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Hello, my dear! i'm really glad to see you on my channel again!

Well girls, today is a new tutorial! Let's go!

So, yesterday we made a correction on these nails,

and today we will draw a design on them.

And today, when drawing the design, we will clearly see how the design

can correct or slightly change the shape of the nails.

So, from the client I was given the following task:

It is necessary to make such a design so that you can not see how the nails grow,

because this client will come to me not in a month, but a little later.

Therefore, we decided to depict the design in the french area,

but on one hand we made a figured french.

I mark the movement of the future service with a marker and

immediately divide it into parts with which I will continue to work.

That is, I get something like a snail, which is twisted from different parts.

And note: as soon as I put the lines that are across the width of the nail,

the nail immediately becomes a little more in width.

This will be especially noticeable when you see two hands together, although the form of sawed nails, a

s you saw at the beginning, were initially identical,

The nails were lonely narrow.

But in the finished result, the nails on this hand will look a little wider.

So, we have ready outlines for our coloring,

and now we are painting all this in order to rub the pigment.

I have gel paint without residual stickiness and the pigment will not stick to it

if I draw it in its pure form, because it does not have a sticky layer.

In order for this paint to have a sticky layer, I mixed the paint with the foil gel in a 2: 1 ratio.

That is, 2 parts gel paint and 1 part foil gel.

And I get a bright white color with a sticky layer.

With this color, I alternately color the zones that I want and

after drying for 10 seconds, I rub the pigment into it.

And so I will do with the entire composition, which I portrayed on the nails.

That is, I need to: draw, dry and rub the pigment.

If there is a lot of excess pigment, then after applying it, I have to brush off the excess pigment.

Link to all the material used in this video, I will leave you in the description.

There you can find everything.

And there will be nothing more difficult here, so let's enjoy the process.

Dear foreign viewers! Thank you for watching our channel!

We are very pleased to read your comments!

We look forward to your new comments, opinions and questions.

You can also try to repeat any design on my channel.

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Use #Irepeatforshulunova, so I can see your results.

We look forward to your works! And I wish you a good luck!

Do you know that I have many online courses?

In these courses, I can teach you how to draw a wide variety of designs.

In these courses, I can teach you how to draw a wide variety of designs.

I practice such teaching and I can say that

such training will be an excellent development for your career as a master.

If this is interesting for you, then you can ask me your questions,

and I will be happy to answer all of them.

So, we have fully prepared the preparation of our design and we are left to make detailed drawing.

That is, we need to resume those lines that were lost in the process of coloring.

Always look very neon pigments in black outlines.

Therefore, I take the black paint without residual stickiness and on the surface of the top coat,

we draw our lines and try to make them even throughout the thickness.

And on this our design will be ready.

These are amazingly juicy and summer nails we have today.

Abstract design in any moment of life and in any situation will not be superfluous.

Be sure to take this design into service.

The only thing that try to do smaller lines aimed in the width of the nail,

it is better if you make this design in length.

And that is all for today!

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And I say goodbye to you today! See you soon! Bye!

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