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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Weirdest Phobias People Suffer From!

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The word phobia comes from the Greek word, “phobos”, which is related to having a

fear of something, or often what we might call an irrational fear.

We are sure youve all heard of arachnophobia, which means a fear of spiders, or hydrophobia,

which means a fear of water.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 19.2 million U.S. adults suffer from

phobias, with some of the most common being a fear of spiders, a fear of snakes, a fear

of heights, and a fear of flying.

But today well focus on the freakiest fears, in this episode of the Infographics Show,

Weirdest Phobias People Suffer From.


Turophobia This is a totally irrational fear of cheese.

Yes, there are some people on this planet that just cant go near a piece of mature


They run for the hills when the waiter hangs over them with the Parmesan.

Turi comes from the Greek meaning cheese, and you know the rest.

The English media in 2016 reported about a university student with this phobia, who called

her first contact with cheesetraumatic.”

However, she did say that mozzarella wasnt as scary as the other cheeses.


Omphalophobia This is the fear of the naval, or what we

call the belly button.

It might mean these people cant abide anyone going near their belly button, or that they

freak out when close to another persons belly button.

This is a pretty important part of the body, given that it connected us to our mothers.

Only recently in 2018, the UK press featured a 25-year old student doctor who suffered

from this phobia, with the Daily Mail saying that shesuffers panic attacks and is physically

sickwhen she sees someones navel.

As for the other way around, she said, “If someone touches mine, it feels like they are

touching my insides and I can feel it all through me.”

She may struggle to become a doctor if she doesnt get over that.


Papaphobia When some people find out that that guy who

likes to wear a white spearhead hat will be in town, they decide to take a vacation.

The guy is the pope, and Papaphobia is a fear of him.

Its thought this fear is related to other fears concerning being terrified of religious


When these people see the pope, their heartbeat quickens, they sweat profusely, and sometimes

feel nauseous.

Apparently if these folks do see the man, they should quickly swallow a Xanax or some

similar type of anti-anxiety medication.


Nomophobia Nomophobia is weird, but according to reports

its becoming very common among the younger generation.

It means the fear of being without your cellphone, or fear of being without a charge, or even

without connection to the Internet.

Psychology Today says some people are so scared to be without this thing they shower with

it, sleep with it, take it literally everywhere.

In fact, cell phone addiction has become a big topic in the media, but some might be

surprised that people are petrified of being without their device.

A recent UK study consisting of over 2,100 people found that 58 percent of men suffered

from this phobia, as did 47 percent of women.

In the U.S. it is worse, with 66 percent of all phone users suffering from nomophobia.

The Guardian in 2017 said this detachment from the smartphone increases heart rate and

blood pressure, causes anxiety, and generally affects users the way drug addicts first feel

in the early stages of withdrawal.

Thesescreenagershave put their lives into this little bleeping box and as most

psychologists will tell you, that box was created to be as addictive as anything.

Welcome to the world of digital heroin.


Ephebiphobia Talking about these smartphone junkie teens,

some people have a fear of them!

Yes, Ephebiphobia is an irrational fear of teenagers or generally young people.

We doubt sufferers need to see ID before they get the sweats.

In every generation you get those old folks decrying the youth of the day, saying they

dont respect this or that, or in U.S. comedian Doug Stanhopes opinion, that the digital

generation is just not reckless enough.

But apparently this aversion to our cute kids is on the rise.

The Guardian interviewed one 16-year old who said, “I've had people cross the road to

avoid me.”

But that was due to the age-old fear of kids possibly being aggressive to old people.

Kids these days are subject to moral panic, with older people telling them they are spoiled,

too easily offended, until it comes to the point some people just dont want to be

anywhere near youths.

But this seems to happen in every generation.

One of the first books on the subject from the 1980s said, “Nearly every generation

of young people has been chastised for beingout of controlor aberrant in some way.

Adult claims of degeneration among the young can be found in nearly every previous decade.”

Only Doug Stanhope dislikes the young, he says, because they arent aberrant enough.


Phagophobia This one must really suck.

Phagophobia is the irrational fear of swallowing.

We are told it is sometimes confused with a fear of eating or certain conditions related

to weight, but its closer to the fear of choking.

The amount of research on this must mean its quite common.

One site tells us, “A persons throat muscles will flex and spasm during their panic

attack, closing the throat and expelling any unwanted items out of the mouth.”

This could mean water, food, or medications, so its very serious.

The answer is therapy.


Triskaidekaphobia The fear of the number 13.

This person might also have a general fear of numbers, which is numerophobia.

Others fear the number 4, which is Tetraphobia.

But as for 13, what does that mean?

Well, its mostly related to superstition, sometimes related to myths, religion, and

that generally the number 13 is not a nice number.

We have a show on this topic if you want to know more.

As Time magazine reported, its less a psychological malady than it is a silly superstition.

For this reason, some businesses leave out the number on aisles, chairs, floors, or rooms,

and believers will stay clear of the number if they do see it.


Ablutophobia This is not a good phobia to have if you are

actively trying to find someone to date, because it means being terrified of washing, or bathing.

Its more common in kids than in adults, but a few hundred years back in Europe, many

people had this phobia.

These days its thought to be related to traumatic experiences as a child when bathing.


Dextrophobia This is certainly one of the most irrational

of irrational fears.

Its the fear of having things to the right of you.

According to one source, its related to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder,

and sufferers will find themselves cluttering things in the home or office all to the left


They dont like standing to the left of people or even driving in the left lane.

Other people may have levophobia, which is a fear of things being to the left of them.

If someone has both phobias then they are really in trouble.


Phobophobia You could say our last phobia might make sense

after youve watched this show, so its the right way to end.

As you might guess, it means the fear of having a phobia.

So, if you are feeling left out right now as you have no phobias, you might one day

acquire this phobia.

From the description, it sounds like a panic attack.

The anxiety forms in the unconscious, and then suddenly the person will feel dizzy and

tense; their heart will pound, they will sweat, and be aware of something bad about to happen.

This anxiety disorder can manifest as panic at any time, because the person is always

fearing getting a phobia, sometimes of something they love.

As strange as it sounds, its actually one of the most common phobias on this list.

Well leave you with this quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt: “All we have to fear, is fear


Aint that the truth.

So, do any of you out there you have any phobias?

Let us know more about it in the comments.

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The Description of Weirdest Phobias People Suffer From!