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Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore!

This is your host, Harish Bali!

Right now, we are in the Bari Brahmana area in Jammu.

We are going to visit R.S. Pura Border area.

It is 30kms away.

It will take us about 45-50 minutes to reach there.

For the past two days, we stayed at the Mango Hotel in Jammu,....

..which is located on the Jammu-Pathankot Highway!

We paid room tariff of Rs. 2200 on per day basis for a double occupancy room.

Breakfast was not included.

Let us start our journey to the border.

After travelling for 25kms we've reached the R.S.Pura Bus Stand.

If you decide to take a bus from Jammu to this place, this is where you will get down.

You will have to walk for about 200-300 meters from the bus-stand.

There you'll get auto-rickshaws on sharing basis.

From here, it is another 10kms to the border.

As I had told you, we're doing this journey in a private taxi.

So we are going to the border.

We've reached near the Border Outpost Octroi, R.S. Pura Border.

Videography is prohibited beyond this point but we can click photographs.

We are going to go inside, see around and then come back to share with you our experiences.

From this parking, which you see here, we had to walk about a 100 meters till the border outpost.

We saw the international border between India and Pakistan.

Just like the Indian tourists have come to visit this side of the border, similarly,....

....Pakistani tourists have also come to visit the border on the other side.

The distance between the two side is just about 10 meters.

This road that you see on your screen, at one time in the past, trucks used to ply on this road,....

before the year 1947, business ties were carried out on this road.

Prior to 1947, there used to be a railway station too at this place, where the goods train paid tax,.....

....thus the name Border Outpost Octroi.

A major city of India, Jammu, is quite close to this border area.

We came here from Jammu.

Similarly, two main cities of Pakistan, Sialkot and Lahore are also close by.

Now we are going to R.S.Pura town from here.

I've heard that they grow the best quality Basmati rice.

Once there, we will try to see the Basmati rice crop as well as purchase some for myself.

After travelling for a kilometer from the border, we've reached this village called Suchetgarh.

Once here, we met the Sarpanch (headman) of this village, Swaran Ji.


Sir, we want to see Basmati crop in a field.

And I also want to purchase some of it for my family back home.

Please come to my home, I will tell you everything about Basmati rice.

Alright Sir!

What is the total population of this village?

Total population of the village is about 1100 people.


Please come Sir!

Very good!

Organic Dreams!

This is your photograph?


We are into organic farming for the past 3 years.

And I've also been awarded a certificate by PGS of Govt. of India.

Very nice!

We have these three varities of Basmati rice.

This is the famous pure Basmati variety.

This variety is a hybrid.

And this is another quality of rice.

Though these varieties look almost similar but you will notice clear difference in their fragrances.

Really! This rice smells just like Basmati rice should.

There is really a huge difference!

What is the reason behind the Basmati rice of this place being so famous?

Sir, one reason is the soil of this place.

The soil of this place is of the best quality.

The second reason is the water used to irrigate this crop, that comes from the river Chenab.

Earlier, we used to harvest the paddy crop and send it to someone else for shelling of husk.

But now, we've got our own sheller machine installed.

And we use it for shelling and sell the rice thus obtained.

We were discussing with Sir about this rice variety, trying to understand from him about it.

Meanwhile, he got cooked two different varieties of Basmati for us.

He asked us to taste these two varieties to better understand. So thank you for this!

With that, what is this, Chhole (chickpeas)?

Ohh wow! Amazing!!!

No, I want to taste the rice first.

This is Basmati?



Its taste is delicious!

And each grain of rice has flavours packed inside.

Let me taste this as well.

Since I tasted Basmati first, this variety feels a little less tastier now.

I also want to buy rice for back home.

So tell me Sir, the Basmati rice, which I am eating right now, what rate do you sell it at?

Its rate is between Rs. 90 and 100.

For a kilo of rice?


And this rice grows through organic farming.


No urea or pesticide has been used in its cultivation.

Absolutely not!

What is the number of cattle in your village?

Our village has more than 1,000 animals.

You must also be using the cow dung from the cattle?

Yes, definitely. Most of the farmers use animal dung in their fields.

No, I really enjoyed this meal.

