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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ey, sach ma! | Rabbi Matondo | FC Schalke 04

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"Runs down the wing for me."

Ey sach ma, Rabbi. How are you feeling today?

"I'm feeling good, thank you. Very good, thanks."

Ok, we'll start with the first question. British or Welsh?


What do you miss most about home?


"Being with my family all the time."

What does Buttysliga mean?

"In the valleys in Wales people like to say, 'you alright Butt?'"

"So Butty is like a mate, so that's why you've seen the Buttysliga."

With your friend Ethan Ampadu at Leipzig.

"Yeah exactly, we're both Welsh"

Who are your other friends in the Bundesliga?

"My teammates. I have a lot of friends in my team."

Anyone else in the league?

"Yeah I'd say Jadon Sancho."

But you're not allowed to be friends with him.

"Nah, we're rivals."

Do you still follow football in England?

"Yeah, I always do."

Which team did you support growing up?


How do you like living in Germany?

"I enjoy it, yeah. I really enjoy it."

How's your German?

"It's getting better."

What's your favourite word or phrase?

"Wie geht's"

Gut, danke.

What's your favourite German food?

"I don't have a favourite at the moment."


"Yeah I'll go with that."

Are you any good at cooking?

"Yeah I can cook."

What's your go-to dish?

"Pasta with bolognese."

Marmite, love it or hate it?

"Hate it."

Is there anything else from home that you miss? Any home comforts?


What's Nandos?

"A chicken place I'd say"

Who's your sporting idol?

"Growing up probably Thierry Henry."

Any Welsh ones?

"I'm currently playing with him now so it's a bit awkward, nah Gareth Bale."

Okay, he's a good player.

You're quite a good FIFA player, we hear?

"Yeah I'm very good."

Which team do you normally play with?

"I can play with any team. Any team you want me to play with."

Do you normally pick yourself?

"Yeah or I put it on random."

"Five tmes random and then FIFA decides for me."

Even a one star team?

"Yeah even a one star."

"I can do a little something with them."

Who's the funniest guy in the team?


"There's a lot of funny guys in the team, in different ways."

"Weston, Amine, Jonjoe..."

We heard it was you?

"I don't know. Let everyone else decide."

"But I like Benito. Caligiuiri. They're all funny. There's a lot of funny guys."

Who's the best player in the world?

"Leo Messi in my opinion."

Not Amine Harit?

"Amine Harit is very close to him."

Who do you room with when you go away with the national team?

"Either Ethan Ampadu or Matt Smith."

Do you speak Welsh with each other?

"No, we don't to be fair."

Why not?

"Because Ethan and Matty's Welsh isn't up to scratch."

Have you not been learning from #DailyWelsh?

"Well I have but they haven't so I can only speak for myself I guess."

Okay, finish the sentence: 'I joined Schalke because...'

"I joined Schalke because it's a fantastic club and I want to achieve great things with them."

'Schalke fans are...'


'Rabbi, Rabbi Matondo...'

"Runs down the wing for me."

Thanks Rabbi.

"Thank you!"

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