Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SCHWANZ!-kick-ass 2

Difficulty: 0

people should get what they deserve.

family living in the street deserves a hot meal.

an inebriated college girl deserves to make it home safe at night.

and a pervert, pedophile

deserves a visit from Eisenhower.


you know, you shouldn't with your mouth full.

it's very rude. Come on!

who the hell are you?

we're the good guys.

oh no, you're the fucking dead guys!



where are the girls?

come on man, i've got a heart problem!

oh yeah?

you want me to solve that for you?

okay, the girls are upstairs in the apartment.

my little brother, he's on the till. He's just a college kid.

kick-ass, night bitch. on it!

Ralph D'amico is gonna end you for this.

Ow! It hurts!

yeah, there's a dog on your balls!


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