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Welcome to yet another episode! Before it was timelapsed, now it isn't!

First off, we need to do some things I forgot to do before the timelapse, and couldn't do them during the timelapse, because people wouldn't be able to skip it then.

Also my doggy is happily sleeping on me.

There are some items here. What a pixelhunt!

A candle. Great.

I would like to add that I am playing this in a small window...

Can I eat it? Or talk to it? No?

I always missed that line of Engeor's when he asks if he should eat it or chat with it.

Also I couldn't take it, because the "Engeor" object covered it.

Also old rags. We also need those.

Looks like some inventory items last for eternity.

I also need to buy some stuff for story progression.

Like those wooden beams.

Buy wooden beams. Got some wooden girders or whatever.

What can I do with those? Currently nothing, it seems.

Oh, that music... ah, it didn't fade out, I just timed it extremely precisely.

For a moment I thought this game was actually competent enough to do proper music engine parts like fadeouts, etc.

Wait, can I go to the city from the left to appear in the right? I think I can. Yeap.

I remember you had to fix the pulley or something like that, but it was overtly complex.

And it was very stupid. That is what I remember.

"Broken pulley"

Ouch! It's pitch black in here!

Don't I have like some kind of light, fire, sight, etc.?

"I can't do anything with magic in here."

But that would be too logical.

Also using the rope on the pulley produces zero results. Not even a line of dialogue, just nothing.

Oh, I remember now. I do not have to fix it, just to get it or something. If I just remembered how.

That is the reason why I always thought it was so hard to do - I always thought you had to do something WITH it right there, but it is actually used in Skeldal instead.

The farthest I ever got in this game was to a place where the Necromancers are common enemies. Couldn't get past that part.

Let's not go to Skeldal right now. And I do not want to deal with enemies after the grind, so let's go to the Windy Mountain.

At the time of the recording I didn't had much physical space around me, since I brought a new armchair, but no table. I do have those now.

I had to use the armchair's arms for mouse movement, and even with extreme sensitivity, this is my mouse range. xD

Was I ever actually in here during the LP? I think not.

Some deadwood.

Such pain. I have a feeling that my head is going to burst from that barking.

Loudly barking dog A rather normal dog that is only barking really loudly.

Grabbed some deadwoon.

Compacted dirt

Wait, I think I can make the rags wet! In the city. >_>

Can I do something with magic in here?


Now I have some soft wax.

I have to save here. I remember being able to kill the dog. According to the walkthrough, he can survive.

That Beast seems to be the same thing as the entire game, now that I think of it.

We can see status effects in the upper right corner. They are almost never actually used.

State: Waxed :D

I cannot tell what teleportation is based on the icons.

Yeah, Iconography is such a nice thing, but... I cannot tell what spell is what. :(

If I transport myself to the other side right now, that dog is going to bite me.

I know I should use the web on that dog.

Immobilized dog Poor doggie. :(

I do not know why I have wood in my cursor.

I did immobilize the dog. What now?

There is a Staff. And also a lantern. I do know what to do with the lantern.

I might have overdone it, but I couldn't do anything else.

The web spell just gave away. This was really close.

A nearly dead dog.


I might have overdone it. If professor Srrst-Ka saw that, he would throw me out of the university.

Let's heal the poor dog.

When he wakes up, he will be fine again.

I thought I could kill the dog, but...

He is still unconscious, but when he wakes up, he will be fine again.

... but my memory might have been playing tricks on me.

Nothing. Is there any pixelhunting thing to do in here?

Down into the forest. Why the hell couldn't I came in here from there?!?? :D

Got the lantern. Yay.

Can I teleport back? Probably not, right?

Now to the town to check if I can soak the rags in the water.

Oh. I didn't mean to overwrite that save. I meant to make another one.

"Professor Srrst-Ka" xD xD

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