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You're gonna kill me (laughing)


(Insert mutated horse noise)

Did I break your foot, dude?!

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Whats going on guys welcome to Dope or Nope. The channel in which we rate products aaand.. usually say nope


You guys are familiar with Tanner and Michael. It's the same show. You've been watching except now

It's not just me on camera

It may feel a little different may feel a little awkward while we figure things out may feel awkward just to look at them


Anyways, guys we're super excited for this change. Hope you can give us some support down in the comments below

today's video happens to be 10 products THAT...

Should be recalled should be recalled. Yes, right

So we're looking at kids products that are like what you should never give your kid back. I thought that was a good idea

No, not that was a good idea. Yeah. I'm just getting so nervous right now

(Everyone Laughing)

Where's my desk? So weird! People can see my body!

Alright, so first product check this out. We got a little TV up here. Can you see that TV?

You can kind of see it zoom in on that, Aaron

And by the way, Aaron's in the room with us now because he's live editing. Yeah, put put your face on that. Oh hello

Oh god, that's creepy.

school of hard block is for incontinence? M is for Mansplaining? -Nooo, god

They don't have a Mansplaining block. -Come on, but it's like play block -Ooo, religious cults


This is not for kids, come on.

But it's like play blocks -Oooh, religious cults

School hard blocks is a set of 12 concrete blocks and the only non approval- -Can you read from this distance? -It's kinda hard


The only non-approved learning aid to educate your children about the abysmal dystopian future we're all sliding towards wow

Wow, that's dark.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Did we mention they're made out of concrete?


Why don't you buy it? Wait, is this a video? Oh, it's a giant video. Heck yeah. (The world today can be a scary place). What is their?

Children's life relatable not with ordinary alphabet blocks

Kids, see? He was like, looking at a (...)

That's why we created the school of hard blocks. Well, it's normal alphabet. Yeah, everyone's a lot of hub teacher

- things like the birds and the bees


Oh, no, we got a scam! (Where do babies come from?)


When a mommy and daddy love each other very much- -Babies come from --BLEEP--

What is this???

what the heck? did you guys get me into! (laughs)

take me back to the old matthias!

what a one to start out with everyones thinking,like

Oh, they're being raunchy now, I'm a little concerned with this but disregard everything

They said I can confirm 100% storks.


-Moving on

Add to- to- just one set, please. Thank you. Maybe with the product. Oh my god. This is heavy life is hard here are some blocks

"It is more fitting for a man to laugh at life than to lament over it" -Seneca (Those words, tho)

Okay, is this laughing at it or is this obsessing? Oh, you know at first I thought that said ad pocalypse. I was like, "They get me!"

Exestential dread? Wow, I think that's called depression.

(Hello darkness, my old friend)

Well, I think that's fine, please give that one to Connor give this one to Pat.Why? He's from Texas. Ohh. It says "taxes"

I was like, "Is he having tax problems this season, or what??"

Over achieving co-workers... Oh my gosh, give that to Michael. Yeah with his hair trying real hard. This is so heavy though

You could like chip a tooth eating this. Yeah, this doesn't feel itself though its not that bad

he just agrees with me ,did you not hear what i said?

Yeah, you can chip a tooth with this I said eating it yeah


Funny guy so the next part of this process on Joker, nope

This is a one new thing

We're doing I'm gonna have to pitch this product to these fine gentlemen to see if I can get a dope

good luck because it's clearly a no forget about what they said because this is obviously just a gap but what in

This is gonna be tough. All right, what if this was the product what if it was a product?

Yeah, what if it was a good product?

All you did it was a dice and you rolled it out of all of these things and I was the only bad thing never

It ever happened to you. Are you saying I roll this dice and whatever ding I roll on this dice

That's what you have for the rest of your life, but you don't have any other problem down for that, right? Yeah

He's got misspelled tattoos. That's not bad

Okay, you can't hide from shame Michael?

