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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Are you using these words wrong? | Learn English Live 69 with Steve Ford

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hello hello hello everybody my name is Steve Ford welcome to your English

lesson today we're going to be talking about certain words that are used to

describe how you feel in English and how we often confuse those words words that

are very similar so I hope you enjoy the lesson and because this is a live lesson

I want to say hello to everybody who's watching hello and I can see everybody

here in the chat we've got to India in the house well because you said in the

house that's that's kind of cool for me because that means I I could do like

some in the house music if my computer program collaborates with me in the

house we've got twenty nine people in the house lots of people came today I'm

very grateful for that who do we have in the house India in the house

anybody else in the house Brazil in the house

France in the house Vietnam in the house

Egypt in the house Russia in the house

Spain in the house Italy in the house so many people in the house all right

so many people in the house of wonderful anybody else in the house Dominican

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people in the house oh yeah whose dick is done in the house Morocco in the

house Malley in the house Iraq in the house all right okay well I'm so happy

that we have so many people here and I've got a great lesson prepared for you

today today I'm feeling very thankful very grateful and in case you don't know

grateful means that you feel thankful you feel happy for all of the things and

that you have in your life all of the people that you have in your life and I

wanted to send out a special thank you for all of you who are sending me

messages here on YouTube all of you who are sending me the audio messages that I

sent a link for last week so you can see those here so I just want to say thank

you and here's the first one here hello hello hello Steve I got this one on

whatsapp I just watched one of your videos about irregular verbs my name is

Philippe Picard from Chile and I'm a policeman I've

watched your videos from the very beginning well thank you very much

Phillippi the very beginning was 12 years ago and I see how much better they

are in time so congrats I feel I understand a lot with you thank you and

have a nice day and weekend my friend regards from from the distance yes and I

thank you very much Phillippi from Chile that was a lovely message and it was

really I love receiving messages like that I'm going to read a few more before

we start our lesson here I have one from korchi you deserve all the respect and

appreciation for your tremendous efforts from me the most delicious greetings

thank you very much korchi and we have one from Abdul your lessons are great

and make us love more and more of your lessons more and more your lessons I

really enjoy watching you we love you mr. Steve okay well I love you guys too

you guys are great and it's it's been fantastic hasn't it yes so another

message here from soluti Chris Mele the best explanation teacher thank you

you're funny as well and last we have Danielle fajita dos Santos I love to

watch your videos although I'm not fluent yet I get all the words and your

pronunciation so those were some great messages and maybe before we go into it

I had one more I have a few more yeah they just coming in this is from lolly

lolly from last week un bacio dithiol yeah wouldn't be Stefan's thank you for

this amazing lesson see you next week Steve we have one from Stefan merchants

ex excellent video I have my first interview tomorrow and I'm so nervous

however this video helped me a lot to get ready for tomorrow best wishes from

Colombia and in case you don't know I have business English videos too these

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Steve you really make it a bit nicer we are waiting for more of a view about

TOEFL that's a TOEFL message and we also have hello Steve how are you doing today

whoops how are you doing today really appreciate your great efforts for this

short and sweet lesson may Allah always protect you for us sir greetings from

Iraq okay yes yeah I hope to continue the lessons inshallah inshallah and just

a few more messages could we see your cat next time I promise that if my cat

jumps up beside me here this is a huge coincidence because I say cat and he's

here can we see your cat sometime yes yes you can this is Charlie we call him

Charlie Brown because he's brown and yes you can see my cat there he is

why he will I will try to incorporate him into bye charlie

yeah see you later guy incorporate him into another video of mine yes can you

see your cat I just showed him and this one is from Darren cucumber hi I love to

listen to your lessons it feels easier than if I read a textbook well thank you

very much Darren I really appreciate that message I hope that my lessons are

more interesting than a textbook for you and I know that a lot of my students

tell me that they listen to my lessons when they they're not watching them

they're listening to them when they're driving or when they're working out so

it's kind of like a podcast and I also have a message from Alice Howard mist is

live again this deserves more views thank you very much Alice yes my my

videos do not have any advertising in them I do I have never in my 12 years

advertised for English schools God knows they contact me saying Steve can you

please advertise for English schools but I prefer not to do that and well this

deserves more views love you my beloved teacher

thank you for your videos still they inspire me to keep practicing English

every day you focus on error details and such unexpected things we language

learners don't usually realize thank you a lot yeah well thanks for your message

that was a lovely message and I think I just have one more message before we gab

before we get on to the lesson I received a whole bunch of audio messages

I will send you a link for this as well this is so that you can if you want to

share your voice you can record an audio message as well

let me just take that out of the what's app from last week in case you haven't

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post a message a voice message to me from your phone or from your computer

