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hello everyone welcome to TDI welcome to a whole new world of drones today

popularity and demand for drones is increasing exponentially due to

multi-purpose personal and commercial usage so without wasting your precious

time let's speak in our list on the 8 best and the most expensive drones in

the world

number eight walkera voyager three what kara voyager three is a drone developed

by a modern technology company called Walkera

the drone has a gps and glonass dual navigation copter allowing incredible

user experiences for those who are older than 14 years old and have some

experience already with the usage of drones it has a three axis gimbal which

allows you to make a stable video footage with real-time video feeds on

the f12 II RC controller the drone has a 360-degree camera view only by flipping

a switch and has the wingspan of 13 point 6 inches and is quite heavy in

terms of weight weighing around 3.6 kilograms or 8 pounds this drone is made

up of ABS plastic carbon fiber and aluminum to ensure higher resistance to

Falls or crashes the propellers and arms are made from carbon fiber this drone

can record 4k videos at 30 frames per second and 1080 pixel clips at 60 frames

per second it has a 3000 mAh 8 s battery allowing the flight time of just over 20

minutes and has a transmitter equipped with 12 channels of 2.4 gigahertz with

an fpv monitor

number seven DJI Mavic pro drone DJI Mavic pro drone

has a flight time of 27 minutes and a flight control range of around seven

kilometers it has physical stabilization with three axis gimbal 4k video

resolution and has a maximum speed of 65 km/h in sports mode it has a 12

megapixel camera a GPS GLONASS sensors provides HD footage up to 120 FPS 4k

video at 30 frames per second and ultimately see 4k up to 24 frames per

second it supports a microSD card of 128 gigabytes has a battery of 3008 30 mAh

light pro 3s an operating frequency of 2.4 gigahertz and speed of around 14

km/h in normal mode the drone is highly portable and easily foldable with

average dimension design has automatic gesture controls for selfies or other

tasks this drone also offers super slow time-lapse shots at a speed of 2 miles

per hour the cost of this drone is 999 dollars

number six DJI inspire 1 pro the DJI inspire 1 pro is a quadcopter which

provides bird's-eye footage this drone has a lens of 15 millimeters and 45

millimeters focal length and has a single battery of 6s 5700 mah 22.8 bolts

lipo battery its propellers are around 14 inches long and has a distance of 18

inches between the propellers allowing it to move freely

due to its sonar and optical flow sensors it can track the moving objects

and follow them as well providing one of the best aerial footage experiences you

can have it has an average flight time of 17 to 18 minutes and captures the

video footage at 4k with 30fps and at 1080 pixels up to 60 frames per second

the drone offers good low-light photography which can conclude that its

images seem to be taken from a tripod in the sky it has a zero signal lag between

remote control and a quadcopter the drone is based on the most advanced

technology has aerodynamic lightweight body and 12 megapixel camera with 94

degree wide angle a 360-degree camera rotation the cost of the DJI inspire 1

pro is around $3,000

number five Aaron's firefighting drone Aaron's

firefighting drone is a unique and innovative drone by a company called

Airness limited this drone is designed with a purpose to outperform and at the

same time assist firefighters compared with the ordinary drones this drone can

fly up to a height of 300 to 400 meters and weighs around 55 kilograms it is a

square-shaped drone with a length and width of 3 meters the primary purpose of

this drone was to reach areas which are dangerous or impossible for humans to

combat the fire and shoot water or phones it can shoot water and foam

through the front nozzle at a speed of 100 litres per minute with a maximum

pressure of 200 bars generally with these kinds of functionalities the drone

becomes weaker however this firefighting drone is different and to work swiftly

even with these advanced functions it can even lift and rescue people with a

weight less than 145 kilograms it is able to operate in narrow spaces and can

avoid obstacles in flight mode it can also be used for cleaning and

maintenance purposes for high-rise buildings or structures the cost of this

drone varies between 3,500 to $6,000

number four

mitrice 600 pro mitrice 600 Pro is the largest drone made by the company DJI it

has a six rotor system and was built for heavy lifting performance it has

pre-installed arms and antenna which reduces the time required for setup of

the drone for the purpose of lifting the drone is equipped with actively cooled

motors controlling the temperature of the battery and also has an intelligent

flight battery allowing it a flight time of 40 minutes the drone has a total of

six batteries and allows a 360° circular view it has a retractable landing gear

and allows flexibility to attach and detach professional-grade cameras for

aerial photography the drone has a long range up to five kilometers allows

professional HD transmission offers compatibility with onboard sdk for

building software for various purposes it has a flight time of 15 minutes with

13.2 pounds of payload and 35 minutes with zenmuse x5 our camera furthermore

it provides a live video to the user at 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second

number three free flight alta eight

the freefly alte h comes with a 360-degree camera which offers a

circular view the drone offers the tip quick-release function which allows

incredible speed flexibility and creativity

free fly alta h is weather resistant and can easily bear harsh weather conditions

the drone is made up of lightweight plastic which allows it to move around

freely it has a flight time of around 35 minutes when unfolded it is 52 inches in

diameter when the arms are folded the diameter can reduce up to 50% of its

size it has eight rotors which are equipped with f45 silent drive motor

equipment which provides a maximum 6300 RPM it has such other amazing features

as well including vibration isolator 3 watt RGB LEDs fpv mount and

quick-release feature has the latest GPS technology and allows fusion of that

data with IMU and barometer the drone can also be controlled by 2 users at the

same time it is very useful for professional photography the cost of an

Alta eight is $17,000

number two DJI inspire to cinema premium

DJI inspire to cinema premium is a highly valued and premium drone which

has a space of around 19 inches between the propeller arms allowing the drone to

move around freely the drone has a flight time of around 27 minutes and has

a flight control range of under 7 kilometers as far as this speed is

concerned the DJI inspire has an impressive speed of a 94 km/h it also

offers 1080p full HD resolution video footage in order to meet the highest

professional filmmaking standards this drone uses an S 35 image sensor and

offers a 6 K cinema DNG RAW and a wide dynamic range of up to 14 stops it has

the world's first integrated aerial lens mount that allows the drone to switch

between four available prime lenses quickly and easily this drone is a

perfect match for aerial photography as it provides five four hundred eighty

gigabyte cine SSDs eight intelligent flight batteries for the purpose of

extended flight time and allows the powerful combination of sentence and

crystal sky DJI inspire to costs around twenty thousand five hundred dollars

number one he hang 184

talking about the most expensive drones in the world he hang 184 tops the list

created by a Chinese company we hang this drone is valued at a whopping price

of $300,000 he hang 184 was built with the purpose of transportation and

traveling of one passenger weighing less than a hundred kilograms it also ensures

the safety of the passenger through the auto landing feature in case of any

trouble this drone is 100% eco-friendly with no harmful emissions and is only

charged by electricity roughly the flight time for the ehind 184 is around

23 minutes and up to the range of 10 miles on full charge this drone offers a

top speed of 81 miles per hour it would take you a maximum of four hours to

charge the drone however the charging can vary depending

on the usage of the drone by its user ie hang company is planning to upgrade the

drone and has already tested a two-seater version of the drone carrying

up to 280 kilograms of weight thanks for watching

which drone did you find the most impressive and why let me know the

reason in the comments section below I'll catch you guys in my next video


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