On your ass means I need to roll me block now you're just sassy

What do you spelling here dude bullied yeah

I took my own back class. I am the bully so now I get bullied

Oh, and I think it's by you you tend to bully me a lot guys comment down below if you think I get bullied

Too much or do you like it? Because it's funny that

Thing said about the product if you make it into a game like that pretty don't say yeah, you'd say yeah dope yo

I'm gonna say all right, I'm gonna say no cool. You guys are crazy. This product sucks

Next oh, oh my gosh, so we have a rare collector blonde

I thought that he blue eyes cabbage

Did you guys pick this one for me is because blonde blue eyes looks like you look at that wild hairdo

Don't I try the Cabbage Patch snacktime?

Kid cpk California Pizza Kitchen. I love that. I love that place doll. Cherry. Why can't they smell anything, right?

oh my gosh, dude sold for

$115 us that sells lunchboxes from 15

So these babies are expensive and the reason why this park is recalled is because so you feed the doll

But kids were sticking their fingers in the dolls mouth and the dog is chewing like their fingers off stop

Doll was recalled by being unsafe as a plate. So I offer it to sale collectors only as he no, I don't know

I'm sorry, I think Cabbage Patch is the creepiest doll I've ever seen in my life even will creeper than Chucky

Look at that let's open up. I'm gonna try and feed her some fingers. We're gonna see how it goes. All right. All right

You're not gonna bite anymore fingers up

Just one more. She's got a backbone

Wait, what? Oh my gosh, Cherie. What have you been doing? Why did they make these things? Like they look like Oh beads. Yeah

What this?

Isn't a burden oh my god, that's not like a joke look

Dad, she's got some am I allowed to say?


Okay, she has a backpack to put things and let's go ahead and rip this out. So I was like bananas


She's like Dora

Look at this banana for a second if the lungs but the peels don't even go up to the tip of the banana

We came out of the backpack, yeah, well your girlie it falls into the back the high

Let's give her a pretzel looks like a spotted banana at this point. You like that cherry

that's showing settling and

That looks like a poop coming out

I'm sorry, ma'am. I'll take these and it's gone

You know people gum like they have their gums but no teeth yeah, it feels like

No frame of reference towards that okay. All right, no, no for sure whatever you guys stink guys

This product is from our edit page. So if you find weird crazy wacky products that you want us review

Click the link in the description so that way you guys can submit the products to art right? You were so nervous

I got a baby mom. Oh, no, I've seen this before who's this from Remy to M

So you put your poor child and it looks like a bunch of q-tips or strapped to a babysitter

This is just have a like a crawl a crawling baby. I'm still burping speaking of babies

Baby mom blue six and nine months like it has a specific angel while there's different. Yeah babies are different sizes

It's like a wow, it's so crazy. They have different songs like you need that the original since

1998 oh my bride anymore. They've been making it that long witness the moment when a person becomes

Like what it should look like what is with that?

The others yeah

Wow pretty song. All right tanner play rock. I could if you want if you I'm gonna try and put this on

No, I could do it you can't fit in that. You're fuckin you fit and then you wanna bet

Alright these risers need some help. I'm not helping you get dressed. You've already done it before what's stopping you

Never done. I don't appreciate your lack of support. I'm supporting you by watching you

That's all the viewers are doing. I can I can do it then. Well, I can't

Gonna happen, I could have sworn I could have slipped this on I slipped out way smaller

So here's what's up, right this product just imagine a baby actually wearing this project, right? This is gonna get dirty

Imagine if you have an actually dirty floor the kids moving around on this thing and they're just picking up dust

He's not gonna get your kids sick. Oh, you're right

That is that's just like crap all over it or your are you like?

