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Top-left drawer -- eye drops.

Go to town. [ Laughs ]

These focus groups usually pay really well, actually.

The technology ones -- 'cause they probably have

the most money, too, you know. -Mm-hmm.

They -- They're the ones that have the best, and they --

they all ask you this general questions.

Keep going.

But they don't tell you if it's Samsung or Apple,

you know what I mean? -Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

It might not even be about a cellphone, to be honest.

[ Laughter ]

Can you give me a short list of things

on your New York City bucket list?

Never been to the Statue of Liberty.

Oh, yes.

[ Laughter ] -Oh, look at that.

Does his shirt say "spring break?" [ Laughs ]

They have so much good comedy... [ speaks indistinctly ]

He's hitting his own face with his boobs.

-Carolines is great. -Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

So, have you ever been to a concert in a park?

Barbra Streisand when she did Central Park.

That had to be millions of people --

a million people there.

Oh, there always have been millions of people there.

I mean, I just at the end of the day was hoping...

Farting bubbles.

My last concert in Central Park was Sting.

Yeah. Who, Sting?

Wow, Murray held strong.

Look at Joe's face -- how contemplative it is.

Yeah, he was the last one in Central Park.

In Central Park. Then there was...

And it's...

[ Laughter ]

All right. Miss., you just came from that direction.

Did you see what went --

I'm a reporter from "The Staten Island Retreat."

I got sent to cover this story. My editor sent me down.

I missed it, and I was wondering

if you could just give me a quote about it.

Yeah, but that's okay. That's all right.

The story -- Look --

No, I'll tell you the story, then tell it again.

It was a tall woman --

makes tacos with no hands right there.

Right there in the park.

I just need you to say...

Would you mind just saying that?

You don't mind saying it?

[ Laughs ]

Was -- There was a tall woman,

and she made tacos with no hands.

Would you eat tacos from a woman

that made it with her mouth or feet?

You wouldn't, right?

Right, so that was a tragedy all around, you might say,

and it definitely would make you sick, so --

This was a tragedy all -- Oh, this isn't harass--

I thought we became friends.

[ Laughs ]

So, I'll be training you today.

Bring some flair to this place.

Like, flip stuff in the air and catch it.

So, you have your mangoes.

You do the same amount of pineapples.

This is fun. I feel like a bartender.

-Yeah, right? -Whoo!


-Keep doing it. -Good. Got it.

[ Laughter ]

It also has spinach and kale.

-Do a trick. -That's it.

Just put it in the tub. No, no, no.

Boom, like this -- spin.

You're obsessed with doing tricks, dude.

-That's enough? -Yep, that's good.

Over the shoulder.

[ Laughter ]


My man, you know if there's a bathroom here?

-Is there a bathroom in this? -Right over...

-Here we go. -I can't take the dog.

Do you mind just sitting with her for a minute for me?

Great. Yeah, she's great.

-Her name's Smelly Ripa. -[ Laughs ]

"It's only 'cause I have a crush on Kelly Ripa,

and she farts, like, a lot."

'Cause I have a huge crush on host Kelly Ripa,

and she farts a lot, though.

"The dog farts, not Kelly Ripa."

The dog farts a lot, not Kelly Ripa.

Okay. I'll be right back.

There's no way the guy's saying it.


-Here we go. Here we go. -Here you go.

Boy or girl? What's her name?

-Some kind of Kelly something? -Some kind of Kelly something?

Do you know why he named it what he did?

-No. -Oh, no.

-No! -Aw, that's a waste.

-Done. -Hiya, pup!

Hiya, baby! Thank you so much.

That's my girl, Smelly Ripa.

I call her Smelly Ripa because I love the TV personality

Kelly Ripa, and this dog farts a lot --

Smelly Ripa. -Oh.

You know what I think about that?

[ Laughter ]

Did you hear about the corduroy pillowcases, Joe?

You got corduroy pillowcases?

