Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What's Love Gato Do With It?/Dial M. for Mustard

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[car horns honk]

- I'm in the big city with my big familia

Every day here is my favorite da

One big house and our family store

Food and laughter y mucho amor

Tos, abuelos, all of my primos

A dog, a parrot, amigos

We're one big family now

Sundays and Mondays

They're all fun days when you're with the...

all: Casagrandes! - Mucha vida

all: Casagrandes! - Bienvenida

all: Casagrandes! - Mucha risa

all: Casagrandes! We're all familia!

- Tan-tan!

- Who knew the Great Lakes City onion festival

would be so fun?

- [sobbing]

I'll always cherish the day.

And the smells! - So many layers of fun.

- Totally. - Stinks so good.

[cats yowling] - Wait.

Did you hear that?

[together] Cats!

[cats yowling]

- How are we supposed to get inside?

They're blocking the front door.

- I've got this. Scram, gatos.

[grunts] [cats yowl]

[all sigh]

- Ugh. I hate cats.

- They're so temperamental.

- Couldn't agree more. - Furry bobos.

- So greedy with their nine lives.

[car horns honking]

- Happy Birthday, Alexis!

I brought the food for your party!

And I threw in a few extra pan dulces.

- Cool!

Bobby, come meet my friends from band class.

Everyone, this is Bobby.

- Hey, guys!

Well, I should get back to work.

Have a great party. - Oh.

Please stay.

The magician is about to start her show.

- Magician?

- Wonder, marvel, and excitement await!

Put your hands together

for Greta the Great!

[kids cheering]


all: Ooh.

- Ah-ah-ah-choo! [blows nose]

[kids cheering]

- Yes, yes, yes!

- Gre-ta-da!

- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! - Yeah!

- Yeah!

- Now I need a volunteer

to be hypnotized.

- Oh! Me-me-me-me-me-me-me!

Pick me! Pick me!

- Or we could bring up the birthday boy?

- Oh. Right.

Sorry, Alexis.

- Ah, no. You go, Bobby.

- [squeals] Okay.

- Now, through the power of hypnosis,

I can turn you into any animal.

What'll it be, kids?

- Anything but a cat.

Am I right?

[all chanting] Cat, cat, cat!

- I heard cat. - Wait, what?

[mysterious music]


- Ooma-luma-zooba-smell.

You are now under my spell.

When you hear a bell ding... [bells dinging]

You will start meowing.

[cats yowl]

When you hear the word "papaya,"

the cat in you will go bye-bye-a.

- Oh. Ah, ah.


Um, I don't feel any different.

[bell ringing]

- Meow. [silly music]

[all cheering]

- Papaya!

- [sputters] Okay.

So when am I supposed to be hypnotized?

[all cheering]

- Huh? [phone ringing]

Oh. - [rapid indistinct speech]

- Hey, Abuelo. Coming right meow!

[coughs] I mean, now.

- Uh, wait!

I haven't unhypnotized you yet!

Ooh, pan dulce.


- Mmm.

This milk looks so tasty.

I bet it would go great with fish.

both: Hm?

[cash register dings, boxes thud]

- Meow.


- Roberto, are you okay?

- Hey, guys.

Where should I put the fresh papayas?

- [sputters]

I'll put them away, Par.

- Ho-ho. Sweet milk mustache, bro.

- Thanks?

[bell jingles] [grunts]



Meow. Meow!

- Oh.

So that's how you check if a papaya is ripe.



[scratching] Meow, meow!

- Did you hear that?

- Meow! - Ah!

- I'm ready for you gatos.

- Meow.

- Bobby? - You brought me a papaya.

Gracias, Bobbito.

- How did I get up here?

[phone chimes]

- [grunts, purring]

- Um...are you okay, Bobby?

- [hisses] - Ow!


- Who wants papaya con chile?

- Ooh, I do.

[chomps] Mmm.

- Bobby, you're acting weird.

- Yeah, even for you.

- I am? [phone chimes]

- [snoring]

- [hisses] - [growls]

[both scrapping]

- Okay, this is bananas. - Right?

- Karen and Dana wore the same outfit to Rebeca's party.

- No, I mean Bobby.

He's scratching, purring, and fighting with Lalo!

[both scrapping]


- [groaning]


He's worse than a cat.

- [gasps] He's not worse.

Bobby is a cat.

[together] Wait, what?

- [coughing]


- I see what you're saying, mija.

