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- Coke for breakfast? - A Coke and sausage patties?

- Why would you do that?

- Oh. (coughs) - Oh my God! (laughs)

- Your question is out of these four women,

who eats bacon and eggs?

♪ (accordion intro) ♪

- (FBE) Good morning!

- (laughs) Good morning. - Good morning!

- (FBE) We invited you to wear your PJs to the shoot,

if you wanted to, because we're going to be playing

Guess That Celebrity Breakfast. - Oh, I just had breakfast!

- Really, I didn't eat anything, so... (Brandon laughs)

I'm hyped. - Okay, sounds fun, I'm down for that.

- I'm ready, I'm hungry.

- I just hope celebrities like bacon.

- I hope celebrities like a lot of bacon.

- Too much bacon. - All bacon, all the time.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (gasps) Bacon! - Ah, right off the bat!

- (FBE) Our first meal is two eggs over easy, turkey bacon,

avocado, salt and pepper, and Cholula,

all thrown together in a bowl.

- I like everything but the hot sauce, is the hot sauce?

- Cholula is not so bad.

- Of course it has to be the turkey bacon, ugh.

- A pretty traditional breakfast, a little more California.

- That's actually really, really, good.

- It is a good one. - Mm-hmm.

- This is the kinda breakfast I make for my kids,

so I'm impressed, whoever this is is a well-balanced eater.

- What if i squish it, it's gonna like...

- Yeah, yeah, it's yolky, it's yolky. - Oh, oh no.

- You don't like yolk? - No! (laughs)

- Uh huh. - It has to be cooked fully.

- Now, that tastes like turkey.

- (FBE) Which celeb loves this breakfast combo?

Is it A, Constance Wu, B, Emma Watson,

C, Chrissy Teigen, or D, Carrie Underwood?

- Dude, I'm thinking, this is Chrissy Teigen,

I feel like, for me.

(Trudi laughs) - Your question is

out of these four women, who eats bacon and eggs?

- Yeah, and avocado. - And avocado!

- It's like a healthy spin.

- I think statistically, all of them.

- Yeah, I was just gonna say.

- This is gonna be hard.

- I kinda want it to be this person, only 'cause I like her so much.

- (FBE) Okay, one, two, three.

Emma Watson and... - I'm gonna go with Constance Wu.

- (FBE) Alright, well, this was actually Chrissy Teigen.

(buzzer rings) - Really?

- Yay! - That was my first instinct.

- Let's go! - Yeah, that's what I thought yeah.

It sounds like her. Healthy.

Of course the turkey bacon kinda gave it away.

- She hosts Lip Sync Battle. She needs a lot of energy.

- Mm-hmm. - Makes sense.

- Yes.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) Our next breakfast is just two sausage patties and a Coke.

- (Troy) What? - (Will) What?

- (Troy) Bro, this is weird.

- Coke for breakfast? - A Coke and sausage patties?

- Why would you do that?

- I don't know the celebrity. - Wow.

- But I've never been more sure that someone is a male.

- Okay, this has to be some like body builder.

- Nah dude, this has gotta be some old ass fool,

or some kid, this has gotta be one or the other.

- This can't be a kid, this has to be like a body builder.

- It's a young person. - You think so?

- It's a young person that don't know no better

and is not trying to watch, like, their triglycerides

and the [bleep]. - (laughs) Sugar level.

- Yeah.

- This feels so college, you know? - I'm in college, I don't eat this.

- I'm running late to class. What's in the fridge?

Two frozen sausage patties, no coffee, oh there's a coke, though.

- (FBE) Which celebrity loves this breakfast?

Is A, Kanye West, B, P!nk,

C, Adam Sandler, or D, Warren Buffett?

- What the actual crap, Warren Buffett?

- Dude, no way Warren Buffett eats this for breakfast.

- Damn, this sounds like some really rich person [bleep].

This might be Warren Buffett. (laughs)

- I've seen P!nk do some crazy spins. - Yeah.

- I think she has to eat a little better than this.

- I would hope so.

- If it's Warren Buffett, I'm gonna be mad.

You have way too much money for this, sir.

- Yeah. - (FBE) One, two, three.

- I went with Adam Sandler. - (FBE) Kanye and Warren Buffett.

- Mmm. - Pretty much the same person.

- (FBE) This was actually Warren Buffett's favorite breakfast.

- (both) What?

- Okay. - No way!

(Kristine gasps)

- What'd I say? (bell rings)

- Wow. - I'm surprised, actually.

- Yes! - Wow!

- This feels like a billionaire breakfast!

(Trudi laughs)

You'd read this in an autobiography and he'd be like

"this is how I made my fortune." (cash register rings)

- (FBE) He stops at McDonald's every morning

and either orders this, a sausage egg and cheese biscuit,

or a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, it depends on how the market is doing

as to which price point he's willing to spend.