anyway I wanted to post one this was from Gisela hood Rodriguez from Brazil I

just want to take a quick listen to it

hi my name is Ali from Brazil I would like to say that I thank you when you

speak fast English it's amazing great and I would like to ask you about

your video where are you teaching about English

press and using the weather I can't find anymore this video on ok uh so she was

thank you very much Gisela for your your question and I'm going to post the link

for that video this is a video about two vocabulary related to the weather and

Giselle II in case you're watching my lesson I'm going to post a link for it

right here this is weather vocabulary that you had

asked about yeah and there were a few other questions and comments I listened

to all of them by the way thank you very much for sending them and you can send

me yours in the link that I posted on this chat let's go to the lesson after

all of that gratitude and feeling grateful so we'll go into it and I'm

just going to transition over first question meeting new people

what kind of person what kind of person are you when you are at a party and you

don't know anybody do you a introduce yourself B wait for someone

to talk to me see check your text messages or D leave which would you do

if you go to a party and you don't nobody at the you don't know anybody at

the party what would you do and I'm gonna

check your answers here most people that I see posting here are

saying that they would choose a that they would introduce themselves so I see

that we have a lot of social butterflies in the group yeah lots of lots of people

here are saying that they would introduce themselves okay

so interesting so so nobody is is shy shy that's shy so I can see that a lot

of people watching my lesson are not shy that they would introduce themselves

yeah a few people like Denis Xavier is saying that she would wait for someone

to talk to her okay yeah so you would wait Alain a lot of

people would they would wait oh yeah Adina is saying the same thing that she

would wait for people too oh no Adina would introduce herself okay

that's that's interesting I was expecting most people watching my

lesson would be a little bit more shy to talk to people like that but let's keep

it going would you feel more shy if you had to

speak with people you don't know at a party in English so before it was your

own language is my face white do I need more color on my face and now we're

doing it like if you're at a party and you're talking to people who only speak

English so what do you think and lali lali who for example we have a

viewer who comes every week her name is lolly lolly and lolly lolly is a real

friendly person she leaves me messages all the time she's always caught in the

comments section here but lolly lolly from France is saying that if she had to

speak to other people at a party that she didn't know in English that she

would feel very shy so it could depend on the language thing you're very much

on the language thing yeah definitely definitely

okay all right so let's go to the next one here as I'm going to change just do

a small change on the color of my face

maybe a little better there maybe a little bit more saturation okay I think

that's a little bit better okay so let's go to the next one some people

definitely feel more shy in certain situations okay so I have a question

from John John okay John that's a good question John would like

to know what exactly shy means John shy is like this you're at a party and you

you know you you you do not that shy the opposite of shy is like hi how are you

yeah that's the opposite of shy that's friendly so friendly is that and then

shy is like mmm yeah so hopefully John you can see the

difference there but that's a good honest question yeah feel free to ask

questions during this lesson mm-hmm so some people definitely feel more shy in

certain situations because they feel what do you think a insecure or beyond

by the way John that's a good picture of somebody who is shy yeah what do you

think is the best adjective in this case

okay and I think everybody's got it so if you thought that the answer was

drumroll please that the answer was insecure high five that is correct

little self-confidence or almost no self-confidence unsafe means in danger

so right so you can go to a party and you can feel shy because you don't know

anybody you know especially if you're speaking another language like English

you can feel shy you don't want to talk to anybody but when you feel unsafe

that's when you feel that you are in danger that's when you feel like your

life is in danger so you can feel unsafe if you're walking down a dangerous

street late at night it's it's a little different to feel unsafe or when

something is unsafe and when you feel insecure those those two are different

so so hopefully you can you can see the difference there yeah okay so let's go

to the next one and high five if you got that one right

this one here hopefully with this English lesson I can boost your self

confidence boost means to increase and yeah that's that's why we're doing these

English lessons folks is so that I can boost your self confidence and we can do