He does appear to think he's a cat.

Ay, Bobby.

- Mom, Dad, can you guys help him?

- [squawks] Send him to the pound.

- [purring] - Ow!

- Hm. Could be a fever.

- Mi'jito, let me take your temperature.

- [hissing]

- It says here that for cats

you have to put the thermometer in--

- Okay, Bobby. Let me check your eyes.

Just follow the light on the ceiling.

- Meow?

- Whoa! Bobby, come back here now.

- [meows sadly]

- At least he's a friendly cat.

- Meow.

- I have never seen anything like this

in all my years practicing medicine.

- Guys, I just found out that Bobby got hypnotized

by a magician at Alexis Flores's birthday party.

I've got her card right here.

- [screeches]

- Yah! Bad kitty!

[lively music]

- [yowling]

- Ah, don't worry.

I can turn him right back into himself.

Papaya! [all gasp]

- Oh. Hey, guys.

- See? Problem solved.

Just keep him away from bells.

- I wouldn't really call that "problem solved."

Can't you undo the spell for good?

- Oh, right. Of course.

- [cheering]

[mysterious music]

- You will no longer be a cat

and...uh... that is that!

[clears throat] - Meow, meow!

Meow. [purring]

- Yeah, did I mention I'm not that good

at undoing spells?

I guess you'll just have to say "papaya" from now on.

- What's going on? Why does everyone look so sad?

- Bobby, there's something we have to tell you.

[dramatic sting]

- Wait, what? I'm gonna be a cat forever?

- It's okay, Bobby. We'll figure something out.

- No. [dramatic music]

I can't do this to you guys.

Farewell, humans.

[bell dings]

[meows sadly]

- Bobby, wait! - Oh, no!

- Mi Bobbito! - Don't worry, guys.

He's my brother.

I'll be able to track him down in no time.

[upbeat music]

Have you seen this cat?

- Uh, that's a man.

- Thanks for nothing, pal. - Come on, cat-boy!

- Here, kitty-kitty! - Here, Bobby-Bobby!

- Meow. [dog barking]

- Huh? Ah!

[grunting] - [Bobby yowling]



- Be quiet! - [yowling]

all: Bobby, where are you?

- [licking]



- Bobby? - Here, kitty-kitty.

- Come on! - Where are you?

- [coughing]

[glass clangs]

- Hey, get out of here. - [hissing]

- Bobby! - Bobby!

- Where are you? - Where are you?

- [coughing]

- [gasps]

Look! Hairballs!

Hairspray, cat litter, and price tags.

We got a lead.

[all nervously groaning]

- Meow.

[all gasp] [cats yowling]

- Oh, no. Cats.

- Oh, they're so awful!

- And that one's so big.

- Wait. That's not a cat.

That's Bobby!

[cats yowling] - [angrily meowing]


- Papaya! - [sputters]

Whoa. Hey, guys.

- Bobby, what are you doing here?

- Yeah. Why did you run away?

- News flash: I'm a cat.

- Not all the time.

- Face it, our family hates cats,

the screeching, the scratching, the scooping of poop.

If the spell can't be broken,

then you all shouldn't have to live with me.

This is my family now! [cats yowling]

- [squawks] Good point.

Have a nice life. [groaning]

- That doesn't matter, Bobby. - Yeah.

Sure we hate cats.

But we could never hate you.

- Cat or not, you're my brother.

And I'm not going home without you.

[cats yowling]

- Okay. I'll come back.

Meow, everyone.

Meow means hello and goodbye in cat.


- Bobby! - Mmm.

- We missed you so much.

Mm. - We have a surprise for you.

Quick, show him the stuff I spent money on.

[lively music]

- Wait.

You got a cat to replace me?

- No, Bobby.

We did this for you.

- We wanted to show you that this will always be your home.

- Even when you're a bobo cat.

- Wow.

You guys got everything.

Scratching posts, toy mice, cat trees.

It's purr-fect.

- Let's see if cat you likes it too.

[bell ringing]

- Meow.


- I hope he knows how to land on all fours.

- Meow-wow! [crashes]

[all wince]

- Well, eight lives to go.

- Papaya! - [gasps]

- Bobby, are you okay?

- I think so.

[phone chimes] - Sorry, guys.

Karen and Dana wore the same outfit--again.

- They should really talk before they go out.

- I know, right?

- Bobby, you heard a bell and you're still you!

