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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony Give 1-Armed Hooper Who Broke Internet a Surprise of a Lifetime (B/Real)

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- Yo, Yelo, what up?

- Yo, Chris, you see that video I just sent you?

- Yeah, man, I just seen it

Who is that? He seem like he nice

- Trashaun Willis

That kid can shoot, man

I think I might need you to go out there and check him out

- Im in, Im in

- Aight, we about to make this kids day

- Yo C, can we stop in Iowa real quick?

[“Dedicationby Nipsey Hussle (feat. Kendrick Lamar) plays]

- Out here in the middle of Iowa, cornfield on cornfield on cornfield

Its the home of Trashaun Willis

A natural athlete born with only one arm

He went viral for dunking it

And he plays QB

Dont tell him hesdisabled,” and do not call himspecial

Hes only a sophomore in high school

And this kid is just getting started

- The first one that got caught on camera was at the middle school

It was, like, third or fourth quarter, and I stole it and then I dunked it

And then you just see the student section going crazy

- So I just asked the dean of students for the security footage

And then I screen-recorded it and posted it on Twitter

- People were just, like, just, I dont know, it just blew up

- All my friends were, like, boosting me up and stuff

And saying, like, “Oh, youre famous, blah, blah, blah

Its just natural to me, to just go out and do my best

And I guess that just amazes people because I do have one arm

- Trashaun was born with amniotic band syndrome

Which is a band in your amniotic fluid that wraps around something thats developing

You go through a hundred different emotions

Of, “How is my child going to survive with one arm?”

But there was nothing that he couldnt do or learn how to do

He was able to learn to ride a bike, zip and button his pants

So when Trashauns dunk went viral

I guess it didnt really surprise me that he could dunk a basketball

- For us to put limitations on Trashaun clearly isnt fair

I mean, hes still a big 64”-bodied kid

With an incredibly strong lower body thats got a great vertical jump

- Youre scared, youre scared, huh?

- Hes out there playing with one hand, and hes dominating

I mean, theres times last year I couldnt take him off the court

Because he was the best player on our team

Hes really good with his outside shot

- My jump shot, I think its normal, so I just take my hand and put it on the back

And then I just use my little arm to make sure it doesnt really fall off

So thats just what I do

The only adjustments Id say are, like, dribbling

Most teams try and force me to go to my left

- Hes got, like, this kind of goofy Eurostep that he uses

He cant crossover. He just cant do it. So he has a move

Where he just goes behind his back and then catches it on the left side

- Its times when he was constantly getting the ball stolen from him

Hes trying to figure it out and figure it out

And he just couldnt

He couldnt just figure it out, If he just made that one little turn

And turned like this with the ball, hed just start working it out

Kids come at him, kids really dont care

Theyre competitors as well, you know?

- You know, theyre getting scored on by a kid that only has one arm

They dont like it

- The one game last year, some kid

I swatted him, and it went out of bounds, and I said, “Get that out of here!”

Hes like, “Shut up, you literally have one arm

So that just set me off, I went off on him

- He never comes to me and says, “Dad, I cant get through this

He admits that stuff is hard, you know, but he never says that he cant

Usually people that got some kind of,...we give them a pass onI cant

Because we have compassion for them, but I cant with my son

We look for a victory this week

You know your friends keep coming up to me and say they want you to

They want to still see you at quarterback

- Varsity guys, we need to be ready for practice

Hey, we gotta have a good one, we gotta have a good one today

Were going to right this ship, alright?

[Students cheer]

- Trashaun is our varsity starting middle linebacker, No. 2 backup QB

Hes really the leader and quarterback of our defense

Hes just a no-excuses kid that always shows up

And gets it done in spite of his handicap

I would consider him to have a physical handicap

I would not consider him disabled because

He is more able than many of the players we have on our team with both arms

- So I go to a second-grade classroom

And I just help kids out with either their math

or reading or setting up their portfolio

Whatever they need help with

So 10, 20, what comes after 20?

- 30?

- There you go

- Trashauns awesome, the kids love to have him in our classroom

They love to have him out on the playground, and they look up to him, you know?

Hes a football player, hes a basketball player

I had Trashaun in second grade, and there was one thing that Trashaun told me

That he couldnt do and that was tie his shoes, and that was the only thing

- That was pretty hard, I didnt learn that until, like, second grade

But even then, like, thats still good for me

- I remember the first time I noticed he tied his shoes

They were tied, he had did it

When we tried to reach down and tie his shoes, he was, like, not having it

So he was going to be OK when he stepped out into school and the world

- Trashaun is living his life the only way hes ever known, but lets be real

One arm or two, hes still got to prove himself every day

On the court, and off

Going viral was legit, but going pro is the focus

- I hope someday that I can play at the highest level, the NBA or football

Thats my ultimate goal, all the way up there

Ever since, like, last football season, Ive just been looking up to Shaquem Griffin

He has what I have, amniotic band syndrome

Anything is possible, I guess

Like, if he can do it, anyone can do it

I can do it

- For me, you know, playing basketball in the back yard, that was my passion

You know, when I finished my homework, me and my brother went outside

We would play until my mom said it was time to come in and eat dinner

You know, everyone has their own story, you know, and you really don't know

Where somebodys from until you really go visit them and see what its like

For me, its just going and basically putting a smile on his face

And let him know that somebody will come to Iowa

You know, and drive past all these cornfields, and give him the time

- His dad know?

Oh, I know

- Whoa, whos that?

Oh, thats Chris Paul

Oh, hecks no

- CP!

- Whaaaat?

- I got next. Heard you got some game, huh?

- Whats up, boss?

- Whats up?

- Whats happening? Chris, man

- Its nice to meet you

- Its nice to meet you, man

- Nice to meet you

- Whats going on?

- What up?

- Aint nothin, you alright?

- I seen the video of you dunking and everything

- Uh-huh

- Huh? What you meanuh-huh?” Now you shy? Now you shy?

- Yeah, its crazy

- What yalls out here? Hoopin?

- Yeah, playing HORSE, man

- Yeah? Whos winning?

- Me

- Alright, so this dunk everybodys talking about, let me see it

Lets get up

- Easy!

- Have you ever dunked it?

- Relax!

- You got home-court advantage, start it off

- Want me to start it off?

- You start it off

- Alright

- Come on, man

- You can use your elbow

- Get up, C

Yup, I get it

Get in

Come on, man

I got that, I told you

- Youre a lot smaller on 2K

- Im a lot smaller on 2K? What you mean by that, though?

- Goood!

- Its gotta be all net

- Damnit!


What's the wind doing?

Game time!

Good game, man

I cant imagine, just not being able to come back

- Like this, just like that, or, like, behind the back

- And I learned this one from you, back in the day with the Clippers

- Ahhhhh

- So I was playing basketball with Dad, and Chris Paul pulled up

And working with him on dribbling, like getting past the defender

And basically talking me through how to get around people

When theyre trying to defend my right side

- I appreciate yall having me out here, man, Im serious

Its probably more exciting for me than it is for yall

- I dont know about that

- Uh, seriously, I know, like, your story went viral and all that stuff like that

But to come out here and see yall out here playing like this

This has got to me the coolest thing, man

- Thank you so much

- Make sure to give your family my best too, man

- I will

- I have to go back to school and be like, “Yo, I just met Chris Paul!”

And they'll be like, “Shut up!”

Im like, “OK, youll see

- Yo, wassup, man? Im here in Iowa, right?

- Washington

- Washington

And just beat somebody in HORSE

Dont lie!

Yall going to see the footage later, yall going to see the footage

I won, all day everyday

- This is Carmelo Anthony, thanks for watching

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