Practice English Speaking&Listening with: claudio joins me in the bath of emotion | Nothing Much To Do

Difficulty: 0

(music playing in background for entire video) Benedick: Ok so it turns out parties aren't this hub of

B: Of teenage life

B: They're just this

B: Gateway to a spiral

B: Of doom

B: Awkwardness and-

(door opens and music gets louder) B: And broken

Claudio: Oh sorry I didn't realise you were already there, I'm sorry B: Heeyyyy man!

B: It's ok, it's ok, I'm not, I'm not taking a bath

B: You silly billy

C: Are you drunk?

B: I am a little tipsy, yes

C: Are you in a bath?

B: God he's stating the obvious now, isn't he?

C: Right, ok, I'll see you later

B: N-n-n-n-no come back, come back, come back

B: Sit, look, sit down, sit down

B: Sit down

B: Sit down

C: Come on, the door (door closes and music gets quieter)

B: Ah, would you like a drink?

B: I don't actually know what it is

B: But it's so good, it makes my tongue go all tingly

C: Nah, I'm alright mate

B: You sure?

C: Yeah, yeah

B: Alright, okey dokey

C: Are you filming this?

B: God well, you're really only stating the obvious aren't you?

B: Yes I am, the camera

B: The camera

B: It's very

B: Thera-

B: Thera-

C: Therapeutic?

B: Therapeutic

B: You're so smart

B: Therapeutic, it, it takes your sadness

B: And it makes it go

B: Sssssshhhhhhzzzzzz

B: Ssshhhhzzzzzz

B: Sshhhzzz

B: Poof

B: Like tears in the rain

B: Ohh, pretty

C: He lied to me

B: Who did? The camera?

B: Ohh C: No, no

C: Not the camera, the captain

C: Our captain

B: Pedro?

C: Yeah

B: Well what did he do? I mean he's thrown this exhaustively downer party

C: Yeah, he's only gone and gotten the girl of my dreams

B: Was that not the plan though?

C: Yeah

B: So there's nothing to worry about, right? A-

B: Ohhh

C: Yeah

B: Unless he hasn't

B: Gotten her

B: For you, he's gotten her

C: From B: From

B: You

C: Yeah

B: See this

B: Is what I'm talking about ok

B: The party has been infected by

B: A thing, a

B: A sadness bug

B: I mean it's got Claudio

B: Claudio? Claudio

B: (indecipherable)

B: I mean have you ever seen him this sad?

B: Look at his little face

C: That hurts

B: I know it does buddy but you will get over it

B: Cause you're a brave little soldier

B: You're gonna be okay

C: Yeah I just, I think I need a minute to myself mate so

B: Oh yeah, yeah, course man, course

B: Course, of course

C: Like seriously,can- I- j-

B: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, go for it, go for it

B: I'll, I'll take care of the camera

B: It's ok, you go, you go

C: Just um

C: Say goodbye to Hero for me I guess

B: Okay

(door opens and music gets louder) C: See you later B: Seeya!

(door closes and music gets quieter)

B: Alright then

B: That's done and dusted, we're gonna end that and I'll see you again in a bit

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