that together

okay time out here I had a good question from let me see here somebody asked oh

yes Fabiano a good question Fabiano grammatically speaking Shai has one

syllable and we should say Shire for some reason native speakers sometimes

they break the rule too because it doesn't sound good and most native

speakers will say more shy they won't say oh I'm Shire I guess you could use

it that way but I guess most native speakers because it just sounds better

they will break the rule and the same or shy yeah but that's an excellent

question Fabiano we should do a lesson on comparative and superlative

adjectives the next week so many ideas so little time yes okay okay

Oh Fabiana it's me from Italy okay Bob any Fabiano vibe na okay air-cool okay

and let's go on to the next one so I have a I have a question that maybe

has something that has happened to you which is the following have you ever had

a dream you went to work or school in your pajamas have you ever had that

dream everybody's in their work clothes

you didn't expect okay Lolly's had that dream and I think a lot

of people have not had that dream yeah oh we have some some Arabic speakers

who've had that dream as well so many

that can be one of the most uncomfortable dreams that you ever have

is when you you dream that you're going to work in your pajamas or worse you you

dream that you're going to work or school you're someplace in public and

you have no clothes on whatsoever I mean it just goes from from bad to worse so a

lot of people watching this lesson have had that dream that they're going to

work in their pajamas now I'm sure the man who went to work in his pajamas in

this picture feels very and huh what do you think he feels a embarrassed or be

ashamed both of those words are very close in meaning but there's a small

difference that even a lot of native speakers don't know so who knows maybe

native speakers will watch this lesson in the future too

oK we've got a mix of answers here some thinking that it's letter B some

thinking that it's letter A and if you thought that the answer was embarrassed

high-five and don't feel bad because I think a lot

of native speakers would get this wrong too and I'm gonna explain the difference

between embarrassed and ashamed embarrassed other people make you feel

shy and uncomfortable

that's embarrassed so the other people like you can see in this picture here

this guy you know he's laughing at this other guy so yeah other people make you

feel shy and uncomfortable embarrassed so the difference here is that a which

of the following situations do you think is the most embarrassing a work in your

pajamas B spinach in your teeth C zipper your zipper is undone and went on when I

say your zipper is undone I mean that you're walking around in public with

your zipper down we say you're you are flying low you are flying low your

zipper is down and nobody tells you for some reason nobody tells you this

happened to me once happen to me more than once I'm like when I used to give

class big classes now I just teach online privately but when I used to give

big classes I remember I was teaching this class of 30 adults and for a good

three hours I taught the class with my zipper down nobody said a word

they didn't say teacher no nothing so what do you think work in your pajamas

spinach in your teeth your zipper is undone what do you think what situation

do you think is the most embarrassing for you most people are saying see it

would be with your zipper undone yours / down yeah weird situations for sure

yeah and everybody's saying letters see yeah

Fabio no not just weird situations I'm thinking embarrassing situations yeah

yeah and everybody's saying letter C would be really embarrassing I think the

only thing more embarrassing than letters C would be if you were wearing a

tight pair of pants and those pants they if they if they you know if they rip if

they tear and you have a hole in the back of your pants and you're in public

I think that might be a little worse huh yeah that would be embarrassing anyway

let's go to the next one another reason for zipper problems can

be eating too much now the woman here feels ashamed of herself and I'll pause

it when she yeah right he or she feels ashamed of herself so this is a little

different from feeling embarrassed a little different what is the difference

well another reason for zipper problems can be eating too much the woman here

feels ashamed of herself I feel guilty for or about eating too much so this is

more about when you feel bad or guilty about something that you have done

embarrassed was more like they they think that it's bad that you are doing

it guilty is amaura shamed is more of a personal thing so how did I let this

happen so that's - that's more like when you feel ashamed ashamed of yourself

oh I all of these business dinners and I was

eating too much drinking too much now I've gained so much weight why did I let

this happen how did I let this happen I feel ashamed of myself a little

different there it's almost like guilt you know like in Latin they say Mia

Koopa may I'm a sumo Koopa and they have that in all the the Latin languages they

