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Saturday, September 12

The team of La Capsula Nerd (The Nerd Capsule)

It was at the Event


an event designed especially for fans of anime and manga

In the Historic center of Mexico City

Interviewing those who were there

Let's see what happened in such an interesting event

Good afternoon I am Zero.

and I am Zig Simmon

And we are here in the Plaza Pikashop from the historic center of Mexico City, In


We started the Event

it is 12 pm

and we're going up to the event

We will see that awaits us up here

We are excited

Lets Go!

Not many people even here

but it is that this is about to begin


with fans of anime and manga

What was the first anime you saw?

the first anime I saw was

Candy Candy

When I was 3 years Old

the first thing I saw was Anime

Nobody's Boy: Remi

in reruns of the 90s

the first thing I saw was Anime

Saint Seiya

I love the 12 Zodiac Temples Saga

the first anime I saw was Inuyasha

Anime, we are talking about Children, and we are talking about Pokemon

1st Season.

Sailor Moon

I almost do not see much of that but if I saw Dragon Ball Z

What was the first Manga you read?

The first manga to read was

Love Hina

It was my first Manga was Ken'ichi

I do not remember but I think it was Dragon Ball

the first time I read a manga was Sailor Moon

How to get started in the world Otaku or cosplaying ?

You see my friend, who is here beside me. And I wanted to dress up one of my favorites characters

Anime world since childhood that I started my family liked Draw

And basically what attracted me is drawing and gradually , I went deeper in the cartoons. they called my attention on TV

Are you mangaka ?

Something like that

Very nearly

We have a mangaka Very Nice!

Then. I started seeing more Animes , which called my attention and when I realized I was already in

We all do.


I started for my cousins ​​, all my cousins ​​without exepcion are otaku

They all began me to teach me all the Japanese culture and Anime

I loved what the Anime

and the first end It was Naruto

I made my appearance in Cosplay, was Captain America (The Original) when was the premiere of Avengers 2

I went Disguised

Later. My second adventure was with a group called

The Ice Team Cosplay

In March it was made in the Zocalo to El Angel De La Independencia

there I joined this group

and then eh been into this world of cosplay

and the truth if I liked me enough

And as always in this type of exhibitions you can not miss. The music, artists

and even found some Haters

Hello how are you


Hi I'm Zig Simmon for LA CAPSULA NERD For YOUTUBE and is Hell Zero

We are ...


Dude. It is the typical Hater


Are you Hater ?

Will you be bothering us?


Are you going to be attacking in the channel?



Are you going to put negative comments?

is going to be Chido (Good ). Dude!

Thank You...

is going to be Chido (Good ).


No We both hated

As the day wore on , also it had different activities.

He could not miss of course the Costume Contest that all Cosplayers participated


The Contest

and almost to finish the event

we were able to interview a mangaka who was doing there some nice cartoons

I'm doing

Quick Workouts of calligraphy and Sketch

Do you like manga and anime Obviously right?

Yeah.. and

Cartoons also Americans and Europeans

Yes? Yeah?

Do we you could show a little of what you do for our capsule ?

Yes of course!

Can we go to see? Yes Of Couse!

Thank You!

I did this when I get here


These I did yesterday

These were already in the Book Not much now!

Not much now!

We are here ...

What's Your Name Friend ?



Tell us

What was the first Anime you saw? or Manga you read?

The first anime I saw is called Slayer

Magic Kid saw him in the channel when there

and the first manga I read , was Sakura Cardcaptors


Tell us , how did you get started in the world of mangaka?


In the drawing?

Originally I did not like the manga

Titles that are very marketable not to my liking because they are very predictable

and then he began to Drawing Cartoons

and already there I started to read more manga Undergrounds

and I saw more custom drawing styles that are recognized by their Authors

and they made me want to do the same

Tell us what is your position on the cosplay?

The Cosplay?


Have you done cosplaying? YES!

Why is it that people do Cosplay?

people say, Do not do that cosplay is not good

and criticize Cosplayers

Critics youtube and girls who are otaku and Gamers

making channels and make Cosplay

and just because they are pretty or have attributes say things like

you should not do gaming on youtube

you should cook or anything

and because of misogyny

the pretty girl has no right to Gaming, play games, read manga and watch anime

I think it's a stereotype

Do not know why, think. That there Nerd or geek and otaku that can be beautiful and have their passion .

For this

anyone who can do both. cosplay draw or sing or anything to be your fun activity

should not be limited by gender or beliefs or way of dressing or even see what you're working.


Tell us what do you look forward?

In the world of comics and manga or drawings which it is what you dedicate yourself or even your Cosplay?

I hope so, I would love this to be more popular

I've been watching, because I started when I go to conventions was a little stealth

now ah been growing and given the opportunity to go and do events

and do this sort of thing

We had fun at the event eating, laughing what awaits us next year?

We had fun at the event saw contests, what awaits us next year?

They reported to La Capsula Nerd

Hell Zero & Zig Simon.

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