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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learn English - British English in Three Minutes - Getting Contact Details

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welcome to English class 101 coms British English in three minutes the

fastest easiest and most fun way to learn English hey everyone I'm Gina in

this series we're going to learn some easy ways to ask and answer common

questions in English it's really useful and it only takes three minutes in this

lesson you're going to learn some ways to get in touch with someone after

you've met them once already in a lot of textbooks you've probably seen the

question what's your phone number it's a very useful question but there are two

problems with it firstly it can sound a little too direct especially when

talking to members of the opposite sex and secondly people use a phone a lot

less these days than they used to instead they might prefer to connect by

email or on a social network like Facebook to start with though a simple

variation on what's your phone number that sounds a little less direct is

could I get your number could I get your number we start the sentence with could

which softens a request next say I then get and finally your number which is

short for your phone number this question is slightly casual but it can

be used in almost any situation these days many people prefer to use email

rather than the phone to communicate asking someone for his or her email

address is also a little less direct than asking for their phone number could

I get your email address could I get your email address

we just took could I get your number and replaced number with email address it's

that simple could I get your email address if someone asks you either of

these questions you can reply by saying of course my phone number is of course

my phone number is or of course my email addresses of course my email address is

all of course it's and then say your phone number or email address at the end

recently many people have started to use social networks like Facebook or

LinkedIn or online chat services like Skype to communicate people might ask

you about these especially if they are younger if someone wants to connect with

you through one of these services they may simply ask are you on followed by

the name of the service are you on Facebook are you on Facebook are you on

LinkedIn are you on linked-in are you on skype are you on skype to answer you can

simply say yes I am or no I'm not if you respond with yes I am the other person

may ask how they can connect with you on one of these services but if you answer

with now I'm not they won't be able to contact you if you still would like to

stay in touch with the person you can say no but my email address is or no but

my phone number is and then say your email address or phone number by telling

the other person a different way they can contact you you'll show them that

you want to hear from them now it's time for

tips if you ask someone for their phone number their email address or some other

form of contact information they will usually give it to you if you've gotten

to know them a little beforehand if you ask them too early in the conversation

though they may be hesitant about sharing that information the key is to

make sure you talk for some time before requesting this kind of personal

information in this lesson we learned how to ask for a person's contact

information in the next British English in three minutes lesson you'll learn

another good way to get to know a person see you next time

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