- Wow, so he's rich and smart. Like my whole life is a lie.

- I know, rich people things. - I know, rich people things.

- We just wouldn't understand.

- That must be weird ordering it. - That's crazy.

- On like the intercom.

Like yeah, can I just get two patties, hold the bread.

They'd be like "I'm sorry, what?" - And a Coke!

- Yeah, don't forget the Coke. "Excuse me, it's 8:00 in the morning."

"Yeah, I know what I said."

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- What ya got, girl? What you got, what ya got?

- (FBE) Our next breakfast is some breakfast beans

and toast. - Gross, no!

- Beans and toast. - What?

- (Will) I've never heard of that.

This is some black people stuff right here.

- I've never actually had beans on toast.

It feels like a, I mean, I guess it's gonna be great.

- It's not bad.

It's weird, 'cause like the toast feels like it should be

a quick breakfast, like you can run while eating it,

but then your beans would fall off.

- Baked beans, man. - Baked beans are so good!

Oh my God! (laughs) - Yuck, ew!

- I don't like baked beans, so this is pretty nasty to me,

but this is, yeah, this is weird.

- (FBE) Who do you think enjoys this food upon waking up?

A, Gigi Hadid, B, Zendaya,

C, Timothee Chalamet, D, Emma Stone?

- If Zendaya eats this for breakfast, I'd be so disappointed.

- None of them are British. They're all American.

My thought process has gone through the toilet.

'Cause this is traditionally like a very British kind of thing.

- I'm putting the only person I don't know who it was,

'cause it's probably that person.

Sorry. (laughs)

- Bro, this has gotta be some Emma Stone [bleep] dude.

There's no way it's Gigi Hadid, bro. No chance.

- I'm gonna put $10 on the table, I really wanna go for that.

- Yeah, I'll put 10 bucks on Emma Stone, yeah?

- I ain't got my wallet on it, but you know.

- Yeah, I got you, Venmo baby. - You know. (laughs)

- (FBE) One, two, three.

- Gigigi!

- Is it Emma Stone?

- (FBE) This was actually Gigi Hadid.

(buzzer rings) - That was my first instinct.

(bell rings) - What?

- What, no way! - Oh, oh!

I called it! - Bro.

- Supermodels are weird, bro!

- No way this is what she's grubbing in the morning.

- Yes, gimme my $10! (both laugh)

- (FBE) She said that her British boyfriend,

Zayn Malik... - Oh!

- (FBE) ...introduced her to the meal.

- (laughs) That's right! - Okay.

- Interesting, I didn't know she wasn't British. (laughs)

♪ (orchestral music) ♪

- (FBE) Next, we have a slightly more unusual breakfast food.

Here's some yummy bone broth. - Bone broth.

Oh, I know the celebrity! This is Baby Yoda.

(Vivica laughs) This is Baby Yoda.

- God. This is upsetting.

- You gonna wait, oh, oh.

- Boy, that's weird, I don't like that.

- That don't taste good at all.

- Yuck. - Huh, the other white meat.

- I mean, it is supposed to be really healthy for you.

- Maybe.

- I feel like they're on some kind of regimen.

- They're doing something for their gut this season.

My gut needs to be cleaned out. - Something, bone broth, you know.

- (FBE) Who is the celebrity drinking this up?

A, Shailene Woodley, B, Elon Musk,

C, Gwyneth Paltrow, or D, Jessica Alba?

- Mmm.

- God, you threw another billionaire in the mix.

They're unpredictable! - Yes.

- You think Shailene Woodley's having bone broth for breakfast?

- I'm gonna go with D on this one. - Boom!

- (FBE) Along with a teaspoon of clay, which we don't recommend,

the natural health loving star who consumes this liquid

is Shailene Woodley. (buzzer rings)

- Oh! - What?

- Different kind of hippie culture, damn it.

- I know, we were so close!

- Clay? - A teaspoon of what?

- Okay, whoa, that was just like a shot in the dark.

- Okay! - Clay?

- (FBE) She says it even helps with the condition leaky gut.

Uh, that sounds like a you problem, Shailene.

Hollywood changes you.

- I would feel like my gut would start leaking all over the place

if I had to eat this for breakfast every day.

- This looks like after your gut leaked.

- (laughs) It does, it's post-leaky gut.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) This next breakfast includes cereal, waffles, fruit, coffee,

and a special bonus, a shot of vinegar.

- Oh [bleep]! I was like tequila, no?

- I was hoping it was like champagne.

- Vinegar! - Like where's the orange juice,

so we can, I'm not doing that. - I'm not doing that!

- I'm not doing the vinegar.

- (FBE) Since straight vinegar isn't great for tooth enamel,

we've used apple cider vinegar and cut it with some water

to make a healthy pH level.

- Dude, this is a lot. This has gotta be some,

this has gotta be some mega, mega star, I feel like.

