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If you like to skate long distances or you have planned to participate in a skate marathon

or other long distance event then this video might be useful to you.

Many if not all inline speed skaters or ice speed skaters incorporate cycling into their

training schedule, or combine both disciplines at a very high level of perfomance.

In this video I explain why incorporating cycling into your training can make you stronger,faster

and a better speed or fitness skater.

So make sure to watch it til the end


Increasing training volume.

Skating is a very technical sport and the more specific one trains for that specific

sport, the better you will get at it.However...skating is also a weight bearing sport that puts a

lot of stress onto the body.

Especially the posterior chain that consists of the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and the

lower back muscles are under a lot of strain.

Also the quads play a very important part in skating.

So you can imagine that an endurance ride on skates in a hunched over aerodynamic position

is very taxing to the body.

A 3-4 hour ride on the bike however doesnt stress the muscles that much while the cardiovascular

and pulmonary system are still put to work.

As these systems really have no idea or care what the type of training or exercise is executed/done

this is an excellent way to increase your training volume, with less risk of getting


The same muscles are used though.An easy way to increase trainingvolume is to commute to

work by bike . So increasing training volume is one reason.


Overcoming injuries and injurie prevention.

Although most inline skates are heat moldable , Blisters and sore feet are not unusual which

can hamper skating at consecutive days.

Cycling on the other hand can be a great alternative.

Training the same muscles without the risk of these injuries

Training can be executed at low intensity and with adjustable resistance or duration.

The circular and non impact pedal motions are great for recovering from leg-, back or

other injuries of the muskuloskeletal system.

Because it is non weight bearing you can still train the cardivascular and pulmonary system

so you still can maintain physical fitness.


Improving fat metabolism.

Like I discussed in a previous video, endurance training in zone one has a positive effect

on metabolism, especially in burning fat as the main source of energy.

Cycling for longer duration wil improve fat burning.

glycogen stores get empty, forcing the body to produce energy from fat.


High intensity training.

Not only cycling is beneficial for developing endurance and fat burning, but also for training

at high intensity.

Like Ive said before skating is a very technical sport and training when you do all

out efforts, your technique might suffer, or when your technique or skating skils are

not at point yet , you probably dont reach the high intensities needed for zone 3 workouts.

As cycling is less technical it probably is much easier to reach your target heartratezones.fourth

reason 2.

Warming up and cooling down.

Before I forget, cycling is great for a Warm up and cool down.

Especially when you participate in a race it is a easy way to warm up the muscles and

prepare the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems for the upcoming efforts.

elite ice speed skaters for instance usually warm up before a race on stationary bikes


Recovery training.

Last but not least its an excellent way to recover from a heavy training session.The

circular pedal motions will help to flush the lactic acid out of the muscles and will

help to get rid of muscle stiffness or soreness.

So in conclusion, cycling is a great tool for improving overall fitness, stimulating

fat burning, recovery and preparing the body for high intensity efforts or races.

Its for a reason that elite speed skaters add cycling to their training schedule.

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In the next video I will talk about why cyclists, triathletes or other endurance athletes should

consider incorporating skating into their training regime as a cross training to get

better and faster.

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