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Hello everybody. My name is In Jin Moon and welcome

to i-Home Church. First of all Happy Valentine's Day weekend

to all of you. We certainly hope that

you have spent a lovely Valentine's Day

with your beloved and your beloved family and that it will continue

throughout the weekend. It's 3:00 o'clock in the morning, actually right


but I am incredibly excited because

I just came back from spending time with my

beloved and my beloved of course is God

but also Their physical representative is

Our True Parents and

I find it highly significant that after 40 weeks

of i-Home [laugh] Church, True Mother invited me to come

to Hawaii to spend some time with her.

And so it was a wonderful opportunity for me to

hear her heart and

hear her words

and also an opportunity for me to speak

about what I've been doing and what are my plans and,

you know, where I [laugh] saw myself

working very, very, hard in the near future.

But you know, this was an incredible

trip for me because i-Home Church is something that's near and dear to me and

my husband.

It's something that we started. It was our proactive

adventure. And of course when we started our presence or opened up our doors

on the Internet we were flooded by

so many comments and,

you know, interest and so much curiosity factors floating all over the place


it's really been quite a ride for the [laugh] last

almost nine months but it's been an incredible

journey for Ben and I because

we felt that we were doing something or contributing

to a larger vision in terms

of continuing our father's legacy, Our True Parents legacy

and sharing the words that my father, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon have shared

over his lifetime.

And it's been an incredibly, rewarding

experience for us and we did this kind of out

of our hearts, of really wanting to

serve the other

and we never expected

it to be recognized or, you know, appreciated in any way.

We really had kind of a long term vision in


as one of the children of

the Messiah's family or the True Parents, I felt

called by God to really kind of speak

and testify about God and True Parents and

we certainly didn't expect a call from True Mother,

where she recognized our work

and not only recognized but

supports our work. And not only supports but

blessed our work in what we're doing here at i-Home Church.

And she specifically asked Bishop Kim who is the

Continental Director of the American Movement

to lend his full support to the work that we are doing.

And she really kind of, you know, inspired me

to come and work together with her

because one of the things that she would like to accomplish in her lifetime

is really the creation of one country. You know,

as I've shared with you before, her last name means "Han na ra Han."

It means one country or one nation or one family, "Han."

And so you know, she representing

True Parents or the unity of Heaven and Earth, now that

True Father is up in Heaven, she feels a deep calling

to really get to work on the reunification

of North and South Korea. And she would like to mobilize all the different


that we have known throughout the years that have worked together with us,

to really help

both halves [laugh] of Korea to

understand that it should not be the last remaining bastion [laugh] of the cold-

war era,

where our country is divided in half. We really need to stand as one nation

under God and be that example

of a country that really

uplifts and inspires other countries to really understand that

we're not just a nation unto ourselves but that we


to a family of nations, really under the blessing of God our Heavenly

Parent and we need to start working

as a family. And that is really the only way

that we're going to address a lot of the problems that we have

all around the world. Our True Mother is fully cognisant over of all the


surrounding ISIS and the recent terrorist attacks

in France and also the most recent recent one in Sweden,

and the list just goes on and on. And

terrorism is really a fight,

a war amongst religions and

it's a fight, really

on theological issues

and you know, highlighting the differences

of each faith. When my father really proclaimed that the only way

to unify this world is to understand

ourselves in the larger context.

You know, not get stuck in the differences or the details

of where we stand as a religion

but we need to kind of see ourselves that

we belong to one hand or one family of God.

And only by really uniting

with God which is our Heavenly

Parent now His representative, True Parents, can we keep

our head and our eyes focused

on the most important thing, which is,

that we belong to one family of God.

And that has got to be our platform or our common denominator

that really gets us on the road to becoming

a unified worldwide family. And so

I find it incredibly

significant, you know, that in the word

'unity' and even the church

that my father started, he named it Unification Church.

Why are we called the Unification Church? It's because our

purpose, our work, our most important mission statement

is to unify. It's to unify, you know, our relationship,

create a relationship between us and God to unite

our mind and body, to unite our individual

family, to unite our community, society, nation, and world and then the Cosmos.

