let's calculate it

This is equivalent to 10, 574.52 pesos

this is the equivalent amount that we will get in USD

if we will convert or exchange BTC to Paypal using their exchanger platform

or by using

You can see the difference, we will receive bigger value or amount

by using Tirlu, we will get 10, 574.52 pesos

from the 0.03 BTC in which we will convert

while in Coinsph, we will only receive, 9,297.51

from the 0.03 BTC in which we will convert

there is a price difference of 1, 277 pesos

it is already a big profit right?

So it is much better if we use Tirlu in converting our BTC to Paypal

compared to Coinsph

Here, just enter the amount of BTC that you want to convert

and below that, you will see here the amount in USD

that you will receive on your Paypal account

So in my case, I will receive $205.48 on my Paypal account

Here, you will enter your Paypal email address

You need to have a Paypal account and it should be verified

then after that, click Start Speedy Exchange

Here, you will see the exact amount of BTC that you will send which is 0.03 BTC

and you will also see here the wallet address where you will send the BTC amount

After payment, please stay online until the Transaction ID shows up

Let's go to our Coinsph and then copy this wllet address

go to BTC wallet and click Send

enter the amount of BTC that we will send to Tirlu

I will send 0.03 BTC

this is equivalent to 9,297 pesos

Here in the TO field, paste the BTC wallet address we've copied from Tirlu

Here in the "What's it for" just type Tirlu

and here, choose the payment fee

I will choose High so it will be processed immediately

Click Continue, then click I understand and click Send

There you go, it's done! Send Money Success!

let's go back to Tirlu and it states here,

"After payment, please stay online until the Transaction Id shows up"

You can see here there is Confirmations which is 0/3

it needs to complete the 3 confirmations in blockchain

it takes 3 confirmations in blockchain for it to complete the transaction

We will just have to wait for the BTC to be sent here in Tirlu

Also, you can check the status of the transactions in Coinsph

you can check the status of the BTC amount you've sent

as you can see here, the status is still Being Processed

We will just have to wait until the transaction is complete

and as you can see here, the status of our transaction is already completed

after it is completed, then we will have to wait

for the USD amount to be sent on our Paypal account

Tirlu will pay us for converting our 0.03 BTC tthrough our Paypal account

We will receive the conversion amount of 0.03 BTC on our Paypal account

I will just update you if I have received the $205 on my Paypal account

And we're back! And today is still March 28, 2020

and it's 7:30 PM

And I have received a payment on my Paypal account

First payment is from Peter Luckcuck worth $177.52

then a payment from Andrew Kearns worth $9.82

payment from Marco Mizzon worth $12.39 and another $12.39

and payment from Anthony Janicot worth $5.49

and by the way, they will also send you an email notification that you've received a payment

just like this one, "Hello Antonette Catacutan, You received a payment

of $177.52 from Peter Luckcuck

now let's try to calculate how much total amount we've received

$177.52 + $9.82 + $12.39 + $12.39 + $5.49

this is a total of $217.61

the 0.03 BTC that we have converted using Tirlu, we've gained a profit of 0.005 BTC

we have earned 1,606 pesos

and that is by just converting our BTC using Tirlu

That's how easy we can earn in,

We will just convert our BTC to Paypal

and we will earn money online!