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Hey guys!

This is DATOHLEONG and in this video, I'll attempt to bring Puck the Faerie Dragon back

into the meta.

I assure you that this is NOT a troll build and it is quite practical in some situations.

The content in this video is completely situational but 100% applicable, if you would like to

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All right, so before I begin I would like to share with you where I get this inspiration

from and why I think it's a good build.

I've been a Puck player for a really long time and I find that this hero struggle really

hard to snowball and scale in this current meta.

The Faerie Dragon used to be a hero with insane nuking potential and mobility that enable

the user to make early dives and snowball the game by 1 shotting hero with Dagon 5.

But in this meta, players have been holding on to raindrops and double bracers to survive

Puck's early to mid-game aggression.

Even if Puck gets an early Dagger to initiate, most heroes either man up and fight Puck or

escape with a third HP remaining.

Without kills and achieving good map control the early game, it is really hard for this

hero to make a consistent aggressive impact in the game as all Puck is known for, is initiating

and magic bursting.

If the classic way of playing Puck is not as effective now, there must be a better way

to play it.

So I've theory crafted and experimented a lot on Puck and have come to a conclusion

of a perfect build that suits the meta.

This set of item progression not only helps you improve your killing potential but improve

your ability to take down buildings and secure map control.

Here we go.

Starting items are pretty standard, we go for double circlet, a mantle, faerie fire

and a branch.

This starting item gives you the best overall stats and damage for you to trade well in

the middle lane.

Now we're not going to upgrade the nulls and here's why.

A Mantle and a Circlet gives you 5 Int, 2 Agi and 2 Str, A null gives you 6 Int, 3 Agi

and 3 Str.

If you guys aren't aware yet, I'm an extremely frugal person and I only spend money on things

that give me the worth of its value and of course this applies in-game as well.

Upgrading the null will cost you 215 gold and only gives you the value of a 50 gold

iron branch along with 3% spell Amp.

Not worth if you ask me and these components will not be part of the build and it's only

for laning purposes.

Next, we're going to be purchasing the Ring of Basilius.

For 500 gold, this item gives you +8 damage, mana regen and allows you to push the waves

naturally and cause your opponents to miss their last hits under tower if you're constantly

toggling the item.

This item will act as a tool to improve your laning phase and will be disassembled later


Next up, treads, wand and medallion.

Treads and wand are pretty standard, and we're going to be disassembling the Ring of Bassilius

to form a medallion.

Puck has a pretty high physical damage in the early game and we're gonna abuse that

to snowball.

Do not sell the ring of protection yet as we still have some use to it, but in the meantime,

just backpack it.

If you're wondering when the bottle is going to come in, unfortunately, we're going to

be leaving that out as it doesn't provide the value that we want and the following item

progressions are going to solve your mana problems.

All right, we will be going be fully skipping the blink dagger and getting a Necro Book


Necro Book is an easy item to build with cheap and useful components.

A blink dagger cost over 2 thousand gold giving you the ability to instant silence your target

upon initiation.

However, unless you're bringing allies with an arsenal of damage, you're probably not

going to get kills due to the lack of damage.

One of the sage masks can be used to form a Ring of Basilius then disassembled again

the complete the item.

The minions together with Medalion offer pretty respectable physical damage to a coiled and

silenced target and this should almost instantly kill any coiled target without a defensive


Don't forget that coil is now a leash thus blinking heroes like QoP or flying heroes

like storm and ember will not be able to get away from it.

Necrobook gives you the ability to kill ancients and buildings as well.

Puck is really good at shoving waves by nature but doesn't kill buildings as fast.

Your minions are going to take 1 step further by threatening the side buildings after shoving

the waves.

The gold you obtain from these objectives and farm should work you up towards a solar


The Solar crest buff gives your minions and yourself so much more damage to work with.

Up to this point, you should see a significant change in playstyle and impact in the game.

You're no longer a blink > silence > coil > get out kind of hero, you're now a see you

> coil you > man up and kill you kind of hero.

You should also feel more tanky and harder to instant burst during the fights.

By constantly shoving waves throughout the game, buildings that are left undefended should

also melt in an instant.

After you get past this point, your following items should be either Aghamins, Linkens or


Depending on the game of course.

Aghamins are great against BKB heroes, BKB and Linkens are just to keep you safe.

If they're disable heroes, always prioritize BKB first no matter what and have other items

be decided later on.

Please do not skip these defensive/stats items as they're there to keep you alive so to do

more damage.

Now if your game somehow dragged on to the late game, I would recommend going Daedalus

and Refresher.

You should be able to easily take out any hero on that map that doesn't have a reliable

save with your overwhelming physical damage.

Heroes that are invisible will be spotted by the melee necro minion and heroes that

purchased ghost scepter to try and survived can be purged by the ranged necro minion.

Thus, I'll advise you to use your necrobook wisely in the late game and not to feed it


Don't be afraid to solo coil heroes to take them out instantly.

If 1 coil gets you 1 kill, a refresher puck instantly turns the fight 3v5.

As for the talent trees, + 6 stats to be a fighter > + 90 damage to be a stronger fighter

> illusory orb speed to catch heroes in the back > dream coil rapid-fire to solo kill

anyone on the map.

Due to Puck's vast farming speed, +420 GPM is not required as you wouldn't want to be

sitting on a pile of cash and not having the immense killing potential on the enemies cores.

I can't wait for you guys to try this out and let me know what you think.

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