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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Car Seat Safety : How to Install a Forward Facing Child Safety Seat

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Hi we're Dan and Judy on behalf of Expert Village we are going to do demonstrate now

the proper installation of a forward facing convertible seat. We have already routed the

seat belt through into the forward facing belt position here rear facing forward facing

we moved our passenger seat forward so it is out of our way. Next thing we are going

to do next put the foot on the bottom of the seat down here. She is referring to this right

here which folds up or rear facing when it is down or forward facing. Next thing we are

going to do is switch the vehicle seatbelt this is a General Motors product like a Ford

product in most imported cars if you pull it all the way out and release it, if you

listen you could here that ratcheting sound it is now in a locking position that is done

for safety seats. Next thing I'm going to do is put my weight into the seat and by doing

this I'm compressing the child safety seat in the vehicle so usually you are going to

pull, okay I'm going to pull on the shoulder portion of the belt right here, rocking the

seat as I'm doing that helps me get more through. Judy is pulling on that end of the belt okay

and then when I release and come out of the seat we check it at the belt path for side

to side movement. There is nothing it doesn't move at all. Again that is a proper way to

install a forward facing convertible child seat.

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