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hello everyone~i m sonia

it is the first time to make a video.

i will introduce the topic about studying in Philippines.


Before i went to Philippines,i considered for a long time.

so,i searched the information on the internet


the result was made by agency

like dexxx, or the other agency company

whatever, all they made.

(suddenly feel scared)

in my case,i think the video they made is not bad.....

but useless

so i wanna share some experiences about studying in Philippines.

if u wanna go to Philippines

why u wanna go there?

ok! give u three seconds

in my case

there r a lot of places that u can study english aboard.

like America,Canada,UK,Australia,New Zealand


the common point if u study in these places is.......

u must be rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just kidding,anyway u need to cost a lot of money

in my case

it is cheaper than other countries

the total tuition fee


that is about NT 70000

not including the allowance fee

the class i took was toeic course

(just murmur)

if u wanna go the country like canada or something else

u will cost NT200000


I cant afford this by myself~~~~~~

so i choose philippines

there is a point i like philippines

the course is men to men

it isn't group class

if u study in the western country

the schools want to save the fee of salary and classroom

so they will arrange the group class.

why i feel so hot???

i m sweating

so hot here!

so maybe u only speak one sentence in whole class

but if u take men to men class

you can talk to teacher whatever topic

like bla bla bla.......

u can speak until u die(kidding)

u also can share the life with teacher

at last,we become closed friends with teachers

and u also can schedule ur time at night

the cost in there is also cheap

after all, u can study here and also enjoy ur life

in here,u can gain good teachers and a lot of fun.

i will keep taking a video about philippines

i will make a detail part about my cebu life

it is a conclusion about philippines study


if u have any question about philippines life

u can leave message below the video

Autually,i took many times...........kkkk

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