Although the rice is tasty in itself, but these chhole are also delicious!

I am happy!

How do I identify organic rice?

Sir as for identification, the rice that you are eating, it is organic.

So, if you store this cooked rice even for two days, it won't spoil.

As for non-organic variety, it gets spoiled within 24 hours of being cooked.

So, it is after 24 hours of cooking that you will be able to differentiate organic variety from non-organic?

Yes, absolutely!

After I finish this meal, I am going to buy some rice from you.

Yes, sure!

If you come to R.S. Pura border and want to purchase Basmati rice for yourself,.... can travel another kilometer to this village and contact Sir here.

And you have Basmati rice available the year round?



Thank you! We will definitely meet you whenever we come here next.

Yes, sure!

Okay then!

So now we are going to Jammu from here.

We will now meet once we reach Jammu.

Okay Sir! Bye!

We've come to the Bawe Wali Mata Mandir. This is an ancient temple.

Today is Sunday, this place is packed with devotees who've come here to visit the Kali Mata Temple.

On Sundays, the temple remains closed between 3 and 4 pm. It is 2.45 pm right now.

So, we won't be able to visit the temple from inside.

Outside the temple complex, you can see a lot of street food stalls.

Something or the other is available here, like gol gappe, chaat, etc.

Right now, we are standing at the Kachalu (Tapioca) chaat stall.

Please give us a plate of some very good Kachalu chaat.

A lot of people had asked us to try this chaat in Jammu. It is a good thing we got to eat it right here.

Good taste!

The black seeds on the chaat is roasted ajwain (carrom seeds).

It may look like it is overloaded but still, the taste is good!

With that, subtle sourness from imli (tamarind). Overall good taste!


Among other street foods, you'll get to eat ice cream, pav bhaji, mixed fruit chaat, etc.

We came down about 2kms from the temple and in front of us is this Bagh-e-Bahu Garden!

We are going in there. I've heard that this place has a very good view of the Jammu city.

We've reached inside the garden after buying ticket at the rate of Rs. 24 per person.

Now as you can see, the garden is beautifully sculpted.

There are fountains everywhere.

We've come to a particular viewpoint from where we are enjoying this beautiful view of the Jammu city.

There are rows upon rows of houses from one side of the view to the other side.

You can also see the river Tawi flowing down below.

Awesome view!

There are two bridges on our left hand side.

Now, if I may tell you something about the view on our right hand side.

The brown-coloured building that you can see on top of the hill, it used to be the Old Secretariat.

It was the King Bahu Lochan, who got this fort and garden built.

His ministers used to operate from the Old Secretariat.

This garden has a number of viewpoints. The one where we are standing right now,.... can see the green railing in the distance.

....that is one viewpoint and up in the distance, towards the fort.......

....that is another beautiful viewpoint.

The Bawe Wali Mata Mandir that I told you about is situated inside that Fort.

So, one entrance to the Fort is through this Garden and another entrance is through the place where we ate the Kachalu Chaat.

This place is good! If you want to visit this whole garden, keep aside 2 to 2.5 hours for that. You'll enjoy it.

We were passing over this bridge.

I came across that view in the distance so we stopped our car on the bridge.

Let me cross over to the other side and show you the view.

A little while ago, we were in that Garden and from there, we were looking at this bridge.

Now we are on this bridge, looking at that Garden and you can also see the Fort above it.

Absolutely rocking view and such beautiful scenery!

It is a good thing that we stopped for a minute here.

Otherwise, we would have missed this beautiful view!

We've reached the Dogra Chowk.

You can see the Press Club of Jammu behind me.

Right in front of me is the Sharma Hotel 'Baggar Wale'.

That is where we are going.

The time is 5.30 pm.

This open seating space is on the backside of this restaurant.

We are having our lunch here.

Too late!

This is a plate of Rajma-Chawal (kidney beans and rice) topped with ghee!

With that, they gave me a thick slice of paneer, fried.

Another side is this anardana (pomegranate seeds) chutney with some raw onions in it.

Back at home, we make rajma-chawal at least once in a week.

We relish it very much.

While travelling in this region, I've seen that people enjoy this meal here with a layer of rice,....

