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"Everyday I used to tell myself I will drive slower,

"until it was too late and "the accident happened

"Not worth it"

I was driving too fast and my car hit a barrier

My legs were cut off right away, because the fence cut right through them

I passed out and went into a coma for a whole month

When I woke up I was shocked to learn the news

I didn't remember anything from the accident

When I woke up from the coma and learnt what happened

I gradually felt everything falling apart

I am a teacher, I was a newly-wed, it had been 5 months since I got married

But I was feeling hopeless about finding a job

All the doors were closed

Yes, the doors were closed for an amputee

I thought that I would have to retire and stay at home

and that I wouldn't go anywhere

They used to teach us that speeding is wrong

I knew speeding is wrong and everyday I used to tell myself I will drive slower,

until the accident happened

What is the secret to all this hope you have and which led you here?

Here you are completely independent

I am thankful to God

It is also because of my strong will and my parents who were by my side

I also saw worse cases than mine here at the center

I saw cases that made me feel better about my own situation

I saw older people who have artificial limbs and can move from place to place

They also drive their cars and are living their lives to the fullest

as if nothing had happened

When I first came here my ambition was simply to be able to walk

and to be independent and I am thankful that after I was able to walk,

I got my first artificial leg and then I received the new electronic legs

Now my ambition is to run and participate in races

You mean you would like to be an athlete?

I hope so

You might be very successful

Nobody knows what the future holds

I hope my dreams will come true

Would you like to continue with your work?

I hope so

What message would you like to send?

I wish young people would be considerate and learn from others

I would like them to learn from people who are suffering from handicaps

These accidents either cause you to be handicapped or kill you

I thank God that he gave us humans a mind to set us apart from other creatures

so we should slow down and learn from others

I wish they learn from my experience

I thank God no matter what

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