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some people stop by here on my channel to write comments most of them are very positive but there

are some few people sometimes that stop by to say that i am ugly and i want to share with you what

do i think about it if i think i am ugly myself or not or i think i'm super beautiful i'm going

to share all of that with you um but also i want to say what i do in those situations and maybe

if you are in a situation where some people tries to bully you where you have haters as

well and some people have an opinion about your physical experience maybe this video can help you

so last night was one of those occasions before i went to bed i checked the alerts on my youtube

and then i see this message which says the following this comment by the way sorry um it's a

person called solitary sage says your standards are too high you are three four no 7 10 would

date you long term and this comment is written on a video that i have on my channel called um

this is why i think dating apps are a waste of time and i'm gonna quote the video down below

my surprise to read this message to this comment was like but i never said in any part of my video

that i am looking for this kind of physique you know that the person has to be this and that

i've never said any of that and i don't know where this person comes from to say that i am a 3-4 and

that my standards are too high i'm actually in that video i am not talking about standards i

was surprised because i never say in that video you know like the person has to be this my whole

point in that video is dating apps are making us sort of robots and are taking from us the warmth

you know that quality of like connection that we feel when we meet in person with other people

but it was not about beauty now this is not the first time i read this kind of comments actually

i have read these kind of comments on the videos where i talk about personalities um i think i

remember maybe two or three times more someone say yeah but you're very ugly yeah but uh i don't know

who makes videos being the ugly i don't remember anymore exactly the words but what i do in those

moments honestly i delete the comments immediately why it's not because i think oh people should

not see that they think i'm ugly no but they are creating a sort of community i don't want to have

if if that's the kind of people that's going to come to my videos i don't want them i don't

want people to come and troll others i don't want people to create a negative sphere i want

people who come to my channel because they love my content i want for people to come to

my channel because they are seeking growth that is everything i share in my channel has that purpose

and if the people who come here to give those comments about my physical appearance if that's

what they think awesome but i don't want to have that negativity spread around on my channel so

that's why i put it aside now do i agree with what they're saying and is that the reason why i delete

the comments because you know i'm scared that everybody will realize that i'm ugly

no not at all i don't think i'm ugly i think that beauty is relative and there are people who find

me attractive and there is people who even send me long emails telling me why they think we will be

a good match and all of those things um people that follows me on instagram as well i don't think

i'm ugly and i do think that yes it is true that some people will confirm to you that okay you have

certain attractiveness and as well as some other people think that you're ugly but that's what that

is that it's their opinion and i try carefully for their opinion to stay like that their opinion and

that my self value is not based upon what other person thinks about me i want my worth my beauty i

want you know my self-confidence to be based upon the person that i am and the values i have i think

yes it is important to feel good about yourself to take well care of yourself and i do all of those

things actually the first person that texted me saying that i am ugly i remember saying like you

know what i came to youtube not to win the first prize of who's the most beautiful on youtube

i came here to share a message and if you're not seeing that then you should go and move to another

channel and i still keep that you know still i will delete those those comments if you're in that

situation feel free to do whatever you feel it's the best for you i delete those messages because

even though i don't believe in what they're saying i don't want to have that negativity in my channel

number one number two you need to develop certain thick skin for those comments to not

you know touch you to not make you feel anything and even though i think i have developed that

thick skin of course at the moment i read that i'm like okay okay what is this you know but because

i have happened like four or five times by now i think i kind of mentally know how to handle that

and this is very important that you also know how to handle someone else's opinion

about your appearance you need to build your own self-image i look at myself in the mirror

and i tell myself you know like i like my hair i like my eyes i like my teeth anything that i

find that i like of myself i would tell it myself because we need to be our best friends we need to

like ourselves we live with ourselves so do i think i'm ugly i don't think i'm ugly and i

think for myself i'm beautiful i know my journey i know the hard work i've done and like you know

becoming a better person all i do every day to become a better person i take well care of myself

and you know this is the body i was born with this is the face i was born with this is my genetics i

can't change the way i look at my eyes yes i can go through a plastic surgery but i don't want that

so much so that you know i am not scared of showing my real face without makeup on my

videos you can see me in some videos i don't use any makeup also if you go to my instagram

there are some days i post stories almost every day and there are some days that i am

like oh we'll put and make up and all of that and the next day or three days you know i have

no makeup and i am not trying to use filters all the time so i look better no you know that this

is who i am and if someone doesn't like me they can go they can move on you don't need to be here

if this is not the channel for you if you're gonna come to my channel and you're gonna say

okay uh i like what you're saying but she's so ugly i can't even look at her then this is not

your place in this channel i am the one who's talking and i'm gonna turn on the camera and i'm

going to talk to you directly so if you don't like it then you have a problem you should move on to

another channel now if you're watching this video i guess you like me and thank you so much for

being here and supporting me but this video is not only to share what happens to me but it is also to

share with you so you can deal with your situation now if you have people in your life and let's say

not only on social media but maybe you know that um some uh classmate of your school thinks that

you're ugly they're bullying you you need to build your own self-esteem outside of them you

need to work on that you need to become your best friend you need to tell yourself the things that

you would like other people to tell you so look at yourself in the mirror that's a good example look

at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what would i tell this other person if i was not me if

i was another person what would i tell this person that i like of them we need to become our best

friends and to close this up haters are going to hate that's what they're going to do and i i even

feel sorry for them because they don't have a life and maybe we all know that they don't have a life

but for real like i invest my time in this like i sit here i think what i'm going to share with you

i edit videos i respond to your comments like i do something they don't do they don't create they

just come here and they just they just try to make people feel miserable because they are the

ones who feel miserable you see so we have to be careful with who we listen to where this message

is coming from who is this person why am i going to even believe what they're saying why am i going

to give them my attention why am i going to put my self-worth on their hands it makes no sense so

yeah if you're going to be listening to everybody in order to know if you're good or bad if you're

beautiful or ugly you're always going to depend on the rest and you're always going to feel ugly i'm

not going to say like i am the most self-confident person in the world because we all have our

insecurities but for sure like in the realm of my physical aspect i am not going to depend on

anybody i'm going to depend on myself only and i have created this relationship with myself after

many years of being insecure during my teenage and like all of that has made me the person i am today

and yes i like myself yes i like how i look and if someone doesn't agree with that it's perfect

you don't need to go and tell people you're ugly it's the same that you go and you you see a person

walking on the street you're not gonna go and you know touch their elbow and say like okay

this is a shoulder and touch their the shoulder and say like hey excuse me man but i think you're

ugly why are you even walking on the street you would never do that why would you do that

online when this is like our new way of living it just it's super bad so if this helps you please

put in the comments below i want to hear your experience thank you so much for watching give

the thumbs up to this video thanks for your support subscribe and see you next time bye

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