Yeah, they're making headlines everywhere.


-Very good. [ Bell dings ]

I mean, Joe, Joe, when this guy passes you, just say to him,

"Show me that fuzzy."

-Oh, show me that fuzzy. -Huh?

Oh, my bad.

-I said, "Show me that fuzzy." -"Oh, crap, you're not Carl."

-Oh, crap, you're not Carl. -No.

"I bet you don't even have a fuzzy."

I bet you don't even have a fuzzy.

[ Laughter ]

Excuse me. Could you do me a favor?

Could you take a picture of me? Yeah, thank you so much.

I just want to do a real quick selfie.

-Yeah. -There you go.

[ Buzzer ]

[ Laughter ]

The first one, he clocked the girls.

Joe's so close.

Should I -- Is it kneeling good or no?

Get him! Get him, Joe!

Woman: I think it's good. That's a good one.

Oh. If we just see the -- If we turn it sideways...

You want to hold on a second?

If we turn it sideways, then I could get, like, the whole --

Okay. ...the whole thing, and I'll stand this time.

-Oh, that was huge! -Oh, that was close!

I don't know what he's doing, but that's funny.

All right, thank you. Thank you so much.

Thank you.

[ Laughter ]

All right. Thanks, guys, really.

I appreciate you taking the time

'cause I know there's a lot of stuff to do.

Yeah! I got it at the buzzer!

He got that at the buzzer!

[ Laughter ]


Oh, you can't beat this weather, you know what I'm saying?

-It's totally enjoyable. -Yeah, it is.

"Agree or disagree?"

Agree or disagree with me?

"Gandhi probably snuck in some potato chips

during that hunger strike."

[ Laughter ]


-Who? -The Indian peace --

-Yeah, yeah. -The peace warlord in India.

The peace warlord.

You know the hunger strike he did? Yes.

Agree or disagree -- he probably snuck

in a couple of potato chips

during that hunger strike, right?

Because you know, he did a lot of good things,

Gandhi, and I'm all for peace,

and I think he did a great -- -Right, right.

He's probably the best warlord that India ever had,

but if you're gonna say you'll do a hunger strike,

you know, lay off the chips.

[ Laughs ]

I don't care who you are. "I love peace, I love peace."

You dangle a kettle chip in front of someone,

they eat it, you know?

He probably snuck one or two in on that hunger strike, right?

Yeah, you agree. You agree.

[ Laughter ]

Thank you, bro. Thank you very much.

-Do you need anything else? -Okay, here we go.

-No, this is it. -Just that?

All right, let's send in the actor.

Okay, it's $4.95.

[ Laughter ]

-It's Rob Emmer! -It's Rob Emmer!

You may know Rob Emmer.

Rob's been on our show a bunch.

I'll take an everything bagel with cream cheese.


Could you stand right here?


[ Laughter ]

That's not your actor.

Your actor is the guy who's to the left.

That's just Rob Emmer, who came in to offer a bottle.

[ Laughter ]

Rob, come here.

I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else.

I'm so sorry.

-It's okay. -I'm so sorry.

-All right. -It's all good.

-Okay. -[ Laughs ]

Did they just tell you to come in the store?


They didn't tell you why or what for?

We -- No, we didn't tell him anything.

Here, do me a favor, Rob.

Go throw this in that guy's face for me.

Go throw this -- I'm sorry. I meant to get him, not you.

-Go throw it in that guy's face. -I'm sorry.

He meant to get you, not me.

Okay. Better?

-Oh! -That's not the actor!

That's not the actor!

-That's not the actor! -[ Laughs ]

-That's a guy who's shopping. -What did you do?

Why would you tell me that?

Look -- Rob.

I'm gonna walk out now.

[ Laughter ]

Oh, my God, why would you guys do that?

No, that's our actor.


It doesn't stop! It doesn't stop!

There we go. Let's do it.

Sal, jimmy quickly around the corner.

