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When I was a kid

I really want to win the lottery family came and be in the lottery as a kid

No, I just wanted to win the lottery. I just thought it'd be like amazing

I wake up one day then travel the world do whatever I want

I won the lottery but not every story it turns out this way this teen

Actually sued the lottery company for making her life miserable after winning the lottery BAM me, too

I would sue YouTube fam if you won, the lottery. I'll kiss your

Okay, I don't only Jillie kiss it for money. I do things for money. Talk you already

Do the interview with this girl she actually won five million dollars in this lottery I said small I said her life

Just turned upside down it became miserable

So winning the lottery isn't always a good thing you ready Anthony. Let's do it. Let's go. You're watching Irish time. Let's watch this video

But you were just 17

Was it just your age that do you think that was the problem for you that you just weren't prepared to?

Know what to do with that kind of money? I just think it's 17. I was far, too young

So when you're 17, you don't really know how to be that responsible you're getting more responsible

But you're not at that point where you realize you really need to to sort everything out properly. You know

I'm saying what do you mean fam like when you're 17 you're very

Materialistic as you grow older you realize you need the money for more

Necessities like housing food water health insurance all that stuff. Maybe cars hang gas also

17 pounds but at 17 you're just like yo, I just want this Rolex

Or I just want a really nice car right now fam yes

From everything memberships for what you have one membership to gym

Can't tell about that website

Wait wait wait you know anyway you were in your job. What was your job at the time? Am I just worked in an office?

Alright, you were getting nicked with an r and

Eight quid an hour how did you find out that you had won the million?

So it was the fade East draw

and I'd went out on a night I

Stay then on the south

Then I checked on this Sunday afternoon

At home how long wait is this the UK consoles like

Sounds Scottish alright is give gift all map apparently Irish people can't live in the UK. No they both sound our fam

you're Scottish I

Know she just sounds she sound impressions a bit different that one who's to hearing, but I mean actually

me and my mum

So you danced her

I'm whipped and shrieked and hollered and just thought this was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to you

Maybe she met me and my mom or a skinny man like I was eating that show 1 million pounds

So it's not actually 5 million dollars 1 million pounds. That's like what that's about 2

Million 2 million is there taxes of course alright, then that's not one she made like a million dollars then

Feel like we still don't even believe that

so within a week within 5 days or so from earning 8 pounds an hour a

Million pounds was deposited in your bank account and you got advice presumably on high to handle that and what to do with that

Mm-hmm like obviously at 17 its young so I was two in front alike financial advisers and stuff

And I just doesn't really understand quite what we're saying at 17. I don't think most of us would even listen at 57

I don't understand what a fan either

Hypothetical question you want a lottery you're 17 years old four years ago in high school just one

what do you do I have three $99 care a

330 99 $3.99

Yeah $399 chair can afford it all chair. Yeah, and do this

Okay, bro, and all my money be cool. Oh

Oh, it was broken, and then I come up put all your money big clothes got all my money a big coin

So do you want to keep your million dollars or bam bam boom skinny guys got Bob?

Only money Bitcoin take out the next day and buy you a Lamborghini a Magna. This is my friends a millionaire

And keep on your fridge

Way you know Camelot did their bet they they you know we like people around you initially

And did you know what to do? Did you just spend spend spend strip from the start?

What did you do like?

Despite where I splashed about like my family even encouraged me like go and buy stuff always wanted to buy it do things that yeah

Amber T to give me a feeling how much actual was so I wasn't really sure like a little own money

But it wasn't like excess. We're seeing me with the cars and shopping bags

How many cars did you buy and so had a big old forest? That's my first guy then at the danger fire?

And then I had that beautiful

And these are all things that you know a lot of us dream about you know I think if I won the lottery I would

Buy this I would buy that you think it would be the most amazing feeling but once you've had that initial

You've bought the cars. You bought the jewelry then what happened is

It does it kind of plateau that feeling did you start feeling a bit isolated was lost your friends can't join in

With that forever you can just treat them, but then eventually they will go back to their jobs in their lives

Did you feel lonely hmm like I moved

Property I moved in there

And then it just became my timing I was like just so lonely I had no one night

And obvious I had family stuff, but there was days where I was just saying myself watching might be think TV

And I was thinking like

This isn't new

That's pretty sad. She's myself never friends can do and you say they're safe. I'm so alone

Loaded shuts off. Yo saw you filming hey. Hey guess what guess what guess what guess wondering?

Would you still meet the wait


Maybe me as to you or tear mom Linda who's watching and today?

they're going to be very few people who are going to have sympathy with you, but I want to put this in in context and

When she won the lottery they gave her a champagne flute to toast and they couldn't put

Prosecco or

Champagne, and it could they what did they put in your champagne flute?

They put a iron in that which is amazing when you think about it

You weren't deemed responsible enough for an old enough to handle alcohol

But you redeemed responsible and old enough to handle a million pounds and you want that changed I?

just feel like

At 17 like you've either still in school, or you've just left school, and and you're at that stage in life

Where you say them, what chapters to come next and when you come into such a big amount of money

I just think we should be more help and like I'd say reaction of we're good

You know what I mean, and what about now have you have you spent a lot of the money

Have you and you say you haven't got any of it laughs they say you're broke

I know they seem to think as soon as I sell a property or as soon as I'm seen in a normal shop that

that same

abnormal but I think I

Mean I've got a strong set of financial advisors and men and they advise me on when to sell or was

3gk left that's what his guess is there's never any way that we're gonna find out so that was kind of a weird comment to

Make don't worry. Don't worry

She's gonna sue and say you I don't know two million now any more money because I'm running out of it

You ruined my life because I'm running out

She is the youngest person ever to euromillions. You would like to go back to work. What do you need?

do you need to get this uncomfortable just now like I don't have to work and that's

I love that like this is a meet. Would you like to go back to work? Oh hell?

No, she didn't say that she's uncomfortable now, but she probably was gonna. Add she's like yes. I would still go to work

Well, maybe a minion is alright, but look we could all spend a million this week

You could you buy a house that's going to get by three cars, and it's gone. You know. It's it's it's brilliant, but it's not

You know for the rest of your lifetime. I think you're just a bit invested wisely


Okay, what am I keeping an eye on boyfriends? Oh?

God do you guys some gold digger boy? Oh my god?

Trust everybody around you and can you be sure they're attracted to you or they're attracted to your euromillions and

Love them like um

So I've got such a bad guys for guys like except in previous relationships that just haven't worked

And I just never know where new guys. I never know what their intentions are and

It can be quite difficult

that you are looking for love I


Come on oh you nervous, I'm

I'm seeing someone I know you're seeing

Someone and in case he's cheating on me

I just take a picture with yourself guys if you want to watch the rest of the video of the teen who's actually now

Miserable ever since you won your Millions gonna be the first link in the description go check it out

The only thing a guys leave down the comments. What would you do with a million dollars? Yeah?

What would you guys do way the one will do anything for a million shut up?

I know you know wouldn't you would you they said? You'd do things from lookout?

I'll do a lot of things you beg you oh, do you want me to give you details, but first? I would probably suck things

I'll watch the reaction time watching

Hope you guys have a go ha peace out oh, I'll kiss anyone for money, okay knowing no one cares

I don't even care if his name is tall fish man. No. No you know. I probably already pays me for this

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