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will the new Etsy ODR policy cause your shop to get kicked off? Will you lose

your Etsy shop because of some bad reviews that you could not control will

you lose your livelihood will you still be able to pay your bills so many

anxious questions to answer in this video I would like to address all of

these concerns go over the policy with you guys kind of explain what some of it

means because there's been a lot of talk in at sea forums and at sea Facebook

groups etc of these exact fears some people may not have gone to this page

and actually read what is going on so in this video I'd like to address those

things but first if you are new to this channel my name is Dave please consider

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e-commerce and personal success and let's get started

so what is the Etsy OTR policy it's the order dissatisfaction rate and with this

new policy that came into effect a month or two ago it says that if you you need

to maintain a level of over 1 percent of satisfied customers or no no no sorry

take that back your level of dissatisfied customers

cannot be above 1 percent so this literally translates to out of every 100

reviews if one of them is bad if is that two stars are lower or a case results in

this order then you could get your shop kicked off of Etsy that is the narrative

that everybody has been you know running with and subscribing to in their minds

but it's actually a little bit more complex than that there's some other

specifications that need to fall in line with your shop to get you kicked off of

Etsy so first let me ask well let me answer you know will this policy cause

your shop to get kicked off theirs yes and no reasons so you

if you're bad at customer service and you you know cling on to every dollar

that you receive through your Etsy shop and you're not willing to work with any

customers and you just you know stand your ground say no review no refunds etc

then yeah you know you're you're at risk because you might piss some people off

and that's not really a good mindset to be in anyway clinging on to every single

dollar that's just like not a good vibrational state to be in period in

life you know hoarding money and not you know letting it flow through you to you

away from you freely that's a whole nother topic obviously so yes if you're

bad at customer service and you're not willing to budge on anything and yes you

will get your shop kicked off if your products suck and you're they're not or

they're not depicted correctly resulting in bad reviews so you know if you made

you took one picture of your product and it's like the best version of that

product that can you can ever make and then all the other products that you

send out when somebody orders through that listing is just like totally half

that quality or less than half of that quality and people are getting angry

that whoa this is not what was in the photo

this is terrible etc then yeah you're gonna get bad reviews and you could get

kicked off of Etsy for this so there's tons of yes reasons why you could get

kicked off and I'm sure you watching this you know your specific ways of how

you could get kicked off and how you could let your shop slip into the

damnation of Etsy's judgment so so you can explore those reasons yourself with

each individual unique shop that is out there you being the viewer here today so

and then there's also knows there's a lot of knows you know no you're not

gonna get completely kicked off of Etsy because if you don't completely suck at

Etsy you know and add customer service and and you know just making your

customer happy then know you're not going to get

booted because there's actually a pretty large criteria that you have to fill and

fit in order to be booted and this crowd all these criterias are actually pretty

easy to hit if you do suck for example they give you're breaking policy on Etsy

and you're like drop shipping stuff that you completely don't make and you maybe

you don't even touch it and it's not round a man because the only drop

shipping allowed on Etsy is print-on-demand so if you're actually

breaking the rules and just drop shipping on Etsy and Etsy you didn't

fall either nobody reported you or as he didn't find you in time to to ban your

shop then this is how they're gonna weed these shops out so there's there's you

have to meet all of the following criteria right here warnings will only

be sent if a shop meets all of the following criteria has an OD are ordered

a Sat dissatisfaction rate that is 1% or higher okay that's everybody that's like

pretty much everybody's foot out the door right usually the expression goes

as to your foot in the door this is everybody pretty much this is

everybody's foot in the door because a lot of people have an OD are higher than

1% I definitely do and well I haven't calculated it but I I'm very close to it

however everybody you know out of 100 reviews you statistically speaking

you're bound to get one customer that either you didn't make happy either had

high higher expectations than you try to make them happy or that customer just

sucks as a human in general so that there's plenty of situations where most

people are gonna fit this od are higher than 1% okay so that's everybody's foot

out the door but this is where it gets you know a little bit safer because you

have to meet all of these criterias you have to have at least three orders with

a case or lower view since the shops first sale that is pretty much for just

really tiny shops I don't really know why they specify this because if you

have an OD R that's 1% or higher then you know you're gonna hit this one -

most likely so I would imagine maybe that's just

shops for like just a few sales and just a few reviews that are just getting

started so the next one is you know you're you're a big safeguard and then

I'll talk about another safeguard that's right after this as well so you have to

have two or more orders placed within a 60-day evaluation period that resulted

in a case or low review so that means you have to get a warning then they're

evaluating you and you have in that evaluation period you have to continue

continuously be dropping the ball and continuously sucking so if you don't get

your act together after the warning then yeah you're gonna get booted and maybe

you deserve to get booted because if you if you aren't getting your stuff

together then you know Etsy wants to weed you out and you know since Etsy is

one big platform some people group in all of Etsy all of the sellers into that

one generalization so I've seen reviews from just Etsy shoppers that say I will

never shop on Etsy again and those are those people that generalize all of Etsy

calm into one generalization because of one experience they had so so it may be

a good thing that people are getting weeded out like this sure it's scary it

definitely don't get me wrong it is kind of crazy that you know Etsy is again

manhandling us into compliance when their customer service sucks really bad

there's smart customer service representatives don't get me wrong

but for the most part it's it's pretty bad it's it's pretty sad too a lot of

the time if they're busy you'll get that automated email back and it'll say hey

we're just being upfront that this is an automated email and if you have us if

you still have a problem then reply to this email like you know Wow okay okay

anyway that's another topic as well so you have to be going through this

evaluation period and and there's another 90-day evaluation

period so what this is essentially this ODR policy is essentially just a

safeguard and like a section in their policies that kind of they can refer

back to if somebody is continuously giving bad customer service or sending

out bad products or whatever it may be they're continuously doing bad on Etsy

they can refer back to this policy and say here look we told you so you gotta

go you know so that that it's not all doom and gloom because most shops won't

get a warning and even if they do get a warning and an evaluation you know the

human behind that evaluation will be able to tell okay this shop is a

handmade shop oh we can see why this may happen we can see my why this may happen

and chances are you're not gonna get banned from Etsy if you are you know

conscious of this policy then you have to pretty much try really hard to get

booted you have to really really mess up to get booted and one last scary aspect

before you know I continue telling you that it's okay is that if you mess up

with one shop they might permanently revoke your buying and selling

privileges in any account that you have so if you mess up on one shop they might

boot you on another shop a one-way around that one really smart way around

that would be to have one of your shops if you if you if you foresee this might

happening might be happening to you then one way around that would be to have one

out one at C shop under an LLC and have just the LLC's name and then the other

Etsy shop under your personal name that would be a quite hilarious way around

that because they can't I'm pretty sure they couldn't differentiate between you

know who the owner is you know on my shop my LLC is the owner so

they they couldn't come to my other shop which is under my name and say hey

goodbye so you you you there's a lot of ways that you could get banned there's

plenty of ways that you're safe okay this policy it's kind of not again like

it stings that they're just like elbowing us and manhandling us into this

again you know you do have to keep in mind is their website and they create

they make the rules so it does sting that you know they're

making this policy but at the same time it's you're gonna have to try really

really hard to to mess up so I hope that you guys enjoyed this I hope that you

guys feel better better about this after watching this video and I'll see you in

the next video have a beautiful day please give me a like on this video and

also tell me your comments in the section below tell me your thoughts any

questions and remember to have a beautiful day goodbye

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