Our purpose, here, is to unite

and I find it incredibly exciting that when you

listen to the word, U-N-I-T-Y,

you know, from somebody who is coming from an Asian

background, I hear 'you,' 'me,'

'T.' In my mind it speaks loud [laugh] and clear.

'You,' that means 'you' and 'me' need,

we need, 'T,' True Parents

who brings this incredible message of "True Love."

And that's really the only thing that is going to unite

all the brothers and sisters all around the world

and really allow us to

rise above the differences that have brought terrorism, war and hatred,

that really is going to help us

rise above our differences

that have led to incredible confusion.

And we're kind of like, children, you know, running around in a labyrinth,

a perpetual labyrinth of sorts and

we are not sure but we're running, you know,

we're trying to get out or we're trying to find our way in this labyrinth

but without a clear guide

that has birds-eye view over the labyrinth

to kind of guide us out [laugh] of our labyrinth,

it's incredibly difficult to get ourselves

out when you're in, when you and I are in

this labyrinth. That's why U-N-I-T-Y.

That's why we need True Parents and it is the differences,

you know, that we have celebrated that have turned

us against each other, again looking at the other

as an enemy, looking at the other as something that we need to fear, that we

don't understand, that we need to ignore, that we need to hate.

But one thing that I've noticed

about God and God is our Heavenly Parent and one thing that I've noticed

about True Parents and most

parents in general,

they do not really dwell on what we have done or what we have not done.

A really loving and a good, and an encouraging parent

always concentrate

on what the child can do,

the future or the potential

of the child. If you are an encouraging and

an empowering parent, you're not going to

pin your child to what they have done and what they have not done

and judge them, you know, day-in and day- out because we as parents know, that

that is not going to yield the best result in that we will not be able to

raise positive, proactive,

incredibly, inspired, beautiful sons and daughters of God.

We know that by supporting them,

by loving them, by encouraging them and uplifting them,

and really kind of

inspiring them to focus on what they can be,

have a vision in their mind of what they can be,

then true miracles can happen with our children,

and I've seen that time and time again.

And you know, the great thing

about having had our True Parents together

in this great country of America for the last,

you know, three decades or so, is that I've seen the best

of our Unification Movement. When we come together

and when we are, you know, able to rise above

our own labyrinths and really take a birds-eye view,

meaning God's point of view and see the world the way God

sees the world and we can unite with that vision through our True

Parents, incredible things have been accomplished.

You know, I don't think we can

look back into the history of the unification church, especially

in this American Movement with-

out remembering the incredible victories of Yankee Stadium,

of Washington Monument, of father's,

you know, consistent speeches on Must Go To Moscow,"

Must Go To Moscow," and then witnessing

the "Glasnost and Perestroika," and the coming down of the "Iron Walls," and

you know, we were right there! You were

right there! And I remember falling in love with the brothers and sisters of [laugh] the American


when I sat there watching

what took place at the Yankee Stadium. Here we were,

you know, getting prepared for the big event and the wind started

to blow and it started to rain

and it looked like the rain was going to dampen the whole

festivities or that whole event but what

did the American brothers and sisters do? They got

together and they held arm,

they locked arm-in-arm

and started singing and,

you know, in the middle of this [laugh] rain and wind and things flying all over the


they just kept on singing. And to a young

mind, like the way I was,

I was a very young girl, it was an incredibly,

powerful, experience for me because not only did the rain stop

right before, it was almost as if God drew-up the curtain- [laugh] of-rain,

right before Our True Father

was scheduled to go on stage. And

miraculously, Heavenly Father and Mother

drew-up the curtain, there was no rain and it was a beautiful,

beautiful, evening and father could really

claim that evening, for God,

for True Parents and for this great country of America.

I saw you guys do it, and then I saw it again

in Washington Monument, and then I saw it again

at the Berlin Wall, and I saw it again on all those

anti-communist rallies where we really fought

for unity of North and South Korea

and guess what? You know, you've accomplished a lot of things

but one thing still remains and that is

the reunification of North and South Korea.

So I find it incredibly significant

that True Mother at this time is really kind of

emphasizing to me the need to create one nation,

or one family because Father has said many times,

"Unless we can have one nation really symbolizing

God's country," you know, it's going to be very, ver,y difficult to

really substantiate the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. And so

the reunification of North and South Korea is one of those things that

must be tackled first.

