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Why Ask 'Who Am I?' (with subtitles)

Why bother asking a question 'Who am I?'

Satsang with Mooji

Why would you ask a question like this?

No one in the world requires you

to go so deeply in introspecting.

You don't need it for a job.

You don't need it to get married.

You don't need it to buy a house.

You don't need it to learn a new language.

You don't need it for anything, in fact.

If it has come, something very different must be coming,

like some inner compulsion to find out something.

Perhaps to break out of this habit, conditioning,

a way of thinking that you've learned

that is not original to your being.

Through this question many beings came out of confusion forever,

free from the fear of dying, from the fear of living,

free from the sense of other.

[Questioner] I ask that question when I find my mind is racing.

[Mooji] Yes, yes.

The mind is racing and something feels disturbed by it,

because it can be! Listen please!

It's possible that the mind is racing

and you are in total peace.

If you don't try and follow the mind or quieten the mind

or judge, 'It shouldn't be. This is wrong.'

Let the galloping mind be galloping. It doesn't matter.

If you keep your attention here, how long can the mind gallop for?

Who hears this? I don't know.

The mind thrives on the oxygen of your attention

and your belief gives mind that power, that potency.

Without interest, what you call the mind and thoughts giving trouble

have no power at all!

They have no power at all.

Let the mind be around for practical duties.

If you are confused as to who you are,

the mind will be a bad master.

[M.] The mind is galloping. Are you galloping? [Q.] Sometimes.

[Mooji] It feels like this. This is also a thought,

which itself is the mind.

You are the witness of that. You are aware of this.

If this is clear for you, that you're not that which is following,

that has to do something about the mind and all of this ...

It itself is the mind, all of these are thoughts.

You are just the space inside of which this play appears.

Attention is your most potent instrument.

When attention is running with mind,

you have the sense that you are running.

'I'm troubled.

I wish I could stop all these thoughts that are there.'

Leave them to be there.

Don't say the leaves of the mind shouldn't tremble,

or they should be no waves in the ocean.

Let them be there, they do nothing to you.

You are just that intelligent principle that can witness them,

if you care to.

Sometimes you don't care to give your energy to even notice them,

so they die down very quickly.

If you feel inclined to notice them,

they may still die down quickly, but you are not troubled.

Give permission for your mind to be as fiery as it can be.

Don't identify and see what happens.

Say the mind can be as loud and fiery as it can be,

but don't identify.

Don't panic. Don't identify. Keep quiet. And see what happens.

That principle you call the sage

has learned only to ignore all of that.

Through understanding they know that

that function of the mind cannot return them to who they are.

They don't even have the idea that they left,

so there's no return to happen, once you're clear!

And the purpose of being here

is to be completely clear about it.

You're not the one who moves.

You are never going to happen! Happenings happen in you!

You are not going to happen.

You are the witness of all happenings.

Initially, we are the active witness of these happenings,

because there is interest.

Gradually, we become more or less passive witness of it.

Meaning that we are unconcerned about it.

After passive witnessing, there is no interest.

When there is no interest, there is no registration.

When there is no registration, there is no recognition.

When there is no recognition, nothing happens.

Nothing happens.


I use these terms 'when ... then ...', but it's just a play.

It is now, actually.

What are you doing now?

Even if there's some attempt inwardly to try and get this,

that's just a sort of play occurring in you.

You're noticing this attempt, this effort, this energy.

From where are you looking?

And as what are you looking? See if you can find out.

Don't identify.

If you identify, you carry some identity,

and where there is an identity, there is a sense of an 'I-entity'.

See if you can find this 'I-entity',

apart from a thought.

How long will it take you?

You are the absolute principle,

you manifest as this dynamic knowingness.

The feeling 'I am' is your ability to taste existence.

It is out of your 'I-am-ness' that functioning of the world

and the tasting of all of these flavours

are occurring to you, as 'I am'.

You are aware of that presence, the sense of presence,

that intuitive feeling, the sense 'I exist'.

Nobody gave this to you.

Out of this 'I exist' feeling

perception of all of this comes for you.

You're behind.

I say behind, but is it really behind? I don't know.

Can the infinite be behind? I don't know.

Or presently, perhaps we're not clear it's infinite.

This is why I ask you, Do you have a form?

Do you have a form, a fixed form? If you have a fixed form,

then something can notice that fixed form.

If there is noticing of the fixed form,

then that noticing is earlier than the form itself,

because it watches the form appear and disappear.

But it doesn't disappear.

I am hoping that these words aren't too complex!

The deep seeing through all of this is noiseless,

concept free, wordless, thoughtless.

Words are only to convey, to point towards this thing.

Your seeing is imageless.

[background music]

[Q.] Thank you.

[Mooji] Thank you.


[Mooji] When there is no interest, there is no registration.

When there is no registration, there is no recognition.

When there is no recognition, nothing happens.

Nothing happens.

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