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Hi everyone. What's up? My name is Happy Aujla.

And welcome back to my channel.

To let me new subscribers know, I upload tech videos and supercars vlogs on this channel.

I have recently started uploading an American series, where I try to show

you some things about America that you may be unaware of.

Indian people often think that coming to America means

a richer and greater lifestyle, which is not necessarily true.

Some people sell everything they own to come here, others leave all their possessions and family behind

hoping America to magically solve all their problems.

My purpose of making this video is

to show and hopefully teach everyone that America is a normal country, with its strengths and weaknesses.

It's great here; you'll have many opportunities for personal and career growth, with hard work.

But there are its weaknesses also like any other country.

Currently, I'm standing in front of MacArthur lake in Los Angeles.

I'll show a small glimpse of it

then I'll take you to a market which might be similar to a market in your city.

Tell me in the comments below.

Most of you think that America is ONLY full of big shopping malls and famous brands,

this market will clear that misunderstanding.

OK so let's start the vlog with the lake.

As you can see, the lake is surrounded by dirt and debris.

It's not the case that only India has dirty lakes. This is the Mac Arthur lake in downtown Los Angeles.

Let me show you around some. You can see the water is mostly dirty.

I hope you can see; I'm recording with my phone, although it's a 4K video.

You can see the water's not very clear. The area isn't all that great either.

Now let me take you further on this path.

What you see here is the main road

and the other side of the park is that way through this bridge.

This is the other side of the park, where you can sit or play games

and if you see in the distance, some kids are having some kind of tournament.

If you remember watching my homeless video, you can see some people living here.

So to repeat again, America isn't the cleanest as you think.

Some areas are filthy.

Now, let me take you to the market that will remind you of some Indian markets

Let me cross the road quickly before the signal ends.

You can see all the famous brands here lol :)

This is the everyday market here.

Let me know in the comments how you're liking this area.

They're playing songs in the background.

Hopefully, the audio is better today as I've connected the mic.

I've ordered a better quality one but am unable to find all the needed gadgets.

I can see replica LV and Gucci bags in the market ahead.

I won't get too close to avoid offending them

You can see more bags above me.

You will be able to find most duplicate brands here

Let me take you inside to explore more.

You can see all these tiny shops here.

You'll be able to find most things here.

It's my first time here. I've just passed by before,

but I came here again for the video's sake.

This is the area near MacArthur park and lake.

I can't talk too loud here just because they don't like people recording the market

When I first found out about this place, I was shocked

to see it. It seemed worse than in India.

You'll find all kinds of clothes here.

Let me take you further and let's see what we find.

There's a furniture market around here very similar to India, but I'm not sure of the exact location.

This is the entrance to MacArthur Park, where we started the vlog

Now, let's go to the other side, directly straight.

I've shown you the market on this side.

Sorry for the shitty audio quality lol

My current mic isn't too good.

I've ordered a better one as I've mentioned before. Hopefully, then I'll be able to achieve good audio quality.

Till then, please try to bear with me.

It's crowded today because it's a Saturday. Weekends bring a lot of crowds to this market.

You won't find much crowds on weekdays.

This is the Metro station here. Before I take you further,

let me show you how these small shops have surrounded the whole area.

From here, you can use the escalators to go downstairs to catch your train

And just to show the name of the station, this is the westlake/MacArthur park station.

Let's go further now.

I'm apologizing ahead of time if the vlog is lengthy.

I'm trying to cover everything I can.

This is the other entrance to go downstairs to the metro train.

As I was walking, someone offered me a new iPhone 8Plus in $200, which was probably stolen.

$200 is quite the deal, but I neither do I wanna be involved in any crimes nor deal with the cops.

Now let me take you to the place I actually wanted to show you.

All these small shops are opened illegally so the cops are shutting them down.

Let me cross the road now and take you to the location for which I'm shooting the vlog.

As I was just wondering about what to show you guys today, this place's name just popped up in my mind.

I'll rotate the gimbal so you guys can see the main buildings of downtown LA

Now, this is what I wanted to show you.

It's a bit cleaner than the other one but not as much.

Look at these blankets, mostly Indian-style

There are many small shops like this here.

If you go on the inner side, there are some furniture markets. I'll try to take you there also.

Those shops, too, are similar to shops in India.

Please tell me in the comments below what you liked and disliked in this video.

It's usually very crowded in this part on the weekends. I'm clueless as to why it's not as crowded today.

Let me take you to the place I was talking about.

And you can see directly ahead of you all the TV's, furniture, and other stuff.

This is the furniture section

and the TV's

Music systems

This is an open market type of place and there's a salon here too.....

right there, where my finger is. Someone's getting a haircut.

so this was the little place that I wanted to show you.

This was just a small piece of the LA area thatI showed you.

There are many markets and other places in the rest of LA.

In the night, you can see the street food stalls like in India.

But everyone, the media and celebrities including, will show you only the big showrooms and buildings.

No one will watch these things even if shown and celebrities will lose their reputation for showing this.

This is why I thought it's a good idea to make these types of videos for the clueless people

If you like this video and wanna see more, tell me in the comments if there's anything specific you'd like to see.

Let's leave from here and let me take you to the main downtown area.

Let me show this. If you or anyone is a handicapped person,

the bus lowers its platform to let you board the bus.

Ok. Now we're in downtown LA and let me take you to the highest hotel in the world with the highest reception.

This is the view from the outside. It's that building with the white pole on top.

The entrance is from the other side so let's go.

We'll see the whole LA city's view from the top of the hotel.

Haha this is something funny. This seems to be a statue of someone who's fed up with the world's stress lol

Anyway, let's continue to make ouw way to the Intercontinental Hotel.

It's impossible for me to show everything as the building is very high. If you want to google the pictures, you can

search it by typing intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles.

It has the highest reception on the 70th floor.

Anyone who comes to stay here has to check-in on the 70th floor

It's a beautiful view from this hotel.

You can see how high this is. You can easily see the whole of LA city.

The liftman here is telling me that it's possible to get a better view from upstairs

The sun is too bright here so it's not a clear view from here

But the view is amazing.

Let me show you from the other side too

The entire city is beneath us right now

The windows are somewhat dirty so the view's not too clear

The white building that you see is the US Bank Tower, LA's highest observation deck.

The current view is just breathtaking

and I'm on the 73rd floor of Intercontinental Hotel Los Angeles.