All right time for replacement to do the rest of the floor. Okay

And then just lie. All right, put it back lazy about parents. You have to be to make your little baby, please


Already, yeah

You're gonna pay me to use this

Guy dance there's a lot of to dolls with mermaid bass. I remember this way wide my sister

I had a sister. I had a sister, you know, my sister anymore now Brian sugar, but

My sister had me this is like you

And they fly they fly and mermaids are meant to fly, but that doesn't make any sense. They meant to swim

Yeah, I never thought about that and the cards. Whoa

It's the white cloud one, oh my gosh, that is the creepiest looking cloud I've ever seen in my life. Look at this straight on

Two percent his nose and then it looks like Jay Leno does

Not sound good. That sounds like it works. All right

So before you launch this boy long, it was recalled because this product would fly and would scratch kids cornea cutting kids eyes

Yeah, this is evil to be careful. Wait a party. Yeah, so that's what it does, right

Maybe she flies out you

That's the 17-truck

This is can, we just say how undergo nama this is it's like grabbing like yeah. Hey Grubbs. Oh

I had to pull hard. There's no kids gonna pull that hard. Yeah, you're not that strong

that's about as high as it can go and that's probably why because it just went sideways and hid themselves in the you know in

The eye going up, but it could be because it's hold. So here's the thing

So my hands can do it better, I'm sorry, so I'm gonna go nope you asked for it what ask

Whatever I want I want more of it Frank pack my first fire standard size prank gift box, I like that

They're marketing as a prank product. But the fact that they're having kids mark it with Apollo ki this kid the pyro, man

Yeah, for sure. Look at that face. He is already

Why do they have the Cuban gassy

And there's so many problems with this looking batteries and putting weird stuff in the microwave

Can't hold a candle to daring delights of my first fire. Okay

Hey, why would I do any of those in the first place sort of Garrity to meet your match?

This is the most frightening thing. I think we've done. Yeah, I'm added to the cart

My first fire because the logs of fuel can I hop It doesn't come with fuel ,poker?. Oh, you know, I'm gonna need that

You wanna hold my hand? Yes, sir. I was like so curious. I was like I want to unbox this

i felt like a kid like where like their brothers birthday

like but maybe I

Present it's my boy. Guess what? I'm gonna fulfill your desires. I'm happy do it faster. Oh,

Nothing. It's a prank pack prank box. Wait lost off. What do you mean? It's a prank box?

You're supposed to put a different gift in it

standard-size prank gift box

Can we like flash back real quick? Aaron to like when you said it when you read it prank pack my first fire

All right guys, looks like I've been bamboozled. It's actually just a box and I got it I am gonna

Tell you now contents are flammable and fun's about I actually want this item refill your woodpile with genuine and dural logs

It's just a box so I'm gonna have to pitch this to you guys

All right, my first fire so what I'm giving this to a promaniac?

you can't be focusing on the kid with this because you're just gonna disappoint them because they actually want this gift and they're not gonna

Be getting into the box, but you can give this to the parent as a prank. It's literally just a prank, right?

It's just the product. So I'm gonna put maybe like some of those snakes or maybe some of those spiders inside of here

They're gonna like, oh my gosh my kids first fire. Oh so funny open it up and it's just a jungle in there

So it's like a double frame. Yeah

Like they open it up like wait a second. They're shaking the box. So the box is a misdirection for like jumping snake

Yeah for actual real danger

No, I don't like comes bro, I'm doing like side 1 Cobra get some black widows in there not a prank. No, it's a prank

Bro opens it up. I'm like Winston a new girl. I can't quite find my balance for pranks

So I'm gonna go over the top. All right, though

Also, you dope some on both rings. You're all about branch snakes and around the gift to an adult

I mean, I don't be scared. It worked. I think it worked. I went one point for Gryffindor you dude Teletubbies

1998 recalled naughty talking pio dog and I'm a naughty

Choppy, this is a red 16 inch tall plush 1998 recalled

Naughty version of the talking Oh doll from the children's television series Teletubby from a smoke-free home

They're showing a baby or something, yeah, we don't smoke so the baby is perfectly fine

- you have one without the packet which ones from the smoke-free homes. Oh

God they're both from smoke-free homes bo. It's the smallest Teletubby. She loves there's cubbies. Are they roll boys? Oh,


So predictable put him on you Michael. She loves to sing as she zips along her scooter who loves big hugs


How do we know it's a holiday they

Have to go big I think it's saying big

I think it's a normal boat. Oh you guys

You think we got ripped off? I don't think it was intended to be potty mouth

I think there's probably recalled because it sounded like something potty mouth. Maybe there's the the hug word they use yay

