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A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away,

around the time i was born,

the C segment was designed for families.

VW Golf, Ford Escort, Opel Kadett...

Then in the '90s, the MPVs arrived

followed by the family SUVs

in the early '00s.

And even the European families switched over.

There are precious few people

left on the market today looking to sit

their kids in a car like this.

Some think smart car buying decisions

include charts of fuel economy,

service pricing and equipment levels,

in short: value for money.


knowing what you need your car

to be like is just as important,

if not more.

So it's time to talk DESGIN!

This is the new Mazda 3 hatch.

In my opinion, if this was presented

as the new Alfa Romeo,

everyone would just love it.

Reviewers would probably shout about

Italian designers finding their mojo again.

It's not just the nose!

Not just these thight, angry lines

the gaping mouth,

the low splitter giving it presence.

And not just the low, sporty stance either.

I think the most important bit

to talk about is the butt.

And not even from behind,

but from the rear quarter!

This voluptuous behind

tells us exactly who the designers had in mind

as a buyer.

It's not just the thick pillar,

which of course

makes city parking more of a chore.

But most importantly it's this line


This is not about beauty.

This line is important, because

it diminishes the rear side window.

Which means that however big the rear space

might be (and let me tell you it's not big),

whoever sits here will end up in dark,

claustrophobic place.

And won't feel that good there.

In other words: the Mazda 3 hatch is not made for the families.

If you can't sell something

based on it's practicality and usefulnes,

because people looking for those qualities

look elsewhere, like at the CX-3 and CX-5,

then you have to reposition the product.

And it seems like the C segment

has been repositioned to be more sporty.

For people who have zero kids,

just maybe a dog.

So there are only two occupants in the car.

But they don't want a coupé - and even if they would

there aren't any on the market.

So these buyers want style with some added practicality.

A car that is desirable, drives well and looks great.

A car that does not try to be too useful,

and so does not reek

of used diapers

and mud from kid boots' soles.

That's what you call youthful.

Of course all this would be in vain

if the 3 would not look this great.

But luckily it's just beautiful.

Even inside

it looks modern and high quality.

The engines are ok, and the suspension too.

On broken tarmac,

which was available to drive

here around Lisbon,

so, on broken tarmac it's ok, but not truly supple.

It rides like a sporty car,

but that's ok.

On flowing roads it's great,

on tight switchback though

you'd wish it had more control.

It's maybe not as great as it promises to be.

However, this is just nitpicking,

in everyday driving it is great,

works very well with the driver.

Let's just say you won't trade your Miata for this.

So in all, if you wish to chose your car wisely,

don't just look at the numbers.

You should also consider which car style

is best for your everyday needs.

And if you're really into design,

sculpture even,

but don't need to carry people in the back,

and don't want to lose as much practicality as a sports car does,

consider the Mazda 3!

The Description of Mazda 3 2019