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it's been nothing short of exciting fun and interesting living with the Google

Nest hub Max for the last few days but I'm ready to give you my full review on

the Nest Hub Max and tell you whether or not it is the smart display we've all been

waiting for

hello Automators thanks for tuning in again I'm Brian from Automate Your Life

and today I'm going to take the frustration out of automation by

ensuring you're spending your money in all the right places now we're going

through our official review of the Google Nest Hub Max and I can promise

you that this is truthful because it is not all a bed of roses and the reason

I'm kind of telling you this up front is because lots of these features that I'm

going to talk about today have something I really liked about them and something

I disliked about them and so you're going to want to stay all the way to the

end to kind of see that differential here between what the features are good

for and what they're not the Google Nest Hub Max is a Google Assistant enabled

smart display so that means it has the Google Assistant on board now utilizing

that Google Assistant is a ten inch smart display a Nest camera a full-on Nest

camera here and a full stereo system actually in the back of this device it

is capable of Wi-Fi Bluetooth 5.0 and Thread communication or connectivity

options as well

what it does is no short list and that's because it does have the Google

Assistant on board and that means that it gets access to all the standard

things that you see with smart speakers music video and even TV now from

subscription services like YouTube TV you have the ability to get recipes get

general information stocks weather all of those basic capabilities you can

essentially ask this device anything in terms of productivity options you have

things like your calendar to manage you have lists and even the custom list

feature is working very well on this device on top of that you have the

ability to make phone calls as well as even receive Google Duo and make Google

Duo Video Calls on this device as well Hey look at me up here oh yeah it's all

of you and I can switch so I'm just like tapping I can switch and then I can end

call oh and I can turn off the tracking okay no no back on okay and then I can

mute you you but this is also chromecast built and so that means you can cast to

this device and with it having the Google Assistant on board you can ask it

to cast to other devices as well with that same chromecast feature so that

makes it very powerful in terms of video capabilities the Nest camera on board

here or the camera in general gives us a whole new dimension to a smart display

now we've had cameras in the past but there's a big difference between that

and putting a Nest camera on here and what it starts to give us access to is facial