also have that in law yes so that's the difference yeah Lali Lali feels guilty

when she drinks so much beer yes and hopefully this is not the result yeah

that you can't get into your skinny jeans

yeah and that's ashamed to be ashamed of something is when you feel guilty or

disappointed in yourself you let yourself down yeah

and in case you don't know to let yourself down means you disappoint

yourself how did I let this happen so hopefully you can see the small

difference between the two ashamed and embarrassed that's an important one now

my next question for you is how often do you work out at the gym a never be

rarely see sometimes D often and II always you know if we go back and we

look at this picture I'm thinking you know maybe this person here is is a

letter B she's not even on the thing yet yeah I'm thinking this one over here is

like a letter e yeah so I'm curious to know folks how often yeah so for example

Ludmila says that she's always working out at the gym

well high five Ludmila I have a lot of sometimes work out I guess a lot of

people work out at the gym yeah maybe you're working out at the gym and

watching my lesson at the same time why not multitask yes

so we've got a whole load of answers here

the whole load of discussion about how often you workout at the gym most people

are saying sometimes and that's probably the that's probably the best formula is

you know just to do it sometimes to work out at the gym five times a week

Wow okay and Hiva has recently been working out at the gym so Hiva just got

back from the gym okay Bella I really like your name Bella you would say the

slower you speak the better the slower you speak the better not slow here yes

anyway and John is saying sometimes in the month John do you want to say

sometimes like once a month or something like that I I understand John some

people are really busy and they don't have time to to exercise especially if

you're traveling for business and stuff like that or for school or maybe you're

a little too too relaxed about that I don't know anyway speaking of working

out this smaller guy on the right with no muscles would like to be like the

bigger guy on the left with muscles he feels envious or jealous what do you


mm-hmm okay I should put some waiting music on there for the people that are

gonna be watching a recording of this lesson

if you thought and that's those were very quick answers that's right so Hiva

says he wishes to be like him that's a very good explanation so the guy on the

right would like to be like the guy on the left and when that is the case if

you thought that the answer was the answer was envious high-five that is

correct we would say envious that's that's the word so you can see him

saying that here he's saying I envy that guy oh man I really envy that guy so try