I don't like this immediately rating in know you're gonna give me a chance. No

My first date we have a normal before you my first bait juice cherries what refills sold separately? Okay

Okay, so they're saying it's a baby paper the vapor for your baby a vapor vaping it's a vapor

Like water vapor. He's like I'm so not up on the babe. I'm sorry. I'm not like ruining my body. Whatever

It's not ruin your body dude. It's enhancing your body, babe. Yeah, I think Captain America was made

Oils were intense. So obviously this is not a real product

This has to be one of those prank boxes, but we did find some other stuff having to do with it

As I said guys this is still a work in progress I'll just take that

We didn't find that but what we did find is equally as weird

It doesn't look that strange but I'm gonna I'm gonna show you why this is like really wonky and crazy Abby coming

All right. So here's the thing, right? This is a pipe

This is a pipe. They're all pipe the original babe the original baby bay

So this is kind of like that was a whole big meme. It was a joke

It went around the internet, but I mean I've seen these for years I've seen these for decades

It's a pipe your kid is blowing bubbles out of something that causes cancer

Am I the only one here or is like it still is the same you're still giving them that conditionings?

Maybe I'm thinking eyes. Okay Richards cool. Yeah, actually this works well with this set

Hold on a second. We got to keep these around. All right, who wants to blow some bugs?

Hey, oh, hey, sherry

I've a mission. It's sloshing OH. Oh my god

I think you can't put too much cuz I'm

Bubbles are tiny. It sounds like a personal problem

This is bad. I'm gonna try I can't fix this how sometimes some products aren't pitch Abul because here's the thing

Here's a negative thing about this product, right?

what if you suck your

tasted soap your mom ever make you once my mom put soap on my mouth and I threw up and then she was like

yeah, I'm not doing that anymore cheap you from that's why I don't eat thing because I like I

Yeah, you won't even take a chance of this that was it the hitch great one no

Princess pink pony up saddle. Stop. Why is he so happy? Is that matt patent game theory? Yeah

So it's a little sound like girls and or boys can ride around on their father or mother thing

Right, don't you already do this though? Yeah, exactly. But that is meaning I don't know what the difference is

But like yeah

I'll get on my fours and Luna will get on my back and she'll have a blast right because she's just trying to hold on

It's just you know, it's just a fun father-daughter thing that makes it weird. It's cuz it's taking it too far. It's too serious

Wow, there's so many of them. Look at all these daddies. Oh


Gotta see wait, what? Is that a police car? Oh, no, he's a police horse. Oh, you're right

They have those back in that inferior country. That is England. Am I right guys?

Go ahead and click that like button if you dislike that. Alright, and they car dude Add to Cart

I'm gonna add you to the car. I'm fine now

Thank you. So it comes in a bunch of different colors

I wish I got pink leopard but I'll take this warning adult supervision is required shocker. Daddy saddle opponent pony up daddy

That can't be the actual marketing tool but is Pony up that yeah, let's try it frog looks like you man

It doesn't like me. Oh, wow. There's the red end though. Can we find a redhead here? Darren redhead?

Right, so I'm gonna unravel this but this is a two-person product

So even though we're all like ah ha ha Tanner has to deal with it. I need one person down to right on top

We're close. Yeah, we've done this before

Good Michael you're about to learn the ropes

This is a pace a trial by fire for friendship the second you can ride on your friends back

That's how you know, you've made it. That's my butt look, you know in the last team ed video

This would have been helpful because I wrote up way too close to his neck

What was Oxford dictionary's us word of the year in 2013?


All right, so I hold what do I hold I hold this, okay

MATTHIAS: Wow he is moving!

Giddy Up!

You can't kill a horse that easy. What you mean?

Do I even need to pitch this to you guys? No, this is a guaranteed. Yes, right. We all agree. This is dope

No, so that I'll pitch it to you one day. You're gonna want a daughter right

but in order to get to that point you're gonna have to have a wife knowing you you're gonna want a wife that wants to

Keep things interesting

I'm canceling this pitch

Meeting over

This is dope

He goes 'Dope!'