You're scared to death, bud.

[ Laughter ]


I'm good, yeah.

"Just come hold my hand."

Just hold my -- Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

This next show is called "The Eyes."

Like "The Voice," but now it's the contestants that can't see.

Singers are blindfolded and must find the stage

through a maze filled with booby traps.

Oh, my gosh.

Look out for that sand pit, Patricia.

If they find the mic, they can sing, but it's not mandatory.

So imagine you've got the best

singing competition in the world,

but they have to physically be able to get there.

Well, that's not what's written

because they don't have to sing if they don't want to.

-They don't have to sing. -And it's not a sing --

They basically are just trying to find a microphone

while wearing a blindfold.

I like it. I like it. It's -- you know, I like it.

[ Laughter ]

Okay, "When Duty Calls."

When on vacation, retired detective

Duke Sweats receives an urgent call

while in the middle of dropping kids off at the pool.

It appears his ex-wife has gone missing.

-[ Laughs ] -Duke E. Sweats.

What choice does a man have when duty calls?

Duty calls.

He's dropping his kids off at the pool.

Think of it like -- like, almost like a Netflix --

like, we just drop the whole season in one day.

We just mondo dooksies, and we just drop all in one day.

We could film it, like, in Miami.

Yeah, now you're calling. Right, so it's, like, steaming.

It's, like, hot. It's steaming. Yeah.

-You guys think that was good? -Yeah.

Q, ask him if he minds if you listen to your podcast.

Do you listen to podcasts?

-Yeah, sometimes. -Hit the iPad.

It's an Italian podcast called "Faccia Bella" by Two Paisans.

Do you ever listen to -- there's a podcast --

there's an Italian podcast.

It's "Faccia Bella" by Two Paisans.

Okay. Nope.

Oh, it's awesome. Here we go.

[ Speaking Italian ]

Here you go, Q.

Dude, make believe you understand it

and that it's hysterical.

[ Laughing ]

Do you know this? Do you know Italian?

Oh, my God. Hold on. Listen.

"They're both wearing bright pants."

[ Laughs ] They're both wearing bright pants, and they --

they didn't mean to.

[ Laughter ]

"They're running out of air in a fallout shelter."

Oh, God.

They're running out of air in a fallout shelter.

"But all they can talk about is the can of tuna."

All they can talk about --

They keep fighting over this can of tuna.

He's bringing up the time that he sneezed into his mouth

at a ball of some sort.

Do you speak Italian?

No, not really. Certain words.

I know "bright" and "pants," "sneeze," "mouth,"

"fallout shelter," and I know "tuna."

"She slept with her son for payback for a bad haircut."

He slept with his son for payback for a bad haircut.

Yeah, it loses something in the translation.

[ Laughter ]

All right, there he is.

That's a good-looking shirt. That's a new shirt, huh?

Yeah, I'm trying to just reintroduce

non-hoodies and colors into it when I can.

It's just so easy to throw on a hoodie every day.

When are cargo pants gonna come back?

Not soon enough.

The '90s has been back, and it left out cargo pants.

You know what, Sal?

I'm gonna start wearing cargo pants.

-No one would be surprised. -Excuse me.

Hi. How are you?

Excuse me. You're very aloof.

She's very aloof.

Somewhere in this mall, they're selling cargo pants.

I mean, I can't even get a person with a [bleep] bag.

I've seen cargo pants.

[ Laughter ]

Okay, striped shirt.

I need two seconds.

[ Laughter ]

She just ran into Victoria's Secret.

One sec, one sec. I'm on it.

-Oh, my God. -Excuse me.

I just want to take a picture of myself

to send to my mom real quick.

Sal's got somebody.

You're partner's nowhere to be --

Don't tell him. Don't tell him.

Um, let me go...

Oh, I can't do green and green, though.

[ Laughter ]

You can come up a little bit more.

You got to help me out here, Q. Okay.

