Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Daewoo EnC monitors progress with Finalcad

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This is the D'Nest Singapore project. Here they're doing many condominium projects like residential areas.

So especially this project is quite big and new, and unique.

Inside of the units, the material is quite expensive, like four out of five stars of rating.

The structure works is almost finished.

Because our completion date is January 2017, this moment is like the peakest moment.

So we try to expedite our works, and try to reduce our reporting works.

Every Thursday we have our client meeting.

So once we got control of this FINALCAD 100%, then we will introduce it to CDL (City Development Limited).

That is part of the purpose that we're using FINALCAD for.

This is quite strong communications. We try to make it communicate with our subcontractors

with the FINALCAD system, and we keep working on the new environment.

Then also we have the progress report which is very useful for us.

Every time we go on site and do check points, then we can easily capture with our graphic system.

Like the graph and charts. Then we can easily read where we're delayed and where we're ahead.

We can get a record through email and our internal devices.

We can capture what we missed, what we didn't expect.

And then we can report it to our client, very easily and clearly.

Those items we can easily capture and then we solve the problems.

There's quite a lot of work. But using FINALCAD, we will reduce our work.

So actually our client does like it ^^

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