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hello today i want to show you my kitchen and what i have all stored in my cabinets so i have a very

small kitchen i would have liked it to be a bit bigger but this is kind of a normal size for the

kitchens here in our social rent homes unless you maybe have a bit of a bigger home but even then

they are still very small and i still would like to change it a little bit to make it better but

for now i will show you what i have so in my first cabinet i keep my glasses and some of the bowls

and also my oil and apple vinegar salt and just some mix of herbs that i use for mostly everything

when i cook and in this little jar i keep some herbs for the soups but i will try to make my own

from scratch and make it natural because i know that they have some additives in them even though

they are organic it's still not ideal and here i have my salt usually i would put it in another

jar as well but i did not have a jar left over so i just keep it like this for now and i have

olive oil and apple vinegar here i have a pill box and i use it to divide my vitamins in it so that

i so that i know which which ones i have taken and which one's not it makes it a bit easier for me to

not have to think about that so here i have my box of vitamins i will have to admit that i have a bit

too much right now but i have figured it out for myself now and i will use way less when this is

all used up i know which vitamins are important for me and i have four plates i have my coffee

over there and i use paper coffee filters and i do put them in the compost bin for me it's a

little bit too difficult to clean up the zero waste ones that i have to wash all the time

so therefore i use the ones that i can put in a compost bin for now and i actually have two coffee

mugs but one but one of those i'm using right now so it's not in the cabinet and i have made up this

method for myself in which i either choose natural things to enter my home or things that are in the

color white and this makes it very easy because otherwise it's difficult for me to maintain

the everlasting desires and the longing that never stops for new things for constantly replacing

things for never being satisfied with what i have i noticed that i can get very sensitive when i see

other people on social media or youtube other minimalists having very pretty coffee cups or

teacups that are handmade and earth tones and i think they're beautiful but i get so tired of

always wanting something different something more never feeling rested enough never just being

content with what i have so to make it easier for myself and to kind of diminish this feeling of

always wanting something else and always wanting the most prettiest most the thing that is handmade

to always have this striving and longing and never feel good enough with what i have

i just buy things that are very basic and that match the things that i already have

and so it may not be this perfect instagram picture or something like that but at least

it brings so much peacefulness into my life and this is my draw and i have two large spoons

that i use for cooking or to not scratch my pan or also to mix salads and things like that i have

three knives and one knife that i used to cut i've got two spoons and i lost one of my forks during

the move but for now one is sufficient enough as well and i received a lot of keys when i moved in

here and i just keep them here because i probably will have to return them back i have a scissor

and two little teaspoons and i also have my car keys there this is a bio compostable garbage bin

that i use to put the compostings in and the other one is just a regular garbage bag and sometimes

you need that one too for the things that cannot be composted and this is my little dishwashing

stationery i have my soap which is aleppo soap and one soft brush and a metal brush for

things that come off a bit more difficult in the bottle i just have vinegar to clean the kitchen

and in this drawer i have all of the things that don't really belong anywhere and in one

box i have stuff for my pets and i also have some matches again because it was such a hectic year i

have bought some of some things a bit of a stock and i'm trying to use it up right now

because i don't like to have stocks in my home of things and here i have some painkiller just

in case of emergency a lint roller and my himalayan salt and that one is a thermometer

also because it was a hectic year i felt like i needed to have one in this cabinet i i keep some

of the jars with some food and in this one i have some bigger things that don't fit anywhere else

here i have my pressure cooker to get the lectins out of certain vegetables kibbles for my pets and

my soda stream maker and here i keep my pots and pans and i have one plastic box to store things in

so these metal sponges come in a package and two of them i have to store somewhere

i don't like to see the packaging of stuff and all the words written and the colors so i usually

put them in jars that i recycle or i try to get the labels off i think my peace of mind and visual

clutter is important for me so i don't mind doing that sweet potatoes or jams and a plantainium

and here i have my other food coconut flour that i like to use millet

and this is a sugar substituents i think it is erythritol not sure if i pronounce that good

and that is a little bit of almonds flower still left i have to fill that up cinnamon

and that is almond peanut butter and a jar of spirulina that i drink every day of

i just mix it with sparkling water i kind of like the taste and this was a i thought sugar-free

sport drink but there's also a bunch of stuff in that apparently is not good even though i

bought it in a biological store but i will use it up and then i will not purchase a new one

i have some sushi rolls i sometimes put it into smoothies or just eat it because i know that

it is healthy and and a bag of flaxseed that i wanted to use but i never even opened it up so

sometimes we have that we buy something but then we don't use it and some other seeds coconut oil

and i have three pans that i use all made out of steel it's the only material i like right now

i hope you enjoyed the kitchen tour i appreciate you all so much

thanks for watching and i hope to see you next time again

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