And with all the different friends that we have, you know, garnered over the years,

that have come to see

my father as a true man of peace, who have not just talk-the-talk

but put vast resources into

keeping this world free,

they realize that True Father has come to really

usher in a new millennium and really encouraging all the children of the


to not continually fight the old

fight, the old religious wars, fight the wars of hatred,

fight the wars of terrorism but to really encourage humankind,that

look guys, we are standing at a

time when we can basically destroy our world, hundred times over.

Do we really want to do that? Do we really

want to destroy ourselves and our families and our children or do we

want to find a way

to create peace, to create

lasting, world peace?

Well, that's what Our True Parents want and

that's what Our True Mother wants. You know, right now there's just so much confusion and lots

of people are saying all sorts of things.

Lots of people are running around, headless, in this labyrinth

but True Mother is saying keep a birds-eye

view or God's point of view

on the work that we need to do as members

of the Unification Church. And as members at the Unification Church,

what is the most important thing that we are here to do?

Unification! We need to unify,

we need to bring all the differences

and all the difficulties and all the sufferings and through

the true love of Our True Parents and

in the physical presence of Our True Mother, the Holy Spirit made


She is here to really heal

all the differences, all the rifts and all the suffering and pain

and by really raising-up

the sons and daughters of God to be that eternal,

beautiful, sons and daughters of God, really reminding them

of God's point of view point, in a way, reminding them that God

is our North Star. We gotta stop running around in our labyrinth

like a chicken without a head. We have a head.

We have God, Northstar, and we have the physical manifestation

of the North Star in Our True Parents. So this is

the time when True Parents need our full support,

our full dedication and our full commitment

because guess what? When we U-N-I-F-Y,

it is incredible what we can accomplish.

And so, you know, I feel,

that in a way all the things,

incredible things that need to be done,

you know, it's kind of like waiting for us, it's harvest time,

things are ready, people are fed up

with all the terrorist attacks, people are fed up

with all the intolerance and hatred. People want something more!

As Father said,"We are moving towards

the new millennium," where

more of an emphasis on the beauty of the spirit and culture

will be highlighted. And just as Our True Father

said, many, many, years ago, "It's coming to light,"

because people do not want

the death and destruction of their families

and their beloved to continue on and on and on.

And we need to be the one to say,

"Hey, the buck stops here." We are going to be ones!

We are going to be the ones to say,

"Enough is enough. Let us move forward

and let us do the work of Kingdom-

building." And how incredible would it be

if the mothers, for instance, got together

and, you know, I have long

dreamed about having a peace concert,

not in South Korea but in North Korea and imagine a peace concert,

all performed by mothers, you know,

incredible singers who are mothers, basically the mothers uniting, say,

"We are sick and tired of this

division. We are sick and tired of our families being torn apart.

We want our children to live in peace,

not in fear, not in threat of war. And imagine

if the mothers got together and brought world-

mothers, incredible entertainers, who are mothers to come

and perform in North Korea

as a peace festival. And imagine

if we had a beautiful 'bridge ceremony' there,

with a representative of South Korea and a representative

North Korea, 'crossing the bridge,' to really commit themselves,

as sisters, as mothers, as daughters

of Korea, to work for the reunification of North and South Korea?

Wouldn't that be absolutely fantastic!

Well, it's not just a dream. When we can see it,

we can actualize it, we can manifest it,

we can substantiate it, and it all starts by

us coming together, rising above

our differences, coming together,

in the unity of God and True Parents

because that's when magic happens, because that's when we start channeling

"Divine Fortune." And so

we don't even realize how much "Divine Fortune"

we have on our fingertips. The only thing that we really need to do is open up our


open up our hearts, come in unity,

with God and True Parents and look at all the things

that can be can done. So can you imagine if we can start

from our own, little, small, group, our own little, communities,

start talking about the reunification of North and South Korea,

start creating community-level festivals

that highlight the importance of women,

this "Pacific Rim" era in bringing about peace, mothers who have had enough

of their sons being beheaded by ISIS.

Say, "Enough is enough.We need to do something about it."

And really encourage the politicians

to get on the bandwagon towards working

to create this reunification of North and South Korea

and to really bring about the reunification

of different religions and to really work towards,

[laugh] reunification again, or unification of men and women

because some of the most vicious battles

are between men and women in the context of religion.

