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How are, how are you and Paige doing?

I mean, it's been some rough nights.

For the most part, I think she's handled it very well.


You're lucky that she's so strong because--

Yeah, because all other five of us-- well, the four of us,

we would've all been out.

I probably would've ran already,

to be completely honest.

I mean, from our point of view, we just want to have her back.

I'm just a little concerned because the whole time

we've been in Vegas, she's shut down, doesn't want to talk.

I mean, I just I feel like both of y'all are like

kind of closed off it seems.

I mean, we're doing good for everything that's

been presented to us this week.

It's just been a little difficult

because I don't feel like everybody's support

has been completely genuine.

And nobody on here can relate to, you know what I'm saying,

my [bleep].

And nobody can relate to Paige's [bleep]..

I don't appreciate the fake concern

from you or your husband.

You think my concern is fake?

We are very concerned.

I'm just, I'm just--

We are very concerned.

I'm just saying it's fake concern.

Fake concern, particularly from you and Eric.

And I'll tell him that as well.

Well, I can promise you none of it's fake concern.

I'm not necessarily concerned about you.

I'm concerned about Paige. - OK.

And I don't owe you a [bleep] explanation.

Do you-- do you have a plan for how

you're going to handle this marriage

with Paige going forward?

Again, that's between Paige and I.


If you were my husband and you just found out you had a kid

and we just got married and you weren't going above and beyond

to fix the situation--

You don't know if I'm going above and beyond.

It doesn't sound like you are from talking to her.

Going over and beyond is what I [bleep] did telling

her that I had a [bleep] kid.

That's going above and beyond?

That's going above and beyond.

Because that [bleep] is embarrassing, completely.

Right, but that's your definition

of going above and beyond to make someone feel wanted

and loved in a relationship?

That's, that's one aspect of it.

But like I said, I don't owe you an explanation.

And you guys already stated that you guys would have been out.

So it is what it is.

And that's fine. And I don't--

We have certain issues--

I don't need to know what's going on behind closed doors.

I'm here for Paige.

Virginia, she has been much more

outspoken about Chris than me.

But like, she poked this very angry man.

Like, he's got an attitude problem.

He's very angry.

Why would you ever put yourself in a situation to make a very

angry man angrier with you?

This was supposed to be very civil conversation

and you're getting heated.

I'm getting heated because you're making,

you're making [bleep] comments.

Because we're asking you.


And I said it first time.

I feel some type of way about the fake [bleep]

that you guys have said that's come back to me.

I don't think anything's being fake.

It's fake.

It's fake.

It's fake.

Please don't touch me.

I want-- I want nothing but the best for you, man.

That's it. - I want the best for you guys.

That's why I don't pry on your marriage.

I mean, we're concerned about you guys walking

around the casinos drunk.

OK, whatever.

You don't know.

Is that it?

We're done?

We're done.

All right, man.


Y'all need to [bleep] worry about y'all own [bleep]..

I mean, I think we're pretty done with this conversation.

I hope so.

I'm ready to go.


We're done with this.

As soon as I brought anything up, I mean,

he pretty much just went off the rails

and started going off just because I was trying

to offer a little advice.

And he just, he did not like hearing that.

So I don't think anyone could have done

anything differently because we were all just

thrown off guard by it.

At this point, I'm irritated.

I've stated several times to mind

their business because I wasn't going to open up to them.

They're not one of the guys, so I don't want to talk about it.

I mean, you don't talk about your marriage to strangers.

They have been disrespectful all week,

so I am going to make life a living

hell on this freaking bus.

There was an issue with stuff that was said.

And I apologize.

But you're being disrespectful as [bleep] to me.

I don't give a [bleep] about you.


Dude, come on.


[bleep] about you.

I don't give [bleep] about you.

The fact that you're [bleep]--


--[bleep] at a girl--

Now we got it.

I don't give a [bleep].


I don't give a [bleep].

I don't give a [bleep].

I've asked you several times--

This is enough.

--to mind your [bleep] business.

It's enough.

I've asked you several times to mind your [bleep] business.

I'm sorry, y'all.

Just please-- just leave him alone.

Y'all think this is a [bleep] game.

Y'all thought we was gonna have a peaceful kumbaya ride?

You're [bleep] crazy.

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