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I love hentai. I love hentai. but hentai has a bit of a

rep. I mean it's pretty explicit and it's not very family-friendly, but for me and

probably scholarly persons of old, hentai is sacred. it's important and its roots

are deeply embedded in the anime community. so ignoring memes and mixed

opinions, hentai is here to stay. so tell me, pervs, I want to know: is hentai art

or is it porn? are we all going to hell are we just misunderstood and highly

cultured individuals? let's talk about it. so what is art? is it a painting of a

horse or a sailboat? well that's probably art, but not all art is that easy to

discover how art it is. art is highly subjective. some people loathe boats and

any horse that chooses to pilot one. however, thinking in an IRL sense, art is

specifically this, I wrote it down: art is the deliberate arrangement of various

elements in order to appeal to sense and emotions. how good of a definition is

that? you're welcome. so what are the elements of art? can they be applied to

hentai? is there any merit or value? absolutely! thank you for asking, floating

words. so I did a lot of research, a lot, and I found that there are four

categories that you can use to help you determine if a hentai is art or porn.

let's put the categories on the board we have: format, style, story, and motive.

hentai comes in many forms, but no matter the medium, it has to have explicit

content and probably some big ol' anime tiddies. so from the start: is it porn or

is it art? it kind of sounds like porn. but let's look a little harder. so hentai

is basically an umbrella term, under which there are three categories. we have

manga, film, and eroge. manga is basically Japanese comic book porn. film

is animated Japanese porn. and eroge is a super special and that has three of

its own categories. that has to have video games, anime, and porn all rolled

into one. all of these formats have the same responsibility of giving us cartoon

porn, so whether you're trying to build a simulated relationship or just get off, there's a

lot of tag overlap. and tags are topics you'll find in all sort of hentai

related media. we have the cursed and the sacred tags. sacred tags would be: imouto,

harem, fetish, and tasteful futa. cursed tags would be: guro, loli, fetish, and

tasteful futa. there is a lot of a weird going on in hentai, I'm not gonna lie. and

it seems like every day hentai artists are just getting weirder, because they're

trying to push the limits of what is acceptable, and trying to appeal to a

brand-new audience. I think there's a higher demand for the

odd and the fantastical over normal vanilla tags. I mean art is flexible.

you're allowed to explore your sexuality. and with real tiddies, no offense, but

it's bound to the cruel weight of science, gravity, and bones that only go

one way. so what about format? does being a manga, eroge, or a film make hentai

more likely to be art or porn? well it definitely can make it porn, absolutely.

but all of these mediums can be emotionally stirring. like you could have

a rich storyline or complex characters or the art could be as beautiful as an

anime OVA. you can have a deep emotional connection with any of them... or not.

Yugi-oh! Panty and Stocking! Sailor Moon: Crystal!

Clannad! all very different anime with very different art styles, all of which

can be appreciated subjectively. for instance, the characters in Clannad have eyes

way out here, and it looks horrible. but some people love that anime and some

might like the style. some things in the anime world are absolutely objective. for

instance, Asuka Langley is best girl and Rem is forgettable. but for everything

else, it's pretty subjective from person to person. and when it comes to hentai

artists, they all have their own unique style.

so I consume a lot of hentai, I consume so much hentai, and I've seen my share of

horribly drawn characters and messy panels and don't get me started on the

dialogue. I think personally hentai made with seemingly no effort is just porn.

period. however, what if my dismissal wasn't the artists intent and it was

made to the best of their ability? what I consider smut they consider their art, a

reflection of years of study and practice and love. to some Picasso is a

surrealist genius, but to me it's just misshapen people that are done really

colorfully. I think the thing to keep in mind is that there is a fine line

between artist intent and viewer perspective. so does something have to be

well drawn to be art or does it all fall on artist intent? well, I honestly think

a poorly drawn work is basically just a slapdash attempt at making porn. however,

to other people, maybe it's something more.

there are many beautifully drawn hentai with the worst story lines, but if you

meet a certain criteria, it can be good. complex characters and a great art style

can save a dumb, dumb story line. however, unfortunately for hentai, dumb

storylines are found more often than not. and there's a reason why with hentai

porn--pure porn--story is not the intent. the intent is to hit it, quit it, and get

rid of it. to get off with this type of hentai there's a lower budget. they're just

one-off episodes of I don't know, some female protagonist that's getting

gangbanged in a locker room in a high school by horse demons. it's like who is

she? how did she get there? Who am I supposed to root for? am i attracted to

horses now? this is porn, there's no emotional investment. art requires

emotional investment, lack thereof makes it porn. can a good story line transform a

hentai into art? it absolutely can. I mean I've fallen in love with eroge with a

horrible story line. but it was the complex emotional connections between

the cat girls in my harem that really stuck with me and made it something

good. there's an example I'd like to bring up, it's uhh, it's cursed and it's

famous, it's known as "metamorphosis." if you're like me, you're a seasoned vet. you

can handle that ####. what's the worst that could happen? it could be gross. it could be

a little violent, it could be weird. but it's fine and if you were like me you

got off third of the way through. but there was something about it that made

you sit around in your own puddle of shame, because you wanted to know what's

gonna happen to this protagonist. this is an example of a hentai with a good

story line. it took my emotional investment and that made it art. I mean

it also gave me horrible nightmares, but it technically could be art.

motivation! motivation! motivation is so important. motivation or intent. that's

what the artist wanted from you all along! they wanted a specific reaction so

they curtailed their content to get it, to get a specific emotional response.

Ancient Magus Bride, Howl's Moving Castle, Akira, Madoka Magica; these are great

examples of beautifully drawn--just well done--immortal anime. it's immortal

because they're perfect. the fans of these different titles, their love will

never fade. their love, joy, appreciation, hope, and just passion will never, ever

fade. because these titles had checked every single box on their list of "things

that make something my favorite thing." but what do all these titles have in

common? okay, I have to read this one. what do all these titles have in common? they

have deliberate choices and expression used to invoke said specific emotional

response from the audience. hentai has this, too. it's eliciting a specific response

from the audience. the question is how well can it be done in a specific hentai

work? what must be done to take a hentai and put it into the art box? some

people could say expertise, these people they went to art school. they worked in

big teams, working tirelessly around the clock to compose and release a film

that's gorgeous, with a great story line and just expert imagery. others could argue that

it's story writing alone that really matters. I mean is it the artistic

design? is it the accompanying music? what is the point of focus?

what is the artist trying to convey to the audience? and what response do they

wan't? when producing hentai, on the surface, the desired emotional response,

the intent is a sexual response.

but when hentai is viewed with lackluster attributes, like bad art and

style, it depletes its own potential and it can't be declared art at that point.

here it's just bad, bad porn. an artist can create explicit art, but without a

clear intent, it's like what is their motivation? the audience doesn't know

what they should be looking for or expecting. and at that point it's like

here's some smut, you filthy weebs! now go fap to it! ... some hentai is famous for the

the emotional effect that it had on our community, both positive and negative.

some hentai can be just as impactful as pure anime and can have a lasting effect

for years. can an artist motivation make hentai art? absolutely. and can a lack of

clarity affect that and make art porn? 100%.

and now the definitive answer to the age-old question: is hentai art? and the

answer is YES and NO, also MAYBE. art is subjective, guys.

hentai can be art and it can be porn. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and

there's a lot of values you should weigh when determining "hey is this hentai porn

or hey is this hentai art?" but at the end of the day, it is up to the viewers'

interpretation. byeeeee!

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