This is a lot to take in at once.

- Everything here's pretty typical, I think,

except for that shot. Ooh.

- It's not bad.

- How'd it taste? - (whispers) Really bad.

- I could do some cleansing.

Yeah, that's horrible. - You wanna try it?

Just 'cause... - I'll take a sip of it, yeah.

- I'll take a sip, might as well. - I'm not gonna down this, yeah.

- You know what?

- Oh! (coughs) - Oh my God! (coughs)

- Dude, what the, and that's watered down?

- (FBE) Well which celebrity needs some vinegar with every breakfast?

Is it A, Nick Jonas, B, Roger Federer,

C, Halsey, or D Alicia Keys?

- Dude, I'm gonna go Roger Federer on this.

- I think it's Alicia Keys. - Yeah?

- Mm-hmm, she's very fit, she works out a lot,

and vinegar and stuff like that is usually for it to like,

kinda just take down everything and feel like slim,

and you make sure you feel good, and all that kinda stuff.

So that's all her right there.

- Dude, but Roger Federer's literally an athlete.

- (FBE) One, two, three.

This was actually Roger Federer.

(buzzer rings) - Oh man!

I was thinking like a singer maybe would like clear their,

but it's a big breakfast. - Mmm.

- I should have thought about that for tennis.

- I know it's apple cider, does he do just regular vinegar?


- He's the only athlete in that whole list. (laughs)

(bell rings) - Should've just listened.

- I know, that's what you, dude, everything you were saying,

"oh, she's fit," she's doing this, I'm like yeah, he's an athlete.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) Our last breakfast is a bit unconventional

just like the star who loves it. It's just a slice of pizza.

- I mean, in American public schools, we get pizza for breakfast.

- Nice, this is our, yes. - Aw, they really are just like us!

- This is our favorite celebrity!

Pizza's like a complete Breakfast, if you think about it.

Especially if it's cold, especially if you're hungover.

- Mmm. - Mm-hmm, mm-mm.

- Tomato, bread, cheese, I'm sold.

- This is from the night before. - Mm-hmm.

- They probably just went to bed. - It actually tastes a little buttery.

Why am I enjoying this?

- All of us enjoy a good, like leftover cold pizza sometimes.

Not in the mornings, sometimes.

- (FBE) Who is the star that loves their breakfast pizza?

A, Seth Rogen, B, Wiz...

- (laughs) We just said yep. We can stop right there.

- Only this comment. - Thank you so much.

- (FBE) You sure? - No, no.

- (FBE) B, Wiz Khalifa, C, Jennifer Lawrence,

or D, Woody Harrelson?

- Mmm. - J-Law has that whole

"where's the pizza" thing, right?

- We get there, and I'm like where's the pizza?

- Mmm, I think it's kinda obvious though.

- You made a good point with that where's the pizza thing,

I'm like that is so true. (both laugh)

- Dude, those are all so good.

- I feel like Jennifer's the wild card in this.

- All of them are stoned. - Are stoners, yeah.

(both laugh)

There's not one that isn't a stoner, like,

I'm just gonna write them all down.

- (FBE) One, two, three.

- J-Law. - Yeah, Jennifer Lawrence!

- (FBE) Faith, you're on the board! - Yay!

- Yes! - Yeah!

- Yeah! - Let's go!

- Dang it! (screams) That's what I had first!

- (laughs) He said she's a pizza girl, nope, it's not her!

- Dang. - (FBE) She's been very open

about her love for pizza, even going as far as to create

her own pizza sandwich which is a pizza

topped with chili and pasta, topped with another pizza

that you eat like a sandwich.

- That's nasty. - Bro, that sounds so good, what?

- (FBE) She even revealed in an interview

that there was a day when she had pizza for breakfast,

buffalo wings for lunch, and pizza for dinner.

- So easy for her to say. - Pfft!

- You know, she's like phenomenal about you know, talk to me

like 20 years from now, when you're my age,

and we'll see what's what.

- That sounds like a good day. - Well, it does, doesn't it?

- Mm-hmm!

- But did you say she tops her pizza with another pizza?

Okay, Jennifer, what are you doing? (laughs)

- (FBE) So with a final score of 1-1...

- Woo! - Why am I so happy

that I'm on the board, 'cause she didn't blow me out!

- Hell yeah! - Ugh!

- I've been training my entire life!

- Some of these, man, like even the pizza.

Like, though I enjoyed it, I probably wouldn't be eating pizza

all the time for breakfast. Shailene Woodley, man.

- The bone marrow was nasty for sure.

That one, it just tasted like soy sauce

that just wasn't soy sauce.

(bell rings) - I don't wanna eat this stuff.

- The first one, the first one was not bad.

Eggs, bacon, avocado, not bad.

- I didn't like the way she made her eggs.

I still wouldn't eat that.

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