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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MARGARİN YOK❗ TEREYAĞ YOK❗BU Tahinli Kurabiye Tarifi BAĞIMLILIK Yapıyor ?

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Hello everyone :)

In this video, it is very nice, tahini, walnut ...

We will give you a very nice Cookie Recipe.

It was so delicious that I ate two exactly. :)

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I am waiting for your comments. :)

I leave the word to my mother.

Thank you to Tuğçe for his beautiful presentation.

Another delicious video is with you.

I will give you Cookies with Walnut and Tahini Cookies.

I'm going to the tariff.


* 1 finger missing (150 g) granulated sugar from 1 water glass

* 1 tea glass (85 ml) of oil,

* 1 finger missing (100 ml) tahini from 1 water glass,

We mix it for 1-2 minutes.

* 1 egg yolk (seperated for driving on the white of the egg.),

In the description, I will write the materials in detail.

* I used 2.5 cups (250- 300 gr) of flour.

* I add 1 tablespoon of wheat or corn starch topping.

Still add flour in a controlled way!

* We add 1 pack of vanilla and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

First, we mix it with a whisk. Then we knead it with our hands.

Add flour in a controlled manner!

I start kneading by hand.

Tuğçe is looking forward to helping me :) And finally helping :)

The consistency of the dough will be very little bulgur like flour cookie.

It's not a very sticky dough.

It is shaped very easily. I'll show you.

I add half of the 1-1.5 cups of broken walnuts into the cookie. I dedicate half of it to dip it.

I make round pieces by removing pieces of walnut size from the dough.

I am waiting for comments from the people who watched the video so far :)

I would especially like to point out that ...

Be sure to try this cookie recipe and write me your comments.

You will be amazed by this cookie recipe.

Its flavor will seduce you :)

It is so delicious that 1 cookie will never be enough, you will constantly want to eat it.

So it's addictive :)

It is a Tahini Cookie Recipe that is spread over the mouth with its flour and flour cookie flavor.

I suggest you try this cookies recipe persistently :)

We dip the cookie first into egg white and then the crushed walnut and put it on the tray.

Cookies are ready. An approximate tray comes out.

We cook for 16-17 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.

Cookies are ready to serve. I will leave you with the inner texture in a moment.

It looks delicious, doesn't it? :)

The cookies recipe that is distributed like flour in the mouth is with you ...

Even his image shouts to eat me :))

I leave you alone with the inner texture of the cookie.

Hope to meet you in new recipes. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

GOODBYE. Stay with pleasure.

Everything you get your heart desires :)

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