recognition features which instantly personalizes this device more to what

you want to see so it provides personalized results when using voice

match but it also provides personalized information just by looking at the

device things like your commute or you get personalized recommendations for

music video news and even events in your area so there's some real

personalization going on as a result of that camera now it also expands to

something called gestures those gestures allow you to go ahead and start/stop

music with just the use of your hand now I'll talk a little bit more about that

in the likes but you can control music you can end alarms or timers that are

going off and you can also stop interactions with the Google Assistant

so if you've accidentally triggered it then you can go ahead put up your hand

and it will just stop the interaction right there of course with it being a

Google Assistant enabled device it can control your smart home and it acts as a

reasonably good smart home controller now I'll talk about some of the details

here but this is the first Thread certified smart display that I have seen

from Google from Nest and from all of their partners there with Thread the

digital photo frame capability or what we call ambient mode here on this device

is gorgeous it is a Bluetooth speaker and it can also control another speaker

as a Bluetooth speaker now there's more details but let's go on to what I really

enjoyed about the Google Nest Hub Max

don't cops run red lights well some do but not your dad

in your universe there's only one spot

there's another you let's get the easy stuff out of the way it is beautiful and

I was not sure if I was going to like the form factor basically just grown

larger here when we went from the Nest Hub to the Nest Hub Max I really wasn't

sure about that but it looks fantastic and I think it looks much better than

this device now that I see the larger one on top of that the screen is

absolutely fantastic it it is definitely my favorite smart display screen that

I've seen thus far and it seems to make videos look very very crisp from almost

any source as well as the photos when I put on ambient mode I'm really liking

the look and feel of my photo so everything just looks fantastic on the

device one more thing about the screen here the touch control and the interface

is sharper and I think it's really the right size for this kind of an interface

and the way that Google has provided all these new controls I think the new size

of the display is really important in that regard the speakers are nothing

short of incredible and when I compare it to the Google Home Max it's actually

better and the reason I say that is not because the Google Home Max can't blow

you away with incredible sound it can but the clarity on the Nest Hub Max is

unparalleled there's nothing else I have in my home except the Homepod and a

sonos speaker that is on the level of clarity of this device and when you turn

it down really low one of the things that I always look for is how much of

that sound do I still have or do I lose the low end or do I lose the upper end

it is incredibly well balanced now don't get me wrong this speaker is quite loud

and it can fill almost any space that I've seen I took it out to my garage

which is the largest space I have in my home and it absolutely pushed me out of

the room I had to turn it down so it can be very very powerful the Google

Assistant is a little bit better in terms of the experience that you have

with this I found it more accurate in when I when I kind of say the same

command to all of these devices and I let them all here I'm seeing a little

more accuracy over here and I think that based on the two far-field microphones

that seem able to hear a lot better than these products over here I think Google

has really improved that somehow and 10 to 15 feet away with this thing blaring

at 80% or over and I'm speaking just at my regular voice and it's hearing the

wake word so that's pretty impressive capability from that regard the other

performance improvement here on the Google Assistant is really when the the

speed of the results the processor here seems much more capable of handling

everything that's going on and that makes sense with a brand new device the

facial recognition features are a delight and I didn't know going in that

they would be this good but 10 to 15 feet away this device instantly

recognizes me and then starts it brings up my little icon for my account and

then it starts to personalize the recommendations to me it gives me a

little good morning and then it says here's your commute and it does all that

before I'm even really up to the interface so you can kind of see all of

that information right away one of the new cool features here from Google and

that's face recognition and so just as I enter into the space you can see the

little icon pop up there that indicates it knows it's me I can also hide my face

and then it will kind of switch over to a base look and other people as they

come up it will actually switch to them so there's a real power here in terms of

a multi-user experience and this is a lot of what I've seen out of people here

on the channel asking about they want to know how does this person get their

specific recommendations and voice match was good at that at some level but a

face match is a whole nother level and really when you think about how this is

gonna work throughout the world this is going to work a lot better so I'm really

excited to see this capability go forward and it's already very good

another thing about the nest camera is the Google Duo video calls and this Nest

camera has a real capability edge over things like the Lenovo Smart Display and

I say that because the quality is extremely high on the video that you're

transmitting but also because it actually moves and follows you it tracks

you as you move around the room or wherever you are and it's very smooth

very accurate and very good at what it does simply putting up your hand will

actually stop this timer from alarming our same thing with alarms so you can

see the little indication right there

you can see it stopped it again so if you've accidentally woken this up

or you've decided that you don't need it then you can just do that and we'll stop

and this leads me to talk about gestures now gestures is basically you put up

your hand and it will take an action now I told you it'll start and stop music

and it will stop alarms and timers once they're at the end and you can also stop

the interactions and it is very reliable when you know how to use it but that is

all it can do like you can't say go to the next song it doesn't do that yet so

again this is something that I think over time we'll see Google adjust and

give us additional gesture options the nest camera simply put being on board is

also a big benefit to a lot of people it is a full security camera and can be set

up as any other nest camera is currently now these are all of my likes and I

think I want to move on now to some of the things I didn't like so much about

the Nest Hub Max one nice feature is when you turn on the camera you'll

actually see a green light now this is standard on nest cameras now and when

you actually go into it and you're viewing it or anyone is you will find

that the green light blinks softly

and that Nest camera is a jointed experience now if you're setting

up the device you will find that number one you set up the nest hub max you get

a camera on it and it does the facial recognition but then you have to set up

the Nest camera separately and this is still done through the nest app rate now

although it does cause you account migration so that's another problem for

those of you who have a Nest account you want to maintain that as soon as you set

up that Nest camera you have to migrate your account so you don't have to set it

up right now and that's my honest recommendation to people who want to

maintain their Nest account but that means you're not using one of the

capabilities on the device the other disjointed component is facial

recognition works when you've set up the Google Nest Hub Max but then if you were

