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-[all gasp] -Wow!

That has got to be the longest ever front yard tire swing jump!

Ooh, not even close. Sorry, Ginger. You'll never beat my record.

There's no record I can't beat.

-[grunts and strains] -[sighs]

Hello, Angela. You're just in time for the clash of the tire-tans!

You're not calling it that, Ben.

Uh-oh. Did I forget a date? It's not your plant's birthday, is it?

No, that's next week.

But I just went to the DJ-JD concert,

and all the money they made went to the Keep Our Oceans Wet foundation.

I see. And you hate oceans.

I love oceans!

But the band was using its musical power to save the world, and I don't do that.

Hey, you make people dance, and dancing is great.

I need to save something! It's my responsibility as a singer!

-Ah! [groans] -Woah! What is going on here?

Ah, just a kid chasing an impossible dream.

Face it, Ginger. My tire jump record will stand as long as that tree.

-For years and years and years and-- -[whirring]

Get out! I got a power tool and you don't got eye protection!

Woah! hey!

Watch where you're swinging that thing! You might hit the tree!

This tree is blocking the sunlight my roses need, so I'm cutting it down!

[all gasp]

Back off, Landlord! I just found my cause.

I'm saving this tree!


[crowd cheering]


Step aside.

I'm not stepping anywhere. I'm saving this tree!

Yeah! And if you cut down the tree, I'll never break Hank's jump record!

Oh, is this your doing, Hank?

I'd never do anything to hurt this tree. We have too many memories.

-[chainsaw whirrs] -Oh, boo-hoo!

There's lots of trees in the forest. Now make like a tree and leave on out of here!

Uh-uh! You can't cut down the tree if I'm living in it!

-Ha ha! -No, stop!

Uh, you... You might fall!

Ha! Fall into history, as a hero!

-Haha! -Angela, are you sure about this?

You don't like camping, and this is like extra-uncomfortable camping.

Listen, if I have to suffer for my cause, I will. Who's with me?

You can't live in the tree, Tom. We have a lot of work to do today.

Ah, yeah. Sorry, Angela, but may--

I'll do it! Me and that tree have a bond that can't be broken.

If you're doing it, I'm doing it. You're not better than me.

Uh, yeah, I am. Up we go! Get off!

-Stop it! -[giggling]

-[camera clicks] -Hey, Landlord, I just started a movement.

"Hashtag Save The Tree." Give up yet?

Of course not. You can't stay up there forever.

And once you come down, "Timber!"


Can't you see? ♪

We're living in a tree

I got my friends here with me and that's how it's supposed to be

[with choir] ♪ Oooh, we're living in a tree


Can't you see? ♪

[choir] ♪ We're living in a tree

-[camera clicks] -Hashtag Save The Tree.

I'm sure the Landlord is about to crack!

I don't know. He looks motivated.

Ah, this glowstick chandelier will give you light until that nasty tree goes down.

-Ugh. -This is a real stalemate, huh?

I hope Mother Nature appreciates everything we're doing for her.

[Angela] I can't give up, no matter how long this takes.


Well, I've got enough candy to last another week, so--


Don't panic. We knew there might be a few bugs when we got into this.



Uh-oh. I recognize that click from an episode of Nature's Worst Bugs.

Peruvian butt-pinch beetles! They're nasty!

-Ow, my butt! -Ow! Ooh!

Ah! No! Why are they attacking us?

Because Peruvian butt-pinch beetles are fiercely territorial!

They must think we're invading their home!

No! Excuse me, bugs, this is a misunderstanding.

We're trying to help your home!

They don't care. Abandon branch!

Wait! Guys, if we go down, then he wins!


Everything okay up there?

Hey, uh, why does the goofy one and the tiny one have the ants in the pants?

It's, uh, definitely not ants!

We're all just so happy about saving this tree. Right, guys?

Ow! Ooh!

[Ben] Tom, you seem distracted.

Not interested in our annual printer ink budget?

I should be dancing in that tree with Angela.

She needs all the help she can get to beat the Landlord.

She'll be fine! She started that FastaPic hashtag.

Oh, no. Her newest picture only has 14 likes.

14 likes is good for someone starting a worldwide movement from a tree.

That is a great point.

You can't start a movement like that, unless the world comes to you!

Ben, I gotta go. Time to save my girlfriend's plan to save a tree!

Oh, boy.

Come save the oldest tree in town!

Or at least the oldest tree in our yard!


-[bugs clicking] -I'm running out of hands!

I'm out of hands!

Hey, if the man can take our tree, what's next? Could be your bonsai.

-Think about that. -[angry murmurs]

Hurry, guys! Chew and plug!

Plug the holes and have very fresh breath. It's a win-win!

-[snoring] -[rock music seeping through headphones]

-You pinched your last butt, bug! -Ssh.

-Be quiet. You'll wake them up! -[mob approaching]

Save the tree!

[Tom] What do we want? To save the tree! And when do we want it? Constantly!

Oh, no. What is Tom doing?

-[clicking] -The bugs are not forgetting!

Give it up for Angela, pop star and founder of the Save The Tree movement.

-She's the original tree-saver! -Tom, this is sweet.

But really, you shouldn't have done this.

Don't be modest. We believe in you.

Which is why we are here to support you. Isn't that right, everyone?

-Yeah! Save the tree! -Quit it!

Stop! Yelling is not helping!

She's right! It's t-t-t-t-t-t-time for action.

Let's live in the tree like Angela, y'all!

[crowd yelling] Hug the tree!

Don't do it! It's full of very territorial beetles!

[clicking, rumbling]


-Angela, what is going on? -I messed up!

I picked the wrong cause,

and tried to save a tree that was full of butt-pinching bugs!

Ow! Ouch!

What are we gonna do? These things are everywhere!

Yah! Yah!

Everywhere except the Landlord's roses!

The bugs are repelled by the neon light! We need those glowsticks.

But they're so high up.

I've got a plan. I'll tire swing jump to the roof and getem.

After all, I am the tire swing jump record holder.

Agh! Agh!

Yow! Noooo!

[Tom] Hank! Are you okay?

[Hank groaning]

-Get up, Hank! You have to do this! -I can't, Angela.

My butt is too pinched. You'll have to do it, kiddo.

Me? But you said I could never break your record,

and the roof is way more far away than your longest jump.

You know why I was so hard on you, kid? Because I believed in you.

Now, get on that tire and swing. Swing like never before!

For us! For the tree!

-Ow, my butt! -Okay, everyone.

If I'm gonna do this, I'll need a good push!

-[Hank] I can help. -On my count.

One. Two...

Ah, three...!


He did it! That crazy kid actually did it!

Yeah! Tom, there's a swarm by the taxi! Angela, look out for the driveway!

Ben, on your quarter-to-six!

Woah! Very precise!

[bugs clicking]

We did it, guys! We kicked those butt-pinchers' butts!

And stay in there!

Oh, what a relaxing rest.

So nice to be down here and not up in a--


It's so beautiful!

It really is. So, what do you say, Landlord? Can we keep it?

Well, with a tree like this, my roses will get plenty of light.

Even at night. So, the tree stays!

-[all cheer] -You did it, Angela!

You're my hero until I get a better one.

Ouch! Why does my butt hurt?


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