to listen to this explanation it's something that even native speakers of

English will confuse is that to feel envious means you would like to have

somebody's status possessions power wealth physical appearance you really

envy somebody that's that's to feel envious it's more you would like to have

the things that somebody has but to feel jealous means you feel insecure because

of another person so to feel jealous is more about somebody else you feel

insecure because well I mean the best way to see it is in that picture there I

think that that's the best explanation for it that's that's to feel insecure

and to feel jealous

and are you a jealous person this is a great question I know that jealous being

jealous or jealousy can be kind of the spice in a relationship sometimes you

know if there's if you're not jealous at all I uh mm I don't know for me

personally I think you know if there's no jealousy

it shows the person doesn't care the relationship is dead so are you a

jealous person a no B yes but I never show it C yes I am very jealous I can

get very angry what do you think

okay so lolly saying yes but I never show it okay so lolly plays the pretends

not to show it yes and we have somebody saying from Russia saying no they are

not jealous and John is saying yes I'm very jealous and I get and I can get

very angry so John's girlfriend or wife watching this video be very careful

because when John gets jealous he gets very jealous

so Oh wonderful John try to understand John's situation because John has a very

beautiful wife so that means that he can get very jealous so he needs to to

protect his wife at all costs got it John I understand okay I get you

depends on the situation yeah so yeah I mean everybody can get

jealous you know you can you can get jealous if of Instagram if your husband

wife boyfriend girlfriend significant other is checking Instagram Facebook you

can get jealous of you know those kinds of things too does

need to necessarily be in public nowadays could be on a social media

network yes okay um I Josette I would be interested to know what letter D just

that what does letter D is d like I I will kill the person or okay anyway so

that's jealous Rhapsody is a mix of a and B okay

Laidback versus lazy my boss is laid-back and maybe you don't

know this one a lot of my students when I teach them this adjectives a lot of

them don't know about it but it's one that's used a lot nowadays

here in North America laid-back in this case means easygoing and relaxed and

this is what you're looking for folks you are looking you are looking for a

laid-back boss I think that happens more and more from the students who I talked

to who are bosses that seems to be more of the strategy nowadays is that the

boss is more laid-back and gives more praise more credit to their employees

more high-fives and things like that it's not that old-school you know boss

like this is wrong that is wrong go back to work no laid-back friendly is he

going that's a laid-back boss would you like

to have a laid-back boss yeah lolly lolly 'he's got it relaxed and calm now

too laid-back could be considered lazy and i want to try to explain this

because for some people laid-back has a negative meaning and maybe in your

country you have this too because in north america canada and the united

states people from the east coast from New York City to Toronto to Chicago to

Boston to Montreal Montrell no no that's that's another

thing but people from the East Coast they tend to be more business oriented

more rush rush rush and people on the west coast from California all the way

to Alaska British Columbia where I'm from in between they tend to be more

laid-back but here's the thing here's the thing is that too laid-back can be

considered lazy and people from New York City think of people from California

from the west coast as being too laid-back as being lazy and people from

New York City think that but people from the the west coast they think that

people from the East Coast are too uptight or too wound up so meanwhile

Californians or West Coasters might think that New Yorkers are too wound up

or too uptight gotta go gotta go yeah gotta go gotta go yeah gotta go and I

know from talking with students from Italy they say that people from the

north are or more business oriented and they're more uptight wound up depending

on how you look at it and they say that the people from the South are too

laid-back or lazy so it's two points of view same thing in different countries

my students from Brazil they say that people from the north are too laid-back

and that people from the south they say are too wound up is it the same in your

country do you have this different these different regions where people are

considered to be more hard-working or more laid-back let me know in your

comments let's check it out

so Hiva is saying that in Turkey it's like that so Hiva I would be curious

what is it like in Istanbul people are considered to be very wound up and maybe

in what was it is is Mir they're considered to be more laid-back or

something like that yeah Lali Lali true south of Italy people are more laid-back

and that can be considered a positive thing or a negative thing mm-hmm an alum

in America we can't be lazy and I think what Allah is saying in America we can't

be lazy anywhere yes two weeks vacation per year I know I know

in North America I live your reality in France we are more laid-back in the

South Sea sopia maybe if you go to a place like

nice or to lose the people are probably more laid-back then if you go to Paris

for example I know though probably they're gonna be more hard-working maybe

a little bit more wound up yeah people are too busy in their professional life

yeah and you can use the expression wound up yeah that means always in a

hurry or could be positive full of energy yeah right

so Karen Karen has a good example of laid-back in a negative way so Karen

Escobar is saying we consider people in the government to be too laid-back yeah

if you have a job for the rest of your life you're a civil servant and by the

way that means funcionar your público de Chanel Civic how do you say that

sometimes layback can be considered to be a negative thing yeah different ideas

there so that's great and I think that's it for the lesson today folks

yes as we go back to white so I know that there were a few more adjectives I

see that I have a lot of people here with me so I'm going to go

over a few more differences that I talked about in the lesson maybe I have

like one or two pictures where I can show you the difference I might need to

do a continuation of this lesson we had a few more that I I think I will talk

about and maybe make a quick lesson and release this on YouTube or maybe meet

with you in the middle of the week if I have a chance because I know that there

were a few other ones that I wanted to discuss for example we had today we

covered jealous versus envious laid-back versus lazy we did not go over alone

versus lonely terrific versus terrifying that's a good one we did do a shamed

versus embarrassed we didn't do boring forces annoying sensitive versus

sensible so we did about half which is about right so I promise that we will

continue working on these either in another YouTube live lesson or I will do

a pre-recorded lesson and release it on YouTube and I hope that you really

enjoyed this lesson I really enjoy reading all of your comments and

listening to all of your comments by the way if you have a question similar to

you know what we were talking about today you can always send that to the

following link this one here or you can just follow me on whatsapp and I can

post this link but yeah if you have any questions yourself I would love to to

hear your voice follow me and I would be making this link but for the people that

have asked you questions I have listened to all of them I will be for the doing

an answer on how to speak English fast we have

like those in a while and I had a great message from almond from Adonis live in

the United States he wants to know how he can still improve his English and

also I had a question from somebody this was from Lena and I wanted to somebody

to listen to Lena's question as a follow-up here from I see that we're

getting some echo here I will edit this video later yeah I will I will cut that

out of the the lesson so that we don't have any echo anyway everybody I hope

that you enjoyed this lesson I will be doing a continuation of it if you would

like to subscribe to my channel please do that here please tell your friends

about my videos you can share them with your friends to help them with their

English to help them feel better about their English too and I hope to see you

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