Bumping your head must've cured you.

[phone chimes]

- [gasps] I'm still me.

[all cheering]

- Mi'jo!

- [coughing]

[all groan]

- I think that's the last of the hairballs.

[all groan]

- Meow!

[mysterious jazz]

[upbeat rock music]

- Ah! Ahhh!

- I'm working on a new trick, Dad.

I call it Vertigo

because it makes the person watching me super dizzy.


Whoa! [grunts]

- That made me worried more than dizzy.

But you'll get there.

- Hey, hey. Nice moves, Ronnie Anne.

Let me guess: two dogs, dragged through the garden?

- Yep. Thanks, Bruno.

- No charge. Just vote for me

at the Great Lakes City hot dog contest tomorrow!

Winner gets two tickets to Vienna

for a sausage tasting tour.

It's my dream trip!

- No hot dogs for me.

I'm a judge and I must not allow myself to be influenced.

[mysterious music]

Uh... [sniffs]

But it good.

Be strong, Arturo.

[sighs] - [chomps]

Yeah. You're definitely gonna win.

- Of course he will.

Bruno's hot dogs are the best in the city.

We'll take the usual, please.

- Three dogs with bad breath.

[muffled breathing]

- Mm.

[all sigh]

- [grunting]


- Bruno, you put way too much relish on my hot dog.

I demand a refund.

- Sorry, Maybelle.

After the second bite, you own it.

- You'll hear from my lawyer.


- Ahh...

- Dad, remember you're a judge.

- Fine.

Hasta maana, Bruno!

- [screaming]

[lively music]

[car horn honks]

- I call it...Vertigo.

Whoa-whoa-whoa-ah! [grunts]

- I call it a fail.

- [growls] - Hey, kids.

You haven't seen my hot dog cart around here, have ya?

It's got four wheels, an umbrella,

smells like hot dogs.

- No. - I didn't do it.

- What happened? - [sighs]

- Ronnie Anne,

after you and your dad left yesterday,

I took my afternoon bathroom break,

and when I got back, it was gone.

[all gasp]

- Bruno, Where yous been? We need our usual.

- There's no more usual, Vito.

Looks like my cart's been stolen.

- No hot dogs? [bell ringing]

No! [dogs howling]

[all sobbing]

- 'Fraid so.

Now I can't compete in the contest.

Guess I'll never make it to Vienna now.

- Tough break, Bruno. [dogs whimpering]

We'll get through this together.


No more hot dog.

- That's so sad.

- We have to help him find his cart.

- [gasps]

[mysterious music]

Sounds like a job for...

Detective Carl.

Step into my office.

[yelping, grunts]


[sultry jazz music]

First things first,

we'll need to determine who was in the park

when the cart went missing.

- I saw Laird, Maybelle, Vito, and Abuelo.

- Ronnie Anne! I'm the detective.

[clears throat] As I was about to say,

the suspects are Laird, Maybelle,

Vito, and Abuelo.

- Maybelle did seem really upset.

- [squawks] My money's on Hector.

- We'll have to question everyone.

- Ronnie Anne! That's my line.


A little help please.

Where were you yesterday at approximately 4:00 p.m.?

Hm? Stealing a hot dog cart?

- I didn't do it!

I got stuck in a tree while I was flying my kite.

Look, someone even recorded it and posted it online.

[yelling, grunts]

- [grunts] - Ooh, that's gonna go viral.

- I was down the street

at Cheezy's Pizza returning a slice.

There was too much cheese.

- Likely story. CJ?

- [chomps]

Her story checks out.

[dogs whimpering] - Oh, jeez.

I don't know what I'll do without those hot dogs!

[all sobbing]

- Yeah, yeah, all right. You're clear.

Get out of here.

- Bruno's hot dog cart?

How should I know? I was napping.


Is it hot in here or is it just me?

I mean, it's not me. I didn't do it!

[farts] Sorry.

I get gassy when I'm nervous.

- Smells to me like you're lying.

If you are, you're gonna regret it.

- [yelps, farts]

- Laird, Maybelle, and Vito seem to be innocent.

- That leaves Abuelo.

He's definitely hiding something, but what?

- [humming]

- [squawks] Thanks for the snack.

- Hey. That's my hot dog.

- Bobby, where'd you get that dog?

- It's a mercado dog.

Abuelo's been perfecting his recipe

for the hot dog competition.

