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hi everyone this is Adam Meister of the end he died in food today we're going to

quickly go over the uniqueness be announcement it is October 25th 2015 I

was in Reservoir Hill today to hear that must be announced that he is running for

mayor there were about 400 people 350 people there again providing detailed

info for information about the Baltimore election on my videos and it was an

excited crowd it a lot of different types of people were there I was at the

key for Mitchell announcement for marriage 2007 which is on a weekday on

pennsylvania avenue in there were more people at this event this resume or

media was there it was just a bigger event today first off some of the nine

up politicians who were there who need to be mentioned echoing track which is a

transit organization in baltimore is being no all about the subway system you

complain about the red line at tony is the expert the MTA's going to publish

some of his opinions very soon

Jeanne Adams room running store was in attendance also several quite an

interesting group of people

Jackie on with their he is there to help the president of course you cannot them

you said hello I said it's kind of weird you're here and everything is all the

more elections okay by the way they did i do now that Jack young was there later

so I don't think he's going to support to anyone but they didn't have that he

was there Sean turnaround was in the house he came up to me and told me

personally that he is going to run for the Senate District city council seat


West he gave out his promotional materials he was somebody with the riots

again arrest in his irreverent and he's a really nice liar he has lots of money

this thing called and he's running as a Green Party candidate in the Senate

District I mean not a practical let's just say that good luck dude occurring

within the house and he did endorse

me to the Baltimore Sun apparently pretty bad news for people running in

the third Test against him because I think picnic movie is going to become a

pretty soon as bees beach resorts pretty good up there with his sister's kids

were up there with him I'm getting all the details his main point is gonna keep

here and over and over and over again which is a really solid point he can be

in the room where he can be on a street corner e15

you know he's a businessman but he's a he's a guy on the street and you know I

sent you might sound corny coming from my mouth but guess what it's going to

work its solid in the end of the day it's going to come down to him and Dixon

who are you going to watch the guy at work in the boardroom is on the streets

or 16 cards I mean big fundraiser movies fundraiser was dere and one of her major

system they seem to be very excited

Maryland Mosby again was up on stage she didn't see anything that's probably you

know didn't take away from yet let's see ya at the end heading into the speech

and he so many people were coming over to it was like an Obama moment I mean he

must have felt great about himself i mean people are taking selfies with the

guy who's pretty I mean what would it look good it is all one big show I and

the media there see it all

another reason I think Nick members be gonna do very well in this he sends out

a lot of press releases and today the media just repeats what you say in

person at least pretty solid again he's going to see it in the boardroom you can

fit in on the street corner let me let down by race here he say I could be in

the boardroom and the way people with a businessman and then you he's on the

street corner in the black

people and I mean to talk straight like that that's gotta think about here i

mean that you just trying to win and other videos also harshly for the people

on the facebook of Baltimore Lexi newsgroup hello guys everybody should

join that if you vote in Baltimore City and actually talk about race very much

on there but there's your Straight Talk

are running in the 1st district were in attendance they said hello it's good to

see Dan tell any of the third party P Street

he was there I love him for a while I had no idea he was running in the 33

streak I told him it's not the best idea because she is also running and you guys

are going to split them up again and land grants to more is going to become

the representing the 13th district again he didn't seem to care that much he said

I'm in it to win it he's got a lot of support he says he says he's got people

working the polls reason money this time he had this man with him he didn't say a

word to me but just kept smiling and stuff like he knew it was Tony I'm still

wide at you and Shannon are gonna work your butt so just to get the game yet

more entrants re-elected which would really be sad or bottom or another

embarrassment you know embarrassments I hate her I don't know how you seize

sorry for the dude Jewish guy who's running against Rikki Spector has many

Jewish people in it the 5th district he was there and this dude is strong and he

is strong again he's running against an incumbent very very difficult thing but

this dude is now free to anything and Rikki Spector Rikki Spector should be

where she lives she really well and i really lives in the 5th district 28

people found out that doesn't seem like you many people care about that yet

again so I need all the people I mention here today

and i hope i didnt see Connor Connor meet this parameter is running for mayor

as a write-in candidate in he's really polite everything he didn't want it

getting signatures today I think the globe with Connor is to get his name on

that general election ballot is just like quite an accomplishment for

Baltimore and he only needs like 64,000 something mister Cee's going at least

6,000 signatures he's got a long time to do it in again this is for the general

election and in that sense i think is a victory for Baltimore general election

ballot I think it says something about this is something good about this is

anything good to say about the system going back to the Democratic primary and

it looks like it's going to Nick Mosby against dixon really I mean withdrew her

name out there she comes in second and third all the time she's perennial

candidate would like to get an email there is nothing to lose who be Estate

Center at the end of this no matter what he's probably gonna drop it again and

run for City Council which he did last time either the candidate who ran

against him and it's this is coming down the Dixon and Mosby whether you like it

or not I was talking to people today and they indicated that you know the peace

of the people are going to be people are having his wife's name in the news

constantly is going to be very helpful should not a clean candidate to sit

nicely and going on here and I don't think these outsiders

money that I i know i mean that could have an effect the right now why not

he's gonna boardroom you gonna pick the people and that's all i care is get rid

of government ticketless

really people who knows but I'd rather see as mare in Dixon I will tell you

that I don't know the difference in the end of the American make again people

know I'm getting very libertarian outlook toward politics but again this

is all it's kinda like a sports in need and I know politics so again visited

India info I hope I didn't forget to mention anyone good time and most

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