Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Throw the X-Zylo 600+ feet!

Difficulty: 0

Go long-- like really, really, ridiculously

long-- for the X-ZyLo Flying Gyroscope.

Available in two styles-- Ultra and Air Rider-- the X-ZyLo

is capable of a 600 foot flight.

Based on some crazy laws of physics,

the X-ZyLo Ultra zips through the air with bird-like grace.

The technique is like throwing a football sidearm.

This allows the X-ZyLo to spiral,

reducing drag and increasing hang time.

It's light as a feather and made of flexible plastic,

so it's durable and safe.

For beginners, try the X-ZyLo Air Rider,

which features a nylon tail for stability.

Easier to throw than a Frisbee, the Air Rider

is perfect for a casual game of catch.

The rip stop nylon tail allows it to be whipped and tossed

behind the back, under the leg, over the river,

and through the woods.

With minimal effort, you can toss it over 100 feet.

Buy the X-ZyLo Ultra and Air Rider at

Purveyors of curiously awesome products.


And once again, here's Jamie throwing the Ultra.

He just can't get enough of himself.

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