[squeals, grunts]

- Abuelo's competing too?

- Maybe he got rid of Bruno

to eliminate the competition.

- Or he got rid of Bruno

to eliminate the competition.

- How can we be sure?

- We'll have to find proof.

- Or...

Ah, come on!

- [humming]

[farts] Oh.

- Ha!



- [snoring]

- [squawks]

- [snoring continues]

- Hmm. Oh!

- Huh?

Carlota, is that from yesterday?

- Yeah, I'm making a new vlog post

on fashion trends at the park.

- But I didn't see you there.

- One of the trends is camouflage.

- [screaming]

- This is right before Bruno's hot dog cart went missing.

[all gasp]

Carlota, can you zoom in on Bruno's cart?

We're trying to bust Abuelo.

- Okay...

[mysterious music]


- [whistling]

- [gasps] There's Abuelo!

- [chomps]

[all gasp]

- Abuelo took a hot dog!

That's why he was acting guilty.

- But he didn't take the cart.

- Then who did? - Look!

[all gasp]

- How did I not see a guy dressed as a hot dog?

Love the pickle shoes.

- We find that hot dog, we find Bruno's cart.

Let's go!

- Uh, my computer?

[lively music]

[car horns honking]

- Has anyone seen this hot dog?

[mysterious music]

- Look. A pickle shoe.

That's what the hot dog wore.

- [squawks] Follow that bird.

- Fork it over, Sancho.

That shoe is a clue in our investigation.

- [cooing defensively]

- Would this bag of chips change your mind?

- [cooing happily]

- Great work, Carl. Lalo, can you track the scent?

- [sniffing, grunts]

- He's got it.

- [imitates radio static]

We got a 4-5-9er, Delta Omega Baby Shrimp Bubble Butt.

[imitates radio static] Over.

- Who are you talking to? - Sorry.

That's classified information.

- Hi ho, Lalo. [steam ship horn blaring]


[lively music]

- [belches]

[dramatic music]

- We know you're in there, hot dog.

- Look. Bruno's cart.

- And there's the hot dog.

- Follow that wiener!

- [squawks] There's no escape.

[squawks] Ow, I can't see.

[squawks, grunts]

all: Whoa! [all grunt]

- [gasps] He's getting away!

- Not if I can help it.



- Vertigo. - It's working!

- It's beautiful.

- Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa- whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.

- [moaning, grunts]

- Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa.

- This hot dog's cooked.

[dramatic music]

- Oof.

all: Vito?

- Oh, yeah. I knew it all along.

- Why Vito? You're Bruno's best customer.

You love his hot dogs more than anything.

- That's why I did it.

If Bruno wins and goes to Vienna,

I'll have to go a whole month without his hot dogs.

- But you're crushing Bruno's dream.

- I know. I know.

I was wrong. I came back to get the cart.

I was gonna return it. I hope I'm not too late.

- The contest starts in five minutes!

- We can still make it. Let's go.

[lively music]

- [chews, swallows]

Thank you for your-- [belches]

famous burp dog.

Next, we have Hector's mercado dog.

Beautiful color. The buns are warm and fluffy.

Now for the taste.


Hm. [clangs]

Fantastico. [laughs]

Eight out of ten. - [gasps]


- Did I say eight? I meant nine.

- Who made this bobo a judge?

- Well, if there are no more hot dogs to taste,

I'll announce the results.

And the winner is...

- Wait!

- Did somebody order a hot dog?

- My cart! You found it.

- Whoa.

Man, I should cut down on hot dogs.

- Drag one through the garden, Bruno.

[lively music]

- Mwah.


- Our final contestant, Bruno!

I love what you did with the toppings.



A perfect 10!

Bruno wins!

[all cheering]

- I can't believe it.

My dreams have come true.

And it's all because of my dear friends.

Thank you, kids.

- I owe you for a hot dog.

- Bruno, I took the cart.

I didn't want to live without your hot dogs

for a whole month.

I'm sorry. Go to Vienna.

I'll survive on Hector's eight out of ten hot dogs.

- It was a nine!

- Uh, Vito, buddy, you shouldn't have done that,

but you know I'd never leave you hangin'.

I was gonna bring you to Vienna the whole time!

- Are yous kidding me?

Unbelievable, this guy. Come here, you.

- [squawks] I'll carry your bags.

- Good work, guys. Case closed.

- Ronnie Anne! That's my line!

[camera shutter clicks]

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