Are there security tags on this?

Q, he had somebody.

-What? -Where is he?

-Where are you? -He's shopping for cargo pants.

-Q? -Yeah?

Are you seriously buying cargo pants?

I mean, I did mention I was getting cargo pants,

so that's on you.

[ Laughter ]

Dude, this is absurd that I'm waiting --

Okay, I'm gonna get this massage chair.

Oh, my God, the lady just sat in my God damn seat. Damn it.

-Story of your life. -Okay, a lady's getting up.

Buddy, I'm back, I'm back.

Now you wait for me.

-Sal? Cargo pants. -Congrats. I'm giving up.

What do you mean you're giving up?

Wake me up when cargo pants come back in style.

[ Laughter ]

We've hidden Joe in the reception area.

All: 4, 3, 2 -- -Go!


[ Laughter ]

So stupid.

Am I supposed to be waiting here?

Yeah, wait there.

[ Laughter ]

Joe, take a phone call.

[ Laughter ]

Cossio & Dominick, Attorneys At Law.

[ Laughter ]

"You fell down stairs?"

Oh, fell down stairs? How many stairs?

One, two, three stairs?

You may be eligible for a large cash settlement.

"What's that -- dog bite?"

What's that -- dog bite?

"Bite back with Cossio & Dominick."

Bite back with Cossio & Dominick,

Attorneys At Law.

[ Laughter ]




[ Laughter ]

Hit and run?

Mercury poisoning?

Lead poisoning?

Medical malpractice?

[ Laughter ]

What's your number?


[ Laughter ]

He's leaving! He's out!

[Bleep] you guys. Oh!

-Oh. -This is the first --

This is the first that he's ever walked out of a scene.

Yeah, they're ready for you.

[ Laughter ]

-Hey. How are you, sir? -Hi.

Remind him that you have the right to refuse service.

We're gonna get you a couple of specs for that.

You can do different finishes and stuff like that.

I will remind you, though, at any time,

we do have the right to refuse service.

Yeah, at any time.

[ Laughter ]

It's just a policy that we have in case things

start going in a way that we don't appreciate.

Explain to them the longest promotional deal in the world,

and do it at the same time.

-It's basically a full special. -Yeah.

So if you want to pick up --

If you want to deliver them online...

It's a full special as long as it's done

by October 31st, at the end of the month.

And you can get them to come on through. You get 20 percent off...

We deliver them down the street...

...or 30% off an order of $1,000 or more.

He's thoroughly confused.

Tell him about the rebate.

-There is a rebate... -Mail-in rebate.

[ Laughter ]

-It's a mail-in. -And mail-in.

Both -- You can choose which one that you like.

They do both a mail-in and in-store rebate right now.

-Keep going. Keep going. -You could put them, like...

You know, with different fonts and block letters, as well.

We've seen musicians that put them on guitar picks

or we just cut it to look like a different

make it stand out. -We do that, as well.

Some of the business cards pop out.

You can figure out whatever you want there. The entire catalogue's online.

-And that's 10 to 15% off... -And we could do samples.

We could do samples if you ever want to.

That's really the point.

Just as a reminder, we have the right to refuse service.

[ Laughter ]

-Yeah. -Okay.

-Thank you. -Thank you.

[ Laughter ]

Agree or disagree.

"Sports magazines should be scratch-and-sniff."

Sports magazines should be


I mean, look, you're reading a magazine.

You see -- You gotta go?

Do you agree?

[ Laughter ]

Excuse me, sir. Could I ask you a question?

I just need your honest opinion. Agree or disagree.

"Everything is just a hole you haven't dug yet."

Everything is just a hole you haven't dug yet.

Am I right about that or what?

[ Laughter ]

We're gonna name Sal's turn "I gotta go."

That's what everybody is saying to you.

"Okay, I gotta go." Hand on the shoulder.

-"Okay, gotta go." -Okay, gotta go.

