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Here we're again, with the final episode of Radboud Recipes!

And that's why we are not going to cook with a regular student.

Like past episodes.

No, we're going to cook with Han van Krieken, the president of Radboud University.

I have no idea what he is going to cook.

It is supposed to be a dish he cooked when he was a student, but we will see!

And there you are, sitting at the president's table, not something you get to do everyday.

Well I do it everyday!

Well that makes sense.

I understood that we are going to cook something from when you were a student, what is it exactly?

It's called an eastern grains and beans dish.

I found the recipe in a book, that was very popular back then. It's called: food from mother earth.

It had all kind of food in it, that I didn't know existed.

And it's a dish we really liked, so we still make it sometimes.

It sounds good, but what ingredients do we need to make it?

Well yes, every time I get to cook something I place it all on the counter top, to make sure I'm not forgetting something.

And apart from this I'm going to make a salad, to put on the side.

So those ingredients are also laying here.

We need unsalted cashew nuts and we're going to roast them.

Honey, pepper and curry powder.

Brown rice.

That's an example for something I didn't know when I started learning how to cook. I only knew white rice.

And back then, you needed to cook rice longer than nowadays.

We also had an 'hay chambre'.

It's a thing you put the rice in and then it will continue to cook.

Saving energy was important back then.

Like it is in the present!


Onions and mango chutney. You had to buy that at a special store because nobody knew what it was.

Pinto beans.

That's all there is!

And of course carrots.

Those are all nice tasting ingredients, so let's start cooking!

First we need to roast the cashew nuts.

And in the meantime I will prepare the salad.

Because when you start cooking, the time starts running so we need to be as efficient as possible.

Do you cook often?

When i eat at home, not a lot of times because of my job, i will cook the food.

It's also something I like.

And from Monday til Friday I cook simple dishes.

And at the weekend I have more time to make complicated meals.

Is cooking a way to relax a bit?

Yes, for sure!

In the meantime, the raisins need to be soaked in warm water.

I also like to clean up when you're finished with a part of the recipe.

To keep it nice and clean.

That's really good organisation!

It looks like that, but if you ask my wife or secretary...

Let's get the salad bowl.

So we roasted the cashew nuts and the salad is ready.

It starts real simple by baking the onion.

So first you need to cut the onion.

I told my friends i was going to cook with the president from our university.

And they all knew who you are, but nobody knew the things a president does.

So what are the things a president does?

Besides cooking?

Well most people know me from all the ceremonies and official occasions.

But I am really just the president of a company.

And I still get to do research on Wednesdays.

And apart from that i need to speak and listen.

Isn't that a big responsibility?

I am responsible for...

So the board consists of three members.

And I am responsible for the quality of education and research.

Well, enjoy your meal!

You don't need a lot of time to make this dish!

You can make this in under 40 minutes.

Well, i like it very much.

It's nice because you it's also sweet and not just salty.

It's something different, instead of potatoes and vegetables.

It's the curry powder with the mango chutney that makes it so tasteful.

And beans and rice are a combination that you find a lot in different cultures.

As always, you should make it at home!

You can find the recipe down in the description!

I will continue eating :)