Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New Bedrock CubeTuber (My first video)

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Hello everyone welcome to my first video on Youtube

I'm gonna be a new Cubetuber on minecraft bedrock

And i'm gonna be a main eggwars

I'm inspired by Related Noobs

In my eyes he is the best

I'm not gonna talk in my videos just yet

Thats because im pretty terrible at talking english

Maybe that will change in the future

You may think i'm pretty terrible at the game

But i really do my best and i think i'm progressing pretty fast

Thats all i wanted to say for now

And i hope you will enjoy the rest of the video

Well guys

Hope u liked my first video

And i hope i will see you all again in the next one

Bye Bye

The Description of New Bedrock CubeTuber (My first video)