You can't take it back he said 'Nope', I mean 'Dope'

(Pointing to Matthias) You said nope

I'll take the 50/50. Alright, it's your turn Micheal

1998 the dancing baby on board doll moving arms and hey, oh, this is from that gif

Yeah, like an early early meme like one of the first memes ever that. Oh my gosh, this is so

Unsettling. Can you do that dance?

What is she wearing a tunic? Like what is that?

Why is it a she?

I'm sorry I didn't mean to give you a pronoun

What's with the belly button?

That face is from nightmares that looks like my dad

Stick him on your window then watch his arms and head wiggle. Oh, it doesn't actually dance

It's just the arms and legs are loose so that when you're driving in your car it Wiggles on its own

It makes sense. Buy now

Wow a gift for myself

Level 10 acting, it all looks the same. This is from Kmart. Look at the branding on that it looks so like 90s

Ew, it's like discolored. Oh, it's wearing a mustard belt. Okay, so shake it. All right. Lick it first. What

I've licked a lot of things Michael lick that that baby the belly button

I'm not gonna do it. Wait what are you doing oh lick the suction cup? It has to be wet suction. I was like, who is this person?

did you just

Can you just imagine driving and seeing this baby

It's definitely no a dancing baby, it's a wiggling baby. Let's take a second to look at this face

does it actually look like an actual leg up there that what that looks like that face and

Yeah, it does that's dead-on accurate. What an odd baby face. There was just so much saliva on it

All right guys, as you know, I'm a dancer and I believe that dancing is the key to life

So really what better way I love dancing brings you happy. I think it's the key to light a key one of these

How about food and water? Those are two better keys?

Maybe breathing? We'll come up with three keys to

Anyway, dancing is one of the special keys to life.

So, what better way to

Make your baby happy in the backseat along with the other passengers on the road by just, ya know

You made a really good sound there now so like a huge leap from dancing to just all this and making your family happy

Yeah, cuz oh because we enjoy makes you have to like start with your baby. Give him a toy

I didn't buy it that happen. Yeah, I'm gonna be honest. I'm think I'm a selfish person

I can't have all my car window people are gonna look at that and judge me

What the heck I change it to a dope

That's upsetting. Oh

That is disgusting go back in buddy. The avenging narwhal action figure playset

Its spearing it that's vicious. It's called the event. It's like one of the Avengers

For centuries and all was a great mystery of the sea with the body of a whale in the horn of a unicorn

But many people believe that these fascinating creatures were harmless inhabitants of the icy waters

Is that how a narwhal kills? Yeah with this horn you think so

Yeah, it's like the unicorn of the sea. Is there horn really that long? Okay. Sure

I think that's no I can't believe that way now look wait, wait wait go back

Look, it will actually leave out of water to spear the deadly koalas from their perches. Hi now I'd be like

Okay, it's a totally true. I

They don't exist in the same biosphere they 100% do

Aaron Aaron can you help me out real quick Aaron. Google real quick. Okay, Google where our Narwhals? Greenland. Okay, Google where our Koalas? Australia. Not Quite the same thing!

Add to cart

All right, the avenging Narwhal with four magical tusks, oh it's on the packaging almost must be magical too

Yeah, they have magical tusks. These things can grant them wishes. This is not a joke Oh Tanner

Yeah, also look up on Google if they also have color-changing tusks

I need to know they do I just checked they do okay

It looked just punctured straight through that's so graphic. The fact they make you do the act of killing the penguin

It's kind of violent. Its upsetting and it's sticky dope or nope?

so if I names dope the fact you can actually pierce them and then like you can just use it up like maybe on your

Actually, correct

Shelves that show all the ways animals hunt. No Jesus. No, I got 50% Alright guys

I hope you enjoyed this if you got suggestions leave them down below and we will see you in the next dope or nope.

Which one of these videos or subscribe if you're new here? Alright, high five


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