to set up the Nest camera like I have it has a familiar face as component to it

and those are two separate things so I was walking into the room and I would

get a notification on my nest application that it didn't recognize me

because I hadn't set that up and over on the Nest Hub Max you could see it

instantly responding and recognizing me as a person so it's disjointed in a few

ways and even the management of all the settings for that cameras is in the nest

app so there's a number of inconsistencies that you've got to get

used to and then they will shift over time as we know Google and Nest get

closer and closer together now we talked about gestures and facial recognition

and how good they were they are very reliable when you're

looking at the device so I'm looking at the camera right now and if I was to

head over at about 40 50 degrees here as an angle off to Center then what would

happen is my face recognition would still work but it would not work with

gestures and so gestures kind of has to be something that you're dead on and

that lighting is is relatively good in at night it's definitely not working you

don't need great lighting but at night my gestures are not working simply

because it's not seeing me it's not recognizing that now that is something

that I think they could correct over time but it's

there right now and then that angular component I get why they struggle with

it but gestures just does not work if you're not within that kind of forty to

fifty degrees of center and then facial recognition you can get up to about 70

degrees out and it will still work a little aside the ultrasonic capabilities

or the ultrasonic sensing I really haven't seen it I don't know what's

what's going on I've come in in the evenings when it's really dark haven't

seen it really react so I don't think that's working right now but maybe

somebody can tell me different in the comments if they've seen something

working the Thread hub which was a major component for me is nothing short of

underwhelming now what has happened here is this is a Thread certified device and

it has the capability of connecting to an existing Thread network and I spoke

with Google support about this we kind of talked through what was possible and

what wasn't it's not a border router so that means you can't start the thread

network in your home with this device so it can be added and really becomes a

repeater in that kind of a Thread Network so that's nice to have but if

you don't already have a Thread network started this doesn't help you at all and

I wonder if this will change over time and it should change over time because

this is honestly a very disappointing component to me and I think a lot of

people were waiting for Google to kind of launch their automation capabilities

here but there's no differences in routines there's no differences in what

this can control really and therefore it's not really doing anything new for

us in terms of home automation for you international folks like me or outside

of the US well you're going to be missing some of the features I mean even

during setup I didn't have any access to any sort of TV services and you can get

that YouTube TV subscription service in the US but you can't get that here in

Canada you can't get that in most countries and then you don't even have

access during setup to set up other TV or video services so Netflix also does

not work no matter where you are you can't even

cast Netflix to this that's a big problem with the screen looking as good

as it is I want to see these services get out to other countries very very

quickly with all this said my recommendation has to be twofold it's

it's kind of one for people who are new to the smart speaker or smart display

game and then one for those of you with some of these other devices sitting next

to me so let's start with those of you who are new now what I'll tell you is I

had to kind of step back and stop comparing to these devices because

honestly you got to think about the hardware level and the software level

and they are incredible on both counts in this device to think about what

you're getting for two hundred and thirty dollars us and we'll see the

sales I think they'll be very aggressive but I don't know if we're going under a

hundred and fifty here ever so we'll see what that pricing but still even if even

at that regular pricing this is a very good smart display or smart speaker to

start with it has incredible capabilities and you're not going to go

wrong you're not overspending and I really can recommend this as the best

Google Assistant display overall now the other side of my recommendation is for

those of you who have some of these devices in your home some of these other

smart displays really what I'm going to tell you here is that the upgrades are

significant but they are incomplete and really you know for someone who owns

these kinds of products you're going to kind of look at this device and go yeah

that's that's a great improvement of feature but I'm frustrated and the nest

camera is a great example of that it's disjointed experience the fact that

you're going to have to migrate your Nest account in order to install the

device is a frustration and a real issue for a lot of people the missing

improvements in Google's automation and the thread border router kind of being

missing here on this device to really give you that start in a whole new world

of automation both of those things or all of those things might cause you to

wait a little bit here and see what the game is from Google how much they're

going to deliver on here if those things don't really bother you and you're just

looking for an upgraded experience I can tell you this is

100% the best multimedia experience there is out there today so guys you're

going to be able to go ahead and watch more about the Nest Hub Max we're gonna

build a pretty big volume of videos here about this device because it is top

level so go ahead watch those now they're up on screen otherwise don't

hate automate

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