How bad would you guys feel if this place is about

to get robbed, and they come in and they're like, "Okay, first,

we got to kill the security guard."

-Would we air it? -[ Laughs ]

Joe, the woman to your left. Sneak by the aisle.


[ Laughter ]

[ Laughter ]

Now army-crawl back.



Do a canoe row backwards.

[ Laughter ]

Whiz by on a walker.


Trail her, trail her.


She's behind you!


[ Laughter ]

What's up, bro?

So, Sal, Sal, say,

"I'm the manager, and I fired Blake

because his ass doesn't stock the cola right."

Just so you know, I'm the manager.

And I don't know if you come in here a lot,

but I fired Blake co his ass

don't know how to stock the cola.

[ Laughter ]

Well, Blake didn't stock it.

It is now, but Blake's ass don't know how to stock cola,

so I had to get rid of Blake's ass.

I'm the manager.

[ Laughter ]

That was the number one thing on my list for him.

"Stock the cola, Blake.

"Hey, Blake, did you stock the cola?

"What's going on there, Blake?

'Cause that's one of your main jobs, Blake."

"Well, I don't stock the cola." "Well, you know what, Blake?

Your ass don't know how to stock the cola,

you ain't gonna be working here no longer, Blake."

In Blake's defense, I thought he stocked the soda pretty well.

[ Laughter ]

Sal, that's not what you wanted to hear, buddy.

Listen, it's not hard to stock Cola, okay?

Blake didn't stock the cola well.

-I told you that. -[ Laughs ]

-All I'm saying is -- -I don't want to hear anything.

Blake stocked the soda just fine.

I can't believe this!

I'm the only one trying to steer

this Blimpie ship in the right direction!

If it wasn't for me,

this Blimpie ship would be going down!

As far as Blimpie is concerned, I am God!

[ Laughter ]

Just once more, in Blake's defense --

Enough with Blake!

You want some?

-No, I'm good, thanks. -Oh, okay.

Oh, I got a water if you want.

-No, I'm good, thanks. -Yeah?

"If you're in the mood for a urine sample,

we got a cooler full of them right next to you."

Well, if you're in the mood for a urine sample,

I got a cooler full of them right over there,

right next to you.

[ Laughter ]

"Also, if you want to add to the collection,

feel free to take a piss in the cooler."

And, also -- Yeah, also, if you want to add

to the collection, I mean, you can just, you know,

take a peeps in the cooler right there.

"What's so amusing?"

What was -- I heard you, you know,

kind of snicker a little bit.

What was so amusing?

The urine sample bit.

Oh, oh, okay. I thought I missed a joke.

Got it.

There's no way we'd get a free car

from anybody, is there?

You're the Movado guy. You might get a free Movado.

No way.

Dude, eight years in and we still have yet

to get a free anything.

We are way over it.

Guys, let's take 30 seconds right now to address the camera

and tell them we've been on TV for nearing a decade.

If anyone wants to send us anything free,

all the way from a scoop of ice cream

to a Range Rover, please, we're here.

You going to meet a friend? You're on your way to work?

-No, I'm just meeting my buddy. -Meeting your buddy.

-"Oh, and then what?" -[ Laughing ]

Then what are you guys doing?

I don't know. Probably just hanging out.

Maybe go for drinks or something.

"Cool. Then what?"

Then what?

Then the trip back to Manhattan.

Ohh! Then what?

[ Laughter ]

Not a hell of a lot.

[ Laughing ]

Don't play hijinks.

[ Laughter ]

You're that strong? You're that strong?

[ Laughing ]

Good work.

What? [ Laughs ]

-We're getting delirious. -I know.

It's weird. It looks like you're wearing a bald cap.

This is what I'm gonna look like in a few years.

Do you imagine that the series is over and Murray's like,

"Oh, that's it, guys. It's over."

And he takes off a bald cap.

[ Laughter ]

Oh, here we go, here we go. Act natural.


