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Check the crop after almost a month of planting

Peanuts, taller than 10cm



Corn leaves rot in some places, due to the cold weather and added to the destruction of insects


Clean and organize the stone neatly

Scan the forging and casting area

The pieces of iron were molded into different shapes

Choose an iron shape that fits the item you want to make

Put the coal in the smithy to heat up and forge equipment

My target is a pincer and a sharp knife

I chose the long bar to forge a pliers

Short and thin bars for forging into sharp knives

Iron after being heated, cut into 2 equal parts

Continue adding to the oven after being divided into 2 equal parts

Because the hardness of iron is very high and quickly cools

So we took advantage of the blacksmith while the iron was still red hot

Forging only while it's hot red, high ductility. When iron has shown signs of cooling or is less red,

continue pouring into the furnace to avoid cracking.

Obtained a round, small and 40cm long iron bar after only 40 minutes of forging

The second iron bar is being forged

The round forging has been completed

Continue heating to create pliers

Top of the pliers after shaping

Locate the connection between the two pliers

Use sharp punches to make holes in the selected position

After completing the holes, install the connecting shaft

Grind the ends of the shaft to hold the pliers

Pliers after being completed

Burn the second piece of iron to forge a sharp knife

After an afternoon of forging

As night fell, I worked hard like a real blacksmith until everything was done.

the next morning

I went to get wood to make a knife handle

This is where I used the wood to make the cylinder cap of the air blower

The log I cut out the last time I went into the woods

Although the outer layer is a podium, inside is very strong, this wood has very good stiffness and resistance.

If kept dry, it can be used for several dozen to hundreds of years.

Take the outer class, then bring it home to me

Cut the log into small pieces

Choose the best piece to round and compact

After making the handle, I used the furnace to heat up the handle

When the hilt is heated, I put it into the handle

Because the wooden handle is too hard, it's not easy to put the knife handle in the handle,

so it took a long time for me to push the handle deep into the handle.

The knife is inserted into the handle

Sharpen the handle

Sharpen the blade

Knives are sharpened and used very well, for cutting wood very easily

The product is reached after 1.5 days of striving

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