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Hello everyone! Welcome to another fashion lookbook.

This one was requested by many of you, and it's dedicated to Sailor Moon, my favorite childhood anime.

This video was made in collaboration with DressLink, so stay tuned for a giveaway.

I had a fun time putting these outfits together, and I hope youll enjoy them.

The first outfit was inspired by the leader of the sailor scouts.

Sailor Moon is the Soldier of Love and Justice, and she has a carefree and loving personality.

I love the fact that she can be clumsy, and yet, so strong and powerful.

I wore a white button up shirt with a thin blue scarf and a red bow tie.

For bottoms, I went with my sapphire skirt.

Sailor moon has on high knee boots, so I mimicked that with thigh high socks and these cute red booties.

For the meatball head hairstyle, I put my hair into high pigtails that are wrapped in odango hair buns.

This outfit has that schoolgirl uniform influence, which is one of my favorite go-to fashion style.

I took inspiration from Sailor Mercury in this second outfit.

She is the Soldier of Water and Wisdom, and she is the brain of the group.

To put this look together, I tucked a striped dress into a light blue skirt, and brought those two things together with a white bow belt.

For the accessories, I have on an intricate choker with a blue gem and a nautical bracelet.

To represent Mercurys intelligence, I wore some big ol glasses and pulled everything together with dark blue pumps.

I like that this outfit has a chic librarian look, which is suitable for a bookworm like Mercury.

The third outfit was inspired by Sailor Mars, the Soldier of Fire and Passion.

She is a Shinto priestesss who is practical and serious.

I came up with this look to showcase her elegance.

To start, I have on a white top and around the collar is a purple bow tie.

I also added a cool flower necklace with a pendant that reminds me of Sailor Mars fire flames.

For bottoms, I have on a high waisted wine colored skirt.

I love how its form fitting on top and flares out at the bottom.

To match with the skirt, I wore these comfortable booties.

This is a cute classy outfit with a sophisticated style.

This next outfit features Sailor Jupiter, the Soldier of Thunder and Strength.

She is the super strong tomboy in the group.

I took a different approach to create a graceful and feminine look with a white lacey tank top and a green high-low skirt.

To cinch the waist, I added a pink bow belt.

I really like how it brings the top and bottom together with a bright pop of color.

For shoes, I have on these green boots and for accessories, I wore a green necklace to resemble Sailor Jupiters uniform collar.

I don't often think about mixing green and pink together, but those two colors work well with this outfit.

Its an elegant look that makes me feel like Im ready for a spring or summer date.

Last but not least, the fifth outfit was for Sailor Venus.

Sailor Venus is the Soldier of Love and Beauty, and it is her dream to become an idol.

I rarely wear orange, so this outfit was a bit of a challenge to put together.

What I ended up wearing was a white dress, and I layered over a crochet orange top.

To add some shape, I have a white bow belt at the waist.

On the top, I actually used a navy hair bow clip as a uniform accessory.

I can't get enough of bows, so of course, I have on another bow clip to pull my hair into a half up half down hairstyle.

Lastly, I used some bangles and nude pumps to complete the outfit.

I usually dont imagine myself wearing orange much, but Sailor Venus really inspires me to experiment with this bright color.

The blue bow tie helps to tone down the outfit, and I quite like how everything was paired together.

So those are the five outfits that I came up with that were inspired by the sailor scouts.

I hope that you like them, and I want to give you a chance to put your own style together.

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To enter, you can follow the simple rules in the description box.

I had such a blast putting this video together, and I cant wait to create more fashion lookbooks.

Please let me know what animations, anime, cartoons, or shows I should be inspired by next.

Thank you for watching and Ill see you soon. Toodles!

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