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The most important coach realized by Bertelli was in 1928,

The International, and it was destined to become

one the most celebrated models of the history of Aston Martin.

It was a four-cylinder engine of a capacity of half-litre

with the tube box up front and the gear separated by the engine.

On the car frame you could change various types of coachwork,

and in his four years of productions 130 examples were built.

In 1932 followed the New International,

with the gear-box in starting block and an empowered engine.

But sales did not took off and the year after Aston Martin

was surrendered to someone else.

It was bought by Arthur Sutherland and under his control the British House

gained a whole new vitality, both for the sport part with official LM of the House,

but also for the commercialized presentation of the Mk II.

From the races experience Ulster was created,

a coach for the road with sportive characteristics.

In 1936 the 15/98 model came out,

the same model with the four-cylinder engine but with two-litre capacity,

a drive-shaft upfront and a dry lubrication.

The success was remarkable both in the competitiveness field

with the so-called version Speed,

and also in the commercial field with 174 invented examples.

The Description of Aston Martin History - International & New International