....topped with piping hot rajma and ghee!

This becomes a magical taste!

I have never tried this combination before in my life.

Especially before coming to this region.

So, this ghee brings the flavours alive.

For the past 5-10 minutes, while eating rajma-chawal, I've been thinking.....

....whether I enjoyed this taste better or the one that I had in Peerah, beyond Patnitop.

So, the honest answer of that question is - Peerah.

This taste is very good but the one in Peerah was excellent.

I am going to relish every bite of the remaining rajma-chawal.

After that, we will visit the local market here.

For about 1-2 hours.

Then we will think about where to eat our dinner tonight.

We just came back after visiting the Raghunath Temple.

Before you enter the temple, you need to deposit your mobile phone and camera outside.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shri Ram.

This temple is also home to idols of many other Gods and Goddesses.

And the Lord is present here also in the form of a Pindi (natural form).

After paying obeisance in the temple, we roamed around the market for some time.

In this market, I saw a lot of shops selling garments.

There are a lot of shops also selling dry fruits, there are restaurants, etc.

Second thing, in this area, where we are roaming right now, there are also a number of budget hotels.

We went into a couple of hotels to find out the average, double-occupancy tariff rate here.

The tariff is within the range of Rs. 900-1400.

This place is suitable if you are looking for a budget hotel and along with that it is also the central place.

For today's dinner, we walked for about 45 minutes from the Raghunath Temple,....

...we've reached the outskirts of the Jammu city,.... the Zamindara Dhaba.

Let us go inside for dinner. By the way, a little further from here is the place called Thandi Khui.

I've ordered just one dish here, Maa ki Dal (Black Gram).

Do you see the layer of ghee on top?

This is also called the 'Black Dal.'

This dal is so famous here that I've specially come to eat it here, otherwise,....

....I was not hungry at all, especially after eating rajma in the evening but....

....I had heard so much praise of this dal that I couldn't resist coming here.

So, let us taste it now.

So far the best Makhani Dal like this, which I ate, was in Amritsar.

And now, just with two bites and one spoonful of dal, I am already realizing that.....

...this is the best dal I've ever had!

This is the best!

No doubt!

This is the best!

After eating this dal, I realised why so many people had recommended this dal to me.

The taste of this dal is worth remembering.

I just cannot stop praising it, this dal is so delicious!

When I came here, I had decided to eat one katori (bowl) of dal and one roti.

But I ended up ordering one more roti as well as one more bowl of dal.

Thank you!

Really wonderful!

Do you have kheer too?

After I finish this!

After finishing my meal, I couldn't stop myself from going into the kitchen to see how they prepare this dal.

Just imagine, I haven't had such delicious dal ever in my life.

Let us go inside and see.

From what I've understood from this gentleman, let me tell you about this process.

This brass pot full of dal that you see in front of you..... takes upto 12 hours to cook dal in this pot.


The second interesting thing that he told me is that first dal is cooked in water.

Then milk is added to the dal as well.

It is cooked further.

Then they add ginger, chili to it and then add more tempering separately.

And they add ghee twice to this dal.

Too good!

You guys are too good!

I cannot think of a better word to describe this process.

I liked this dal so much that I couldn't resist coming in here and watching for myself.

Moreover, this dal is cooked over wood fire!

Very good, fantastic!

Thank you very much brother!

It felt good to meet you.

And this dal is just delicious!

We took a gap of 15-20 minutes.

We went into the kitchen to watch!

Now we are waiting for another famous dish of theirs - kheer!

So, the kheer is here! Thank you!

This kheer is okay!

But the hangover of that dal is still on my mind.

Anyways, it is time to say goodbye to you.

We didn't realize that it is 10.30 pm already.

And why are we sitting outside when there is indoor seating space too?

Because of the cool breeze outside. It is feeling good.

We wanted to enjoy it, thus, otherwise no othe reason.

There is enough seating space inside and except for us, everyone else is seated inside.

So, it is bye-bye for now. We will meet again soon.

We haven't thought about where we are going to go next after Jammu.

I want to go to Arunachal Pradesh.

In the coming weeks, we will plan out the trip and finalize everything.

Bye-bye! Thanks for your time!

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