-Yeah. -I'm okay, I'm okay.

I'm trying to learn... things.

Then say, "I'm so sorry if I'm a little slow."

I'm so sorry. I'm a little slow.

"Oh, a [bleep] pelican hit me in the temple the other day."

-What? -A [bleep] --

A [bleep] pelican hit me in my temple the other day,

and I haven't been right since.

I was down there in Staten Island,

and a pelican came out of nowhere and hit my temple,

and I have a -- I had a hard time concentrating.

You ever see a pelican?

-They're not cute. -No, they're not.

-They got giant gullets. -"Stupid question."

If this is a stupid question, just...

No. No stupid questions. You go ahead.

"But I want to add a gradient that changes the color

of the lower half of the text image."

I want to add, like, a gradient that horizontally changes

the lower half of the text.

"And creates an opaque transition."

Creates, like, an opaque transition.

"Between the background and the top."

-"Can we do that?" -Mm-hmm.

-We're gonna do that. -Okay, great.

How do you even know those words?

-I don't -- -Okay.

So, I could do shapes.

Oh, so, this is something I've seen people do,

where they'll -- Oh, look how many.

Just list everything that you see in that drop-down menu.

-Oh, wow. -Oh, wow. There's a square...

Mm-hmm. ...and there's a circle, triangle, trapezoid,

a diamond, a seven-sided figure, an eight-sided figure.

Oh, then there's arrows, too.

-I could do a left arrow. -Right.

And then you draw how big you want the arrow.

Get the [bleep] out of here.

-Exactly. -Amazed -- you're amazed.

Look at that.

-Yeah. -So, now any --

So, if I wanted to add more -- If I want...

-With the mouse pad. -The mouse pad, mouse pad.

[ Laughter ]

You know how to use these charts and tables?

Yeah, it depends on what you're going for --

a bar chart or line graph.

"Definitely a bar chart. That's the most fun."

Well, statistically speaking,

people have a lot of fun with bar charts.

[ Laughter ]

"Against a pie chart, I mean. Who's gonna look at a pie chart?

What am I, an asshole?" -Right?

Just compared to a pie chart.

Who the hell uses a pie chart?

I'm not an asshole. I'm not gonna use a pie chart.

Now replace "chart" with "shart."

[ Laughter ]

How do you search the pie shart?

The pie chart's under -- it's here, as well. Yeah.

Try to insert -- I want to see what a bar shart looks like.

"I'm familiar with bar sharts."

Bar sharts -- I'm familiar with bar sharts.

"I used to party a lot in college."

I used to party a lot in college.

Yeah. [ Laughs ]

[ Snorts ] This is so stupid.

Murr, see the guy with the gray hat?

Just tap him on the arm and be like,

"Check out my wife."

Check out my wife. She's gorgeous, right?

Yeah, she might kill you, man.

Check this out.

-Check this out. -He said, "She might kill you."

"She looks like she's out of my league, right?"

She looks -- I'll tell you this.

She looks like she's out of my league.

-"You haven't seen her foot." -The tail on or the tail off?

Let's go tail off. But you haven't seen her foot.

It is gross.

-You -- -It is a train wreck down there.

You keep -- You keep rubbing them.

Yeah. I will.

-All right, Joey. -All right, let's see.

Good day. Let's get a -- Maybe I'll get a hazelnut latte.

Who knows? Nothing's gonna ruin my day.

[ Laughter ]

Hey, pardon me, miss. You are our hundredth customer,

so we're giving out a $10 gift card.

-Oh. -Congratulations.

-Really? Thanks. -What the [bleep]?

[ Laughter ]

-"$10? American?" -$10 American?

Yeah. How lucky.

That's amazing. I got no luck, though.

It's fine. It's the story of my life.

"My parents are throwing me out of the house this week."

My parents are throwing me out of my house this week.

Really? Yeah. Well, it's their house.

