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I'm psychic and trans medium, during meditation I can

guiding people to the light as they should.

But my main part is still to be a psychic

I give people information over the path they should walk in their lives.

Are you satisfied what you are doing now to help people?

Yes, I am very grateful I can do it, it is also beautiful to be allowed to do.

We can all basically. Only not everyone Is quite suitable for it.

Do you feel safe in certain people, certain psychics or mediums here at the fair?

Yes some people give me a very good feeling.

And some I have a different energy because it

and all that has to do with vibration.

I've been there with you at the last fair,

that was the Lotus fair.

How did you feel than, it was very busy.

A very fine scholarship it had to do with the energy of the four of us.

It all has to do with each other.

We were on the same level of vibration and then we reinforce each other.

I thought it was beautiful on that exchange that the energy flowed to us

and we with the four of us , I sat in the middle with three beautiful men. Yes definitely.

and a beautiful woman of course.

Powerful men, such a beautiful energy.

I've never been seated with you at the table but I think it will still come.

It's in my head but the time was not yet ready.

No, all in good time.

Tell me about your little girl I feel she is a new-age child.

Yes it really is a new-age child they also call it the crystal children.

Give it a name.

At present time energies reincarnate even faster.

So there are more and more talents that you see on TV, children sing very quickly.

Previously, this was not the case. The process is accelerating.

Our child gives us a lot of insight and lots of rest.

And that we really need both.

Your child will bring you to rest and this child also opens up the world for you.

I know that your wife is a psychic.

No, my wife is a medium.

I talked yesterday with my father there about when we drove back

from a lecture that we had.

I think my wife is really a pure medium.

She makes contact and she writes it really.

I really do not connect with a deceased person.

I sometimes visited her for a reading, a reading.

Nobody knows about my mother what my mother said, but she did.

I also believe in her reading, it hurts me,

Yes I understand that.

I have tears in my eyes if she write it down I have to say, she is a natural born medium.

I see your daughter go in the same direction

The path of the father, the way of the mother.

It's all in the family.

What you say is true at all.

And that is why it is so important, psychics have a lot of insight,

they can scan a lot of people, feel very much.

A genuine medium you notice that they really makes contact with the other world.

Thank you for letting me interview you and thanks for letting me be with you.

And I know that is your world on the right path

and I know that she likes a lot of people.

That is very nice.

Thanks again.

Thank you.

As I interpret it here in Europe, weather my interpretation of a primal thought.

That's the beauty, it is universal, but you see that there are a number of basic laws.

That's the beauty, it is universal, but you see that a number of basic laws.

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