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HiddenHedgehog is a long name that will take up too much space, so to anyone watching it will be shortened to HH.

HH: Who's that? AlabasterSlim: I think we both hit him. *laughs* at the same time. Oh fuck yeah

Afghan Quarry, a conquest map set in a quarry.

There are three objectives a main building, the quarry loading zone, and a road along the Southern side. My team, Russia, wears

red armbands. The enemy team, UK, wear blue armbands. Both teams are starting close to objective Alpha for the beginning of the game. after

which will respawn from our respective spawn areas.

Announcer: Three, two, one. Go! Go! Go!

AlabasterSlim: Rolo, around the side.

Watch for friendlies on the right, we got friendlies moved up on the right.

This go anywhere here?

There's a door. We've taken Alpha without any resistance.

It's all friendly

This was super awkward. We both had our guns up, and were point blank to each other. It was agreed

it would be mutual surrender, and we'd both walk-off. Sportsmanship!

I'm now on the North side of Alpha looking down the roadway.

The enemy team isn't able to make much headway with most of our forces stacked up inside the building.

I decide to move South towards objective Bravo, and help clear that area as well.

I'm going to move this way you want to cover me

It's red. It's red. It's red. It's red in front of us.

We actually have bravo at this point, so I move up to the berm in front to hold against any enemy advancing.

Other Player: There's a guy right here.

AlabasterSlim: Right here? You're sure? 100%?

Grenades were super cool in this game. If a flashbang or BB grenade landed next to you and exploded you were eliminated.

I was using EG-67 grenades from Enola Gay. After a three to five second fuse,

they would explode and send BBs flying outwords. They were so much fun. I can't wait for these to come to Canada.

A flashbang went off right beside me, so I'm out.

Mason, we got people coming around on the back road behind us. Mason: That back berm? AlabasterSlim: Yeah behind us.

Easiest way's back around this way.

After respawning, I join up with Mason and HH, and we head to the left side of the map where some man-made hills overlook

objective Bravo. By this time the enemy has taken Bravo from us and hold Charlie as well.

It was really cool to see the dust kick up where my First Strikes were landing. Great visual feedback for adjusting my shots.

Other Player: You on the way down already?

I climb up this little hill to get a good overwatch position, while hedgehog takes the lower ground. Let's see things from his perspective.

HH: Whoa, I'm being run on Slim, I'm being run on.

Someone get him.

AlabasterSlim: I got you buddy. You're good.

HH: Thanks, buddy. AlabasterSlim: No problem.

There's, there's a bunch of contacts behind the next berm.

If you move into that opening, you're going to get hit.

We move along this road we'll be okay. How's this a blue?

Hedgehog and I make our way to the Southern road to clear it and take Charlie for our team.

Yeah, past that not really.

Heads up. HH: Tired from that? AlabasterSlim: Oh yeah.

HH: Who's that? AlabasterSlim: I think we both hit him. *laughs* at the same time. Oh fuck yeah.

Oh, man

You have any grenades do you. HH: I didn't see him? AlabasterSlim: Oh, he's in there get a grenade.

Taken out on the Southern Road by a single gunman. We've now lost Charlie to the enemy.

I decided to hang around Alpha for a bit, and shoot some people with First Strikes.


I'm outta paint.

I'm out of paint, but that doesn't mean I'm done. I decide to head into alpha ,and hide by one of the doors to knife.

enemy who might try and breach in

So that inside here?

I don't have any ammo but....

Threw it back out, don't worry. Open it up.

I threw it out. I threw it out.

I still can't believe that happened

I tossed an unexploded grenade back outside before it went off, taking out the person who threw it in the process.

Well, we going out? I see nothing. I see nothing. Nobody's coming up. There's nothing that

Clear? Other Player: No. There's one guy around this corner.

AlabasterSlim: Anymore?

Hey guys, thanks for watching grenades are so much fun. I really love this video.

I hope you guys enjoyed it as well, always a lot of always a lot of fun working with Ashley (HH).

You can subscribe to him down there, subscribe if you'd like, check out more videos up there. See you next week peace.

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