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Shadow: Wow, this is amazing!

Rico: You said it Shadow!

Shadow: I mean the way that light reflects off the walls, that eerie blue, glow it's really cool!

Viper: Seriously Shadow? I mean you are Shadow...but even you can see the amazing mystery of the creature in front of us!

Rico: Oh, he will, give him a few seconds.


Rico: There we go!

Eve: Hello Reclaimers! My, it has been such a long time since I have seen this many of your kind at the same time.

Skippy: Who...what are you?

Eve: I am 007 Jealous Glow, but you can call me Eve.

Rico: Who...built you?...Is built even the right term?

Eve: My creators were a species of highly advanced creatures charged with protecting the galaxy from chaos and strife.

Eve: I was built as an architect for their last attempt to save themselves from a species of highly evasive creatures known commonly as the Flood.

Shadow: What you mean Mexicans?

Rico: Shadow if you bad-mouth my people I will blow your gringo head off.

Viper: You're a Mexican!?

Rico: Uh...Yeah, my name is Hernando Rico, it's kinda a Latino name.

Viper: But...but...your voice and your...well...everything about you.

Rico: I proudly represent La Raza!

Skippy: His great grandfather immigrated to Texas; he's the end result of what happened when Mexicans became American.

Viper: A redneck?

Skippy: The American Way.

Shadow: Hey! Not all Americans are rednecks!

Viper: How am I not surprised that Shadow is an American?

Skippy: The lack of intelligence and general lack of common sense?

Shadow: Go to hell Skippy, besides I'm from a good part of America. I'm from California!

Viper: basically you are everything Skippy just described.

Eve: What can I do for you Reclaimers? Is it time to activate the installations already?

Rico: What installations?

Eve: The installations I designed to stop the Flood, I can...

...Reclaimers, are you expecting a visit from Halmat?

Skippy: Who?

Eve: My friend, Halmat.

Viper: You mean that elite who was in here earlier?

Eve: Yes.

Rico: Oh that bastard. Viper, I got a plan to catch this son of a bitch but I am going to need your help.

Halmat: Hello!? Humans!?

Halmat: I am special Operations Commander Isulm'a'Halmat.

Halmat: I am in need of your assistance!

Halmat: Strange...

Eve: (over radio) Halmat!

Halmat: Eve?

Eve: (over radio) I've been captured by the Reclaimers!

Eve: They say they are going to take me apart and study me!

Halmat: Don't worry Eve, I will stop them! Where are you?

Eve: (over radio) The containment facility in their "blue" section.

Eve: Halmat!

Halmat: How are they holding you here Eve?

This hardly seems like the kind of...facility that could hold one of your power.

Eve: They activated the ancient field designed to keep constructs from wandering too far from their positions.

Eve: The only way to deactivate it is if something with the proper biomass inputs the right code.

Halmat: Where is the panel?

Eve: In here along the wall.

Rico: I seem to remember you not liking one of these, so I figured two should keep you in line.

Viper: Thanks Eve.

Eve: I do not like tricking my friends.

Halmat: Why then Eve!?

Eve: It's my programming; I have to obey their commands. They are Reclaimers.

Rico: Maybe tall, mean, and ugly here can tell us just exactly what that means.

Halmat: I am not your enemy.

Viper: You snuck in here once, knocked me out, and are here once more.

Viper: I don't know many friends who do that.

Rico: Except for Shadow.

Viper: Except for Shadow.

Halmat: Like I said...I am not your enemy...well any more.

Halmat: I have been betrayed by my own people!

Rico: Likely story. We'll figure out if you're telling us the truth soon enough.

Rico: Viper, stand guard at the entrance while I make sure Shadow hasn't killed Skippy yet.

Viper: You took away all his rockets and bullets, how could he kill...

Shadow: (over the radio) Whoa, whoa, whoa there girl! Please stop!

Skippy: (over the radio) Shadow, get off Betsy right now!

Viper: How do you always know?

Rico: Live here long enough and you'll start figuring these things out.

Halmat: Where is the other human?

Rico: You killed them both.

Halmat: I only killed the loud, idiotic one.

Viper: You didn't kill both of the reporters?

Eve: Are you talking about that other Reclaimer?

Eve: I saw her leave right after Halmat pulled the skull out of...

Rico: Where did she go!?!

Eve: She existed south-east.

Rico: Crap!

Viper: Wait, where are you going?

Rico: Green Lantern!

Lauren: I know you're here Sergeant.

Rico: Oh, actually it's Lieutenant now.

Lauren: Doesn't change your mission here though, am I right?

Rico: You found Green Lantern, so I have failed the first part of my mission.

Lauren: And the second?

Rico: You know full well the second.

Lauren: Im not going down with out a fight.

Lauren: This is the kind of story that could get me millions,

Lauren: my own book deal, hell I could probably spend the rest of my life touring the universe

Lauren: with speech tours and never having to do another puff piece or a heartfelt bullshit story again!

Rico: Well, from where I am standing the rest of your life is about the next 10 seconds.

Rico: Use them wisely.

Lauren: Not if I get you first.

Rico: Seriously? (laughs)

Rico: Do you know who I am?

Rico: Do you know what I go through here on a daily basis?

Rico: Im like a one man army!

Rico: A one man killing machine!

Rico: I am the only natural predator of ninjas!

Rico: Do you really think that...peashooter can stop me!?

Lauren: With all that armor and training you've still got weakness...

Lauren: Weaknesses every man has.

Lauren: I may not be able to kill you with this, but...

Rico: Ughhhh!

Lauren: ...I can stop you.

Halmat: Why do you fight?

Viper: Excuse me?

Halmat: You, why do you fight? Why fight a war for existence?

Viper: Of all the aliens we could have caught, we get a damned E.T. Aristotle, just my luck.

Halmat: What? Does your species not ask questions?

Viper: I'm not really in the mood to have enlightening conversations about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything right now.

Halmat: 42

Viper: What?

Halmat: 42, that's the answer to the question.

Viper: You're a comedian now huh? Where did you pick that up anyways?

Halmat: Your radio conversations.

Halmat: Since I had little to do in my stay here I listened to them talk about everything from telemetry to Ptolemy.

Halmat: You're a fascinating race. I have learned much in my seclusion here.

Halmat: But no matter what I did I couldn't figure out why, why your species was so keen on expanding, exploring, and staying alive.

Viper: You're seriously confused as to why we have a survival instinct?

Halmat: Well, yes. Your major religions believe in an after life, a world better then your own.

Halmat: Most of them preach peace and obedience to strict laws that include limitation of violence.

Halmat: Your science even tells you that life is brutal, fleeting, and short.

Halmat: So why do you strive so hard to stay alive, thrive, and explore if your entire culture contradict these things?

Viper: If I tell you will you stop asking me questions?

Halmat: If you tell me, I promise not to make you answer any more questions ever!

Viper: Fine then...Whiskey.

Halmat: Excuse me?

Viper: Whiskey.

Halmat: An inebriating beverage?

Halmat: You're walking contradictions because of a drink that can kill you?

Viper: I'm sorry, our agreement was that I didn't have to answer any more questions.

Halmat: That's no fair! You didn't answer anything!

Viper: Yes I did. I answered your question.

Viper: You're the genius philosopher. You figure it out on your own.

Shadow: (over radio) Viper, what's your status?

Viper: Just confusing the alien with answers about human will.

Shadow: (over radio) Well, we need to do a bit more then confuse these aliens, have you heard from Rico?

Viper: Not for an hour... Why?

Shadow: We got something he needs to handle up here.

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