And so I feel that,

you know, this Valentine's Day is a wonderful day when we

celebrate our beloved or we celebrate our love ones. Many times our husbands

and wives

but how incredible would it be when we

remind ourselves, on this beautiful Valentine's Day weekend,

you know, this is the weekend that

not only that we will think about liberating

our husband and our wife from their cares- in-the-world, maybe give them

a day at the spa, maybe give them a day in the man-cave to do whatever [laugh]

our husband wants to do, but how incredible would it be

if this Valentine's Day weekend can really be dedicated

to prayers and thoughts about liberating

our 'Ultimate Beloved.'

And who is our 'Ultimate Beloved'? It is God, Our Heavenly Parent,

and then Our True Parents, really liberate

them from the cares-of-the-world, from the pains

of the world. As I shared with you,

you know, when I heard about the terrorist strike that took place

in France, it's not Mohammed

that's crying but it's God that is crying because he sees

His and Her children fighting

and killing each other and doing

harm to one another. How incredibly

painful is it, when we have children of our own

and we see our children wanting to kill each

other, hate each other, harm each other. That's the heart

of God. So if we truly understand

God, shouldn't we be like True Father? The difference between father and many, many,

believers around the world, is that

many believers, when they pray, they pray to God

for help, they pray to God for deliverance, "Please deliver us."

"Please help us." "Please do this for us," and

so on and so forth but the difference and the unique aspect

of my father, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is, he never

ask God for deliverance, he never ask God for help,

he never ask God for liberation. He's the one

who said to God, "Let me be the one to liberate you.

Let me be the one to delivery you

from your suffering. Let me

be the one to ease your heart." In a way,

my father and my mother, together,

as True Parents were the ones singing to God

about how much they love him and

how much they want to do all these things for them. And if we want to tap-

in to the "Divine Fortune" and really do incredible things,

we need to have that kind of a heart as the child of God.

We need to be the ones to say, "We want to deliver you.

We want to liberate you. We want to

love you with gratitude for the rest of our lives." And when we can

change our thinking in terms of [laugh] being bogged down with the cares- of-the-world,

to really focusing

on what is really important, on what

a true unificationists is suppose to be,

then we start seeing miracles

unfold in your life, and in mine.

And so I am extremely grateful

that, you know, the blessing

that Our True Mother gave in support of the work at i-Home Church

and really kind of inspiring me and encouraging me

to work hard for the reunification of North and South Korea,

I don't think that that is just a call to me.

I feel when she talks to me about this reunification, she's talking to

all her children because she is the True Parents. And so,

I really feel that in unity,

we need to stand, strong with God and True Parents

and in standing strong with God and True

Parents, we will unify North and South Korea.

And we, when we unify

North and South Korea, we will unite

world religions. And when we can unite world

religions, then we will unite and solve the problem

of men and women. And when we can unite

men and women with the spirit of "True Love," that's

when we see the miracle unfold

and we start creating

one family under God. So

on this beautiful, Valentine's Day weekend, the song that

my husband and I would like to sing to God,

this fabulous song; there's this beautiful song by

Van Morrison and it's called, "Have I Told You

Lately That I Love You." When was the last time

that we told God how much we

love You? And have I told You, there is no one else above You?

When was the last time that we sang this to God?

"Fill my heart with gladness.

Take away all my sadness, ease my troubles, that's what you do."

But the Rev. Moon's version of that, is, "Not fill my heart with gladness,"

he would say, "Let me fill Your heart with

gladness, Heavenly Parent." 'Take away all my

sadness,' Rev. Moon's version would be, "Let me

take away all Your sadness, ease

my troubles [laugh], that's what You do. Let me easy Your troubles

for You. So this is our heart, here

at i-Home Church and this is the song that we want to sing

to Our Beloved, Our Heavenly Parents and to you our

beloved here on Earth and in Heaven, Our True

Parents. And this is the song that we want to sing

to all the people that we love in our family.

So on this weekend where we celebrate Happy Valentine's Day

or our beloved, let us really give thanks to God

and Our True Parents and to the people in our lives

and really unify and unite ourselves

around our True Parents and move the world

towards a better place. So God bless. And take care.

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