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lower one and welcome back to you

forum friday last week as you guys which you thought about narratives in video

games as far as

you know the main story line the main

story or point that to be creator wanted to tell what the story

in northern ireland declined in the past

five or ten years with or not

games these days still even have like

reliable or like really good stories are narratives that all left

and you don't love some really good comments so i'm uh... consumer regard


don't take that far away

and two years of dissect the eyes of some pretty good counts

victimizer said

narratives took a dive would developers realize they can make more money on


and it's the l c i can only think of a handful of franchises within the past

years that had decent stories negative bioshock boarder lands half-lives


all their skills

yeah those are for the most part of the lm the main ones that i see you having

any sort of good narrative as well would be a scene joe wants to remind

goodnight burt at that table should be on that list as well because at least

the original trilogy

maybe even halo wars and obviously

friggin errands so

halo plus those games

really about it these days and i'd say the god of war franchise


fair sex maybe but think about it

survival he wants to say

the last game with the narrative i played was talking on blue obviously

quite old now

the story tells you about your rival in team rockets where

in another story is


now even though people know the story and it's become usual for a book one

game to have this

back in the day it was well put together tell whats

backed up by of months kind of unique gameplay

as for today's games there are many left but hopefully will see more in the


funnier if you're saying that put him on blue has the best oriented played for a

while but

frankly that could be the case and that is very said

juggernaut r_j_r_ says

blog gamers seem to be or into korean taking their play a round met again

because the growth and development and competitive gameplay as in a lot of

people approaching our pgs these days and they give more about stats builds

rather than actually role-playing pen and paper games included

there's also a matter of the people who financed redevelopment it's well-known

that developers are also often russian releasing games but whatever the state

particularly when it comes to make a child

honestly that's what drove me away from pen and paper games and tabletop art

garbage easement like that to the fact that even though

or primarily focused on

meriden that isn't that just about enjoying the game is very instrumental

detailed tells

its jaws

i don't like medicaid i've said that a thousand times on this channel but i

really do not like medicaid

and justwannaplay it again

apart again a lot of flight and a lot of

plate that i'm playing big game

uh... similar king us lands the follow up on what i said before now that i

think about that there are far there are a fair few left ones like the quebec my


when the desert for three sixty

with they're using online play doesn't do that they were but the place

electorate someone would call the

so when games notre dame started going downhill the del sol a potential in

these new games along with it that's all we don't have games like spiro anymore

appeals wants ones for family wondering about spiral and where

that's what active a select where i was a kid

i don't really have a new games looked unfortunately but i like spiral and i

wanna see

more games like that where dozen american jump in and just go on a little

adventure pension fund

what happened in it

bus without lease or serves to expand the market was route

full view blizzcon controller for soldiers that's

referring to the previous weeks upset

but that is very best

this week i want to talk to you guys all ballots

online communities battle really interesting experience with online

communities the past week or so

not really going on the details that has got me thinking what do you guys for for

as far as an ally community to be a part up and to be involved with

you prefer forearms operated something like a read it or something like four


common sections like with blogs or

videos dot

con sections


do just referring to so some relief is what weather

or even just interested in working for for only to be involved with an online


if you're talking them on likes the more begets game so exists or skype or


let me know the conversation below let me know what kind of online communities

you don't like to be a part of and why like

what makes you stick to your time online community and we will see your comments

in the next episode

thanks for watching i think you're sticking with

forum friday

and i will see your comments next week

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