-Oh. -"My parents can't take my IBS."

I do get where my parents come from, though,

because, you know, they have to battle

with the IBS the whole time.

-Mm. -My IBS.

"I'm dripping from places that aren't holes."

Enjoy your gift card. I hope you...

-Are you done? -[ Laughs ]

Can't say that to a person.

[ Laughter ]

Excuse me. No disrespect. No disrespect, but...

"Your teeth don't match your lips."

...your teeth -- your teeth don't match your lips.

Are we good? We good?

We good? We good?

We good! We good.

Oh, my God, that was a we good at the buzzer.

-Wow, nice. -We're good.


Excuse me. Sir, no disrespect, but...

"Your face is the worst part of my day."

[ Laughter ]

No disrespect whatsoever.

Just, I'm not having a great day.

-No! -"No disrespect."

No disrespect, but you...


I'm in a moment right now.

I'm stuck in a moment, and I'm trying to get out of it.

I'm not sure how to do it.

I'm gonna give you a little Joe scunge soundtrack to help you.



[ Laughter ]

We're good. All right, we're good for no reason.


Excuse me. Excuse me. No disrespect.

"You probably just sweep, right? You don't vacuum."

You probably just sweep, right? You don't vacuum.

Like, you probably just sweep. You don't vacuum.

Like, you know, in general.

No disrespect, but you probably just sweep.

You don't vacuum.

You do? Oh.

We good, though? We good?

Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you.

-Oh! -All right, you're on the board.

Excuse me.

Sorry, sorry. No disrespect.

"No bank's giving you a mortgage. Come on."

But -- But this is ridiculous. Have a good day.

[ Laughter ]

This is absurd. This is absurd.

I can't do -- I can't do this.

[ Laughter ]

Oh, here we go. What do we got? I got one.

-Here, Joe. -No.

-The menu -- they got it up top. -Let me take the picture.

Oh, yeah, take it so you don't --

Oh, no -- no disrespect.

"You're way prettier than my wife."

No, I was just asking 'cause I didn't know...

[ Laughter ]


Yeah, yeah. Oh, we good.


You, too.

All right, now you know how it feels.

That's it.

You got -- That's a good one.

-Gonna have you right here. -Sal, measure super fast, bud.

Okay, so, let me just see.

So, you're a 32 there.

That's gonna be about 32.

Don't even look. Turn your head the other way.

That looks like it's about...

...about a 28.

You're good at this?

Been doing it since I was born.


[ Laughter ]


So the back doesn't match the front?

It's actually odd because your back is actually half the front.

But this is a stretch fit, so you're fine.

-Mm-hmm. [ Laughter ]

This is a floor to remember.

You're having a bad day. Someone's died.

Someone's broke up with you.

Now you have an entire floor just to remember.

Well... We are really kind of trying

to soften the edges of the workspace.

These Millennials come to work and cry all day.

[ Laughter ]

I'm a Millennial, so...

-Oh. -You're a Millennial?

What millennia?

Sal, claim you're 28.

I'm 28 years old. What do you want to do?

[ Laughter ]

I'll be on the floor to remember.

I'll meet you later.

[ Laughter ]

-Yeah. -Planet Bollywood, right?

-Coming to the 4th floor? -Planet Bollywood.

More inclusive, more diversive.

-Yeah. -What is diversive?

Is that a word?

"We're pleased to announce this popular rock 'n' roll meets

Indian celeb culture restaurant chain

is coming to the 4th floor.

"Will not affect Planet Hollywood,"

which is on 5.

[ Laughter ]

I don't know if you guys know --

when they launched Planet Hollywood,

they had Arnold Schwarzenegger --

used to pop in on them as, like --

it was a thing that became known.

So we're hoping to do the same thing

with some big Bollywood names.

-Yeah. -Such as...

-Priyanka Chopra... -Priyanka Chopra...

we have a call out to.

[ Laughs ]



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