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Hi guys. (BOO) Welcome back, or welcome to my channel. And today's video is about my

school's homecoming week and as everyone knows, homecoming week is basically when

every single day of the week, it has a theme assigned to it. And then on Friday,

there's a pep rally and a home game, and that was Saturday there's a dance. I didn't film,

I'm sorry, I didn't film Thursday, the football game, or the dance because I didn't get to go

to the football game or the dance. As you all know it's sad, but you know it's okay,

but this vlog was still a success and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. So don't

forget to Like and subscribe and to follow all my other social media accounts, and as always, enjoy!


Megan! Megan!

Like my nose?

I'm like in all your classes, so. Exactly! You're in my biology. BYE CHILDREN!


Okay, wa-, wait, wait, yep.

Are you making a youtube video? Yep! Yeah, her youtube video. Its a part of my SKSKSK my costume, LITERALLY.

I'm a vlogger, that's what I am.

Your editing's great too. ThAnKs GuRL.

I remember in the last video, I was walking with Eva, and now I'm walking with you. Now it's so weird.

Anna! I'm filming a video. It's a part of my outfit. I'M A VLOGGER!

I l o v e t h a t!

Uh, subscribe to my twitch, uh. YOU HAVE TWITCH?! I'm joking.


OH it's a stream! Oh my god!

Hi. This is- this is my idiot daughter. Cuz I'm a dad, and this is my idiot daughter. HEY!

I have a big butt.


I'm Mckenna's idiot dad. So I went to youtube (it's a haul), I mean, Walmart.

No wonder your mother left us, cuz you're so stupid.We can have a mukbang.

This is my sister's snacks. I got lime. NO! It's not gonna be cold. Mrs. GoLAB is going to murder me.

WhO iS mIss GoLAb? She is the new teacher at *** and then she left and she can't stay away.

Uh, subscribe to the david'sdragon63. It's a gaming channel. * UNIRONICALLY DABS*

But it's not nearly as good as her channel. YES, OMG.

Wait a minute, where did I put my vlog stick (I DON'T LIKE YOU!)? He always takes it. Bro.


I need to get this. Oh lord, do that again, heh heh.

w o w

B R I G I D. Chill. Oh my god.

P O L L E N. Pollen, our cars turn from black, yellow, red to a yellow tint. Right? Or black, white, red to a yellow tint. Did that

pollen land on another flower? N o. No, it landed where? On my car, or on my house, or my window, that's not a pollinator.

A bee or a bird or a butterfly lands on a flower.

Hi guys, I'm an alien. Oh lordy, this is not cute. Oh, it's like the opposite way. Okay, got you.

Okay. Wait, are you like an artist? Oh wait hold on. No!

What's your name? Charlie. Charile, do you want to be my vlog? Nope okay.

Do you have a dollar? A dollar? Imma turn to you. NO she ain't got no dollar.

Yo guys. (wow) Follow me at kennedy.b101, follow me if you like. Uh huh. AY! But out of here.

This is PG guys. So I can't curse. Mhm Mhm. I mean you could curse, cuz I'm gonna do it in the intro.

He's too... dumb.

Ay, she's gonna get herself deported. (BITCH) She's gonna fight.

She's wearing scrubs. NBA all-star right here. I thought you should be working at McDonald's.

ANNA KATE! OMG, is this your vlog? Yeah! I'm a nurse. Lily and Anthony.


Hit you up? Oh, okay. Zion! Wait is this your vlog? Yeah! HEYYY! We trash, but we alright.

ELSA, oh. Yes ma'am oh.


Take a picture! Oh yeah, oh yeah. There you go.



Oh my gosh, bro.

I'm gonna be on YouTube! HI MOM!


Like my nostrils?

Are you actually, like, posting this to your Youtube channel? OMG, hi guys. My name is Janie. Go follow me on tiktok, janie_spratley

Or it's a dot, it might be a dot. It's one of the other one.

Hi vlog. Hi vlog. I'm back. Back again. Uh oh, back again.

Anne Marie! Are you doing a vlog? Yes.

Is that your vlog? Hey guys!


FUCK DUDE. We're gonna, we're gonna lose the football game tonight.

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