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if there is a absolutely take-out hygiene that takes out violence

so then there'd be no war

there'd be no hurting people can be behind all foreign brown's let's be fair

we'll be making a lot of picnic modifications are just as well the

passage so will the non-violent

everybody outside of our country and in other words i have so possibly you know

the the equivalent of barbarians assorted seat for the civilized marlboro


this seems like a big macs with a huge gray area

and you'd be surprised to find out that a lot of people have probable dot to

princess anne

but let's make it real soul

first off would you modify your children and this is there a way to make them

more all but two

make the resistant to disease or taller or more symmetrical come out of it and

make them a beauty and


because that would be useful to have a lot of or do you uh... could have been

modified in some way i'm sure we all got hangups that with adult tweety bird the

endangered and just what we got ripped would you want a bath

from such a perfect specimens the obviously shame to destroy nobody's

going to do to improve

but what do you think and

well when i was a kid i wanted to play tennis job

i thought i get one elementary you know if you have a

kind of a wide seconds you're not outright ban like every lindsay i mean

it's a kid

and i feel like

you know i wouldn't be the landslide was perfect and i kind of like means so

and effect what i feel like the commenters will give you enough

then in the face of delhi completely rational wrong and we think it's a

beautiful sigourney weaver and his hikari as gyi i think it will


reaches not only about them fear sheer physical force i think it's hot in you

don't want to now we all agree ourselves and say i wish i would face i wish i was

i had widening to

and sad

jealous in this situation i wish i could get hung up on inside your whatever it

may be

but i don't think that we should go in and change the things about us if that

makes us human and what makes us relate to other people and makes us unprovable

and a lot of these are not in the

five aa imagining you like your long blonde

hair amazing body intelsat satellite ko home are like the idea of some exit from

this woman at thirteen she doesn't mean that we have all happy issues we all

have issues and and for that for you improve yourself

inject soaked with blood flow

should we allow genetic engineering a children's season physically or morally

now doctor you belong

happens and how i know it


suddenly very sad sight smell the expert

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i think were guard lists of how i felt all boats headed no because i've liked

brave new world tentative you know in a web site may well be there

matter because it's going to happen

they're going to be able to change the title of her colorado keller

you got on the ball i guess i guess right after this is really bad people

like paris hilton are like lining up

to go and have their high colors are teaching save her eye color yes sheet

metal have lice has brown eyes she went like contact for like four years you can

get it done presently you can right now dont get your eye color changed to

believe that our great of it will be coming back to school grads in the next

episode of colorado will come out that i think that would be i like greg um...

no no president reagan and i have a plate that's true don't want to be like

the guys stupid should hurt the amount that i like people with blue eyes are

treated better than man on the ground socially

says the woman who

their contract they're not going to get back to my right leg

they're not going to have everything for winners and green contacting any of that

i think that this technology is gonna come and whether or not it's legal i

think people are problem that they have a look at some point because

we can talk about the reason that obvious blah blah blah but some point

your kids going to be born in you want